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精子数量正在减少?你知道吗 – 译学馆
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Yes, Sperm Counts Are Plummeting... And Scientists Are Worried

这个话题怎么说都会有点儿尴尬 所以我就开门见山了:
There’s no easy way to say this so I’m just going to come right out and say it:
男同胞们 我们的精子数量似乎在大幅减少
Gentlemen,it would appear our sperm counts are dropping… a lot.
根据最近的研究分析发现 精子数量似乎
That’s according to a new meta analysis of studies that have looked at sperm counts
from men in western countries going all the way back to 1973.
研究发现 精子总数平均下降了59%以上
The study found that the average total sperm count has dropped by over 59%, while the average
与此同时 精子浓度也下降了52%以上
concentration of sperm has dropped over 52 percent.
我知道这听起来难以置信 否认也是于情于理
I know that might be hard to hear, and denial is a natural response.
Even the lead researcher said it was hard to believe.
但不幸的是 这项研究似乎很可靠
But unfortunately it looks like the study is pretty solid.
There have been meta analyses of sperm count studies in the past, but critics have never
been satisfied with them.
One such meta analysis from 1992 –known as the Carlsen study– looked at 61 studies and
also found sperm counts were dropping.
但是 批评家认为卡尔森研究存在缺陷
But critics say the Carlsen study is flawed because one of the studies it used contributed
因为一个曾经贡献了30%的参与者的研究 严重影响了结果
30% of the participants, disproportionately skewing the results.
即使有这样严重的缺陷 最新的荟萃分析法的作者
Even with this significant flaw, the authors of the latest meta analyses describe the Carlsen
study as a “seminal paper” on sperm count, which is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard
a scientist make and I wish I thought of it.
不管怎样这些自作聪明的人带着他们的最新论文 试图修正卡尔森研究的缺陷
Anyway, with their latest paper, these smart-alecs sought to correct the Carlsen study’s misfires.
他们从185份研究中汇总数据 其中最大的研究捐献的只占
They drew their data from 185 studies, the largest of which contributes only 5% of the
这项研究使用了近40年 50个国家的
The study used data from almost 43,000 men who were well distributed across nearly 40
years and 50 countries.
之所以选择这项研究 是因为他们中的男性由于不育问题而没有精子计数
The studies were chosen because the men in them were not having their sperm counted because
而分析则涉及了许多因素 如年龄和男性距离上次
of infertility issues, and the analysis accounted for tons of factors like age and how long
嗯……“给了一个样本”有多久 可以这么说
the men had gone since they last uh… “gave a sample,” so to speak.
即使采用这种极端保守的方法 结果看起来也不好
Even with this ultra-conservative approach, the results look bad.
在1973年 平均精子浓度为9900万个每毫升
In 1973 the average sperm concentration was 99 million per milliliter.
As of 2011 it had dropped to 47 million per millilitre.
当受孕几率开始下降到一个极致 4000万的时候 这一点都不过分
That’s not too far from the point when odds of conception start to take a hit, the 40 million mark.
更糟糕的是:下滑率似乎并没有显示出任何放缓 的迹象
And there’s more bad news: the rate of decline doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing.
我确信你想问的是:“为什么? 是什么造成了精子大量的减少?”
Now the question I’m sure you’re asking is, “Why? What’s causing such a remarkable drop off?”
That’s a question a study like this can’t answer.
作者推测 这可能是由于在出生前和成年时
The authors speculated it may be due to increased exposure to certain chemicals like pesticides,
接触某些杀虫剂 铅或阻燃剂等化学物质过多造成的
lead, or fire retardants, both before birth and as an adult.
精子数量也会受到压力 肥胖以及吸烟的影响
Sperm count can be affected by stress, obesity, and smoking too.
它甚至根据季节和气候波动 导致一位与这项研究无关的科学家
It’s even known to fluctuate based on season and climate, leading one scientist unconnected
to the study to speculate that global temperature increases could be a contributor.
As if there weren’t enough reasons to worry about climate change, apparently it might
be cooking our huevos too.
这项新的研究并不完美 怀疑论者注意到
The new study isn’t perfect of course, and skeptics have noted that the original studies
that it drew from didn’t account for the men’s health and lifestyles, both factors
that can impact sperm count, so there could be some variability there.
And sperm count methodology has not been standardized across countries.
但其他科学家已经表示 精子数量下降却是正式答复
Still, other scientists have said that for a definitive answer on declining sperm count,
this is as close as we’re going to come.
重复一遍 这只是一个表明精子数量下降的强有力的证据
To repeat though, this is just really strong evidence that there is a decline, and a pretty
alarming one at that.
But the cause or causes are still very much unknown.
为了人类的繁衍生息 需要更多有关精子的研究
For the continued propagation of the human race, more research and sperm is needed.
精子除了对生宝宝有效外 它也可能有医疗用途
Sperm isn’t just useful for baby making, it may have medical uses too, like delivering
cancer drugs.
Check out Trace’s video here for the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.
好了 伙计们 你们对此是担忧还是自信满满呢?
Alright guys, are you worried about this news or are you confident in your frosted minimes?
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