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我怎样才能长出胡须? – 译学馆
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World's Most Asked Questions: How Do I Grow a Beard?

许多人都有大量不同的问题 有时候那些问题会联系在一起 以至于
A lot of people have a lot of different questions, and sometimes those questions line up so that
许多人会有同样的疑问 然后人们会在网上寻求答案
a lot of people have the same question. And people ask the internet for answers to these
questions like “Why are tears salty?” or “How do I get rid of bedbugs?” or maybe just “How
do I see more cat videos?”
我们会在SicShow来培养你们的好奇心 这也就是为什么我们会和Google(谷歌) Youtube合作
We’re all about fostering curiosity here are SciShow – that’s why we’ve worked with Google
and YouTube to answer 10 of the most googled questions on the internet. This is The World’s
本集是《在世界上 这些问题提出最多》
Most Asked Questions.
Today’s question: “How do I grow a beard?”
当然我不可能真的帮到你长出像Van Dyke(范戴客)那样时尚或者是像浓密的仙度纳(国家公园)
Well I can’t really help you sprout a stylish Van Dyke or a bushy Shenandoah or a Lincoln-esque
或者是林肯式的下巴幕帘 但我能解释面部毛发的科学原理
chin curtain, but I can explain the science of facial hair; all you need to have for a
big, bristly beard are two things.
首先:睾丸素 男性和女性都会生产荷尔蒙睾丸激素
First: testosterone. Both males and females produce the sex hormone testosterone, but
但通常的最高水平是出现在男性中的 也就是说他们就已经达到性成熟的水平了
the highest levels typically occur in males who have reached sexual maturity. Testosterone
睾丸素是对所有的男性的第二性特征起到促进作用 这在普遍的男性中都是可以找到的
is responsible for all of the secondary sex characteristics you generally find in men,
像身体上多处肌肉块 多处体毛的增长外 同时喉部发育会致使更低嗓音的出现
like more muscle mass, more body hair, and an enlarged larynx resulting in a deeper voice.
It also triggers the growth of facial hair.
但胡须长出来也不是说没有用处的 确切来说睾丸素与头发颜色相互影响
But the whiskers don’t just show up out of nowhere; testosterone actually interacts with
每个人小的时候长过纤细的带着桃红色的毛茸茸的头发 就好像上了颜色一样
the little wispy peach-fuzzy hairs that everybody already has, pigmenting them to make them
在稍微暗的情况下使得毛发渐渐变粗 但也有出现差错的时候 人的胡须
darker and stimulating them to grow thicker. But make no mistake, the bushiness of a man’s
的数量是不能估测他能生产多少的睾丸素 许多调查比较结果显示
beard is not a measure of how much testosterone he’s producing. Lots of research comparing
men across various ethnic groups found that guys who produce less facial hair have the
有些荷尔蒙水平随着他们的发展 看起来没有多大的变化 那你又
same hormone levels as those who look like Duck Dynasty stand-ins. So what else do you
need? The right genes.
原因是配偶之间的交配得到的基因毕竟会影响胡须的生长 睾丸素和卵泡
‘Cause it takes two players to make a whisker after all. The testosterone and the follicle,
或皮肤囊上长有小的绒毛 它们会逐渐长成粗大的竖起来的毛
or sac in the skin where the little fuzzy hair grows into a thick bristle.
但事实是 并不是所有的毛囊会同时向睾丸素发出化学信号
But the thing is, not all follicles respond to testosterone’s chemical signal in the same
遗传变异可能会改变你的毛囊对荷尔蒙的敏感性 结果有些变化
way. Genetic variations can change your follicles’ sensitivity to hormones; as a result some
成员的体毛会经历困难的读取和产生信号的阶段 结果会出现像
guys’ hairs have a hard time reading and responding to the signal, resulting in your kinda patchy
Bob Dylan scraggle毛发发展不协调 而其他人的毛囊是真的能对荷尔蒙产生敏感性 比如像
Bob Dylan scraggle. While others are really sensitive to the hormone, giving you your
Sacha Baron Cohen的这个例子
Sacha Baron Cohen types.
这也就是你一出生头发上的颜色一样 本质上取决于你的遗传基因
So just as the hair on your head is a certain color and texture depending on your genes,
所以说你的胡须 正是你所缺乏的
so is your beard, or lack thereof.
最后 有个小窍门也许能够挽救你这些困难:那就是刮胡须 它真的能让你的胡须长得更快
Finally, a tip that might save you some trouble: shaving really does not make your beard grow
我们不确保这段神奇般的旅程是怎么开始的 但是这很可能会成为事实
faster! We’re not sure how that myth got started, but it probably has to do with the fact that
毛发既长又尖细 那么 这在最后又带来一个狭隘的观点 你是什么时候剃掉头顶上的
hairs are long and tapered, coming to a narrow point at the end. When you shave off the skinny
毛发 那些你没有剪过的那部分毛发就会很难长长 所以看起来就不是很好.
top of the hair, you leave the thicker lower part exposed, making it look a little bigger.
但是那些被你剪过的不会说长得很多或很密 因为你是剪过它们的 它需要这段时间慢慢生长
But your whiskers won’t grow in any more full or lush because you shaved them.
不管喜欢与否 不管你的脸能不能长出胡须与否 对我来说一般情况下
Like it or not, you’re stuck with whatever your face can produce; for me it’s mostly
是…真的啦…嗯 可以这么说
just…right here…ughh.
在不科学的调查分析时代:SciShow太空观察者 会根据这调查
Unscientific survey analysis time: SciShow Space watchers, according to the survey, were
更可能会比看不到SicShow太空站的人们长出许多胡须 现在似乎
way more likely to have beards than people who don’t watch SciShow Space. Now that seems
really weird until you realize that SciShow Space viewers also are much more likely to
Y染色体 因此就会有许多睾丸素 这也就为什么说统计员的职位是很重要的
have Y chromosomes, and thus a lot more testosterone, which is why statisticians are important.
对于世界上所有的吸引人的问题 有什么问题是你最想回答的呢?
Of all the fascinating questions in the world, what question do you want answered most? Let
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us know on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments down below, and we will answer the best questions
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in a new video at the end of the month. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #WMAQ for
World’s Most Asked Questions and stay tuned to SciShow for more answers.