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World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge - Carolina Reaper

今天我们来尝试世界上最辣的辣椒 卡罗莱纳死神辣椒
Today we eat the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.
Let’s do that.
♪ (主题音乐) ♪
♪ (theme music) ♪
– Good Mythical Morning. – It is not a Good Mythical Morning,
it is a bad Mythical Morning for us.
我不开心 一点都不开心
I am not happy. Not one bit.
好吧 去年 差不多一年前
Okay, last year, about a year ago,
我们制作了一个视频 来尝试我们所能找到的最辣辣椒
we made a video where we ate–Where we could find the hottest pepper
that we could find, the Ghost Pepper.
[火焰声] [戏剧音乐]
[fiery sound] ♪ [dramatic music] ♪
What does it feel like? Tell us what if feels like!
(rough voice) I can’t talk! (normal voice) It is so hot.
– What’s the worst that could happen? – Burns so bad!
[呻吟] [火焰声]
[moans] [fiery sound]
如你所见 我们并没有适应得很好 但是
Now, as you can see, we didn’t take that too well, but–
-那很有趣 -但是我们
– That was so much fun, – but we did–
我正在想 “我迫不及待要再
I was thinking, “I can’t wait to do that again with
– an even hotter pepper. “- Right.
让我们试试两倍辣度 让我们尝试被认证的地球上最辣的辣椒
Let’s go twice as hot. Let’s go with the hottest pepper certified
卡罗莱纳死神辣椒 [火焰声]
on Earth, the Carolina Reaper.”[fiery sound]
[very deep voice] The Carolina Reaper. [fiery sound]
我本不打算做这个 让我们告诉你
And I wasn’t planning on doing this. Let me tell you,
你们中的许多人和我们说 “嘿伙计
many of you told us, “Hey guys,
魔鬼椒不是世界上最辣的辣椒 卡罗莱纳死神辣椒
that Ghost Pepper’s not the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper is the
才是世界上最辣的辣椒” 我们没有忽略你们 ok?
hottest pepper in the world.” Well, we were ignoring you, okay?
我们本不想吃这个辣椒 但是后来呢
We didn’t want to eat this pepper, but then,
-Michael Graves -给我们寄了封信
– Michael Graves – Sent us a letter.
来自北卡罗莱纳州墨菲镇 给我们写了封信
from Murphy, North Carolina, had to up and send us something
– in the mail. – Hello Rhett and Link,
I’ve been watching your show for a couple of years now.
最近 再过去八个多月里 我把你们的视频介绍给了我妻子
Recently, in the past eight months or so, I introduced your show to my wife,
and now we do make it a part of our daily routine.
-非常感激 -我们最小的儿子三个月大
– Well thanks for that. – Our youngest son is three months old,
-我们给他取名为Lincoln 因为Link的缘故-非常感激
– and we named him Lincoln after Link. – Thanks for that.
[大笑] 我猜必须选择我们中的一个
[laughs] Had to choose one of us I guess.
我们住在——是啊 好选择 我们住在北卡罗莱纳州墨菲镇
We live– Yeah, good choice. We live in Murphy, North Carolina.
I’ve watched y’all do the hot pepper challenge and the Ghost chili challenge.
The Ghost Pepper used to be the hottest in the world.
一个人在南卡罗莱纳州杂交了几种辣椒 然后他的辣椒现在被吉尼斯认证为
A guy in South Carolina has cross-bred some peppers and his is now recognized
至今最辣的辣椒 现在被称为卡罗来纳死神辣椒
by Guinness as the hottest now. It’s called the Carolina Reaper.
– I’ve enclosed a few for y’all. – Why?
[Link和工作人员大笑] 或许你们能做一集
[Link and crew laughs] Maybe you could make an episode
吃这些辣椒的视频 我期待你们发现这些——呃——好吧
out of eating these. I hope you find these– Uh– okay,
并且不要忘记 你们至少有一个以你们名字命名的孩子
and don’t forget, you do have at least one child named
after you. [inaudible]
– Did he say that? – Yeah, he said that.
来自北卡罗来纳州的Michael Graves 所以 作为以我命名你孩子的交换
Michael Graves, North Carolina. So, in exchange for naming your child
– after me, and mailing us these– – If we do this,
– you should name your next kid after me. – Oh. Okay.
在我拿这些东西时我得戴着手套 因为
Now, I’m wearing a glove when I handle this thing because
I’m gonna inevitability, like, wipe–
– [stutters intentionally]Inevitability. – Wiping away every orifice that’s gonna
leak with pain and there’s gonna be [crew laughs]
而且可能会有血从我耳朵里流出来 我不知道会发生什么
blood coming out of my ears. I don’t know what’s going to happen.
我们把这个也考虑进去 好吗
Let’s just put this into perspective, okay?
这 就像Link说的 差不多两倍魔鬼椒那么辣
This is, as Link said, approximately twice as hot.
– I mean, I am so anxious right now. – Two million scoville units!
我感觉要吐了 就算我还没把它放进嘴里
Like, I feel like I’m going to vomit now and I haven’t even put it in my mouth yet.
This thing looks like the heart of satan himself.
[工作人员大笑] 呃 好吧
[crew laughs] Ugh, and, okay,
– here’s how we’re gonna do it different– – It kinda smells like death.
– I’m serious. – Last time when we ate the Ghost Pepper,
we ate it and then we immediately went to the relief mechanisms.
乳制品 是吧?那些帮助我们制作这些视频的人
The dairy products, right? Well, the people who help us
make this show, [crew laughs]
那些不用吃这些辣椒的魂淡 决定
who are not going to be eating these peppers, have decided that we should wait
-我们必须在缓解措施前等待十分钟-好了 所以我们准备开始——
– ten minutes without relief. – Okay, so what we’re gonna do–
欧 老天 [工作人员大笑]
Oh gosh. [crew laughs]
我们准备做的 让我有疑问的是
What we were planning on doing, which I’m questioning,
把它们放进嘴里 咬它的根茎
is– Put these in our mouth, bite it at the stem,
把整个东西放进嘴里 嚼嚼嚼 咽咽咽
got the whole thing in your mouth, chew, chew, chew, swallow, swallow,
swallow completely. When it goes into the mouth,
十分钟开始 我们不可以
the ten minutes starts, and we are not going to,
首先 喝水会让事情更糟
first of all, drinking water makes it worse,
– so that ain’t got nothin’. – But you can use water to help
get it down if you’re having trouble getting it down.
你可以那么做 这是辣椒法则之一
You can do that. That’s part of pepper rules.
如果你需要水来缓解 你可以那么做 而不是
If you need water to help you get it down, you can do that as opposed to throwing it
– back up or something. – One of these is bigger than
the other one. One of us is bigger than the other one.
[crew laughs] [Link laughs]
I don’t know what’s inside of these besides a torture chamber.
哦老天 我有点震惊不安
Oh gosh, like, I’m always shaking. I’m a little wired,
但是今天 我只是——就这样吧
but, like, today, I am just– This could be it.
[inaudible]I’m so– I hate everything right now. I hate everything that can
这里是计时器 哦天哪
I’ve got the timer here. Oh gosh.
I’m already having like a gag reflex.
这很奇怪 因为上次并没有发生这种情况
It’s just weird because it didn’t happen last time.
我没有反胃 但我很害怕
I’m just– I’m not gagging, I’m just fearing.
-好吧 呃 怎么-我们需要某种形式来倒数
– Okay. How– What– How– – We need some sort of a countdown.
-这样好了 我们来说”Be your mythical best“-这让我感觉
– Let’s be like, “Be your mythical best.” – Yeah that make me feel–
-[大叫]耶 Link!-[叫更响]耶!
– [yelling] Yeah, Link! Yeah! – [yelling louder]Yeah!
-打我肩膀!耶!-(Alex)我们每个人都要说 好吗?
– Punch me in the shoulder! Yeah! – (Alex) Everyone we gotta say it, okay?
-是的 是的 -(工作人员)耶
– Yeah! Yeah! – (crew) Yeah!
打你自己的胸脯 打你自己的脸
Punch yourself in the chest. Punch your self in the face.
-这样会伤到我的-(工作人员)Be your mythical best!
– It hurt a little bit. – (crew) Be your mythical best!
[symbol crash] Start the time.
[chewing sounds] Oh goodness.
[工作人员大笑] [低声咆哮]
[crew laughing] [growling]
Are you still chewing? I just swallowed.
[burps] Ugh. [hiccups]
开始了 [打嗝]
It’s started. The– [hiccups]
The hiccups have– [hiccups] started.
[一起打嗝] [工作人员大笑]
[both hiccup] [crew laughs]
Ew. [hiccups] Take your glo– [hiccups]
摘下你的手套 呆瓜[打嗝]
Take your gloves off, you stupid. [hiccups]
呕天呐 我曾经也这样 可从不像现在这样
Oh man, I’ve been here before, but never like this.
[both hiccuping][crew laughing]
[gags ][hiccups]
[coughs] (Jen) Oh–
– I hiccuped the see– (hiccups) – Use some water, keep it down.
哦天呐 [高速快进声]
Oh gosh guys. [high pitched voices due to speeding up]
我恨这个世界 [工作人员大笑]
I hate the world. [crew laughs]
我讨厌我们的存在 [工作人员大笑]
I hate that we exist. [crew laughing]
我做不到 每次呼吸就像是
I can’t do it! Every breath out is like–
时间旅行到了一个蠢爆的地方 [工作人员大笑]
Time travel into a stupid, stupid place. [crew laughs]
[high pitched voices due to speeding up]
哦天哪 哦天哪
Oh gosh. Oh gosh guys.
We’ve been told it peaks at– Six minutes.
[工作人员大笑] [Rhett打嗝]
[crew laughing] [Rhett hiccup]
[high pitched voices due to speeding up]Oh gosh guys.
[呕吐] [激烈的干呕]
[spits] [dry heaves violently]
什么也没吐出来 [工作人员大笑]
Nothing came up. [crew laughs]
– I wish something would have. – We need the ice cream.
No! We can do this! Stand up.
[金属撞击声] 想点别的
[metal bang] Just think about something else.
[大叫] [捶墙]
[screams] [punching wall]
不不不 别那么做!
Woah. No. No. No. Don’t do that!
[工作人员大笑] [呕吐]
[crew laughs] [spits]
[crew laughing] [high pitched voices due to speeding up]
– Hold my hand. – I’m not holding your hand.
不要 别那么做 [工作人员大笑]
– No, don’t do that. [crew laughs]
-别把我独自留在台前 兄弟-我们得独自面对它!
– Don’t leave me alone in this, man. – We have to face this alone!
[工作人员大声笑] 为我呆在这儿吧
[crew laughs loudly] Be here for me.
胃开始痛了 停
Oh. Stomach pain. Stop.
兄弟 别碰我
Dude, don’t even– Don’t–
Oh my gosh. Oh Lord.
[高速快进声] [捶墙]
[high pitched voices due to speeding up] [punching wall]
嘿 把帽子戴上 振作起来兄弟
Hey, put you hat on. Represent, man.
振作 你可是Link!
Represent. You’re Link!
[大声擤鼻子] [Rhett啐了一口] 嘿 听着
[loud nose blowing] [Rhett spits] Hey, listen.
– I’m gonna psych you up. – I’m making sure there’s no blood
嘿 伙计
– coming out. – Hey, man.
我要让你兴奋起来 你也对我这么做
I’m gonna psych you out. You psych me out.
(yelling) Link! Your name is Link!
You have a freaking hat that says your freaking name on it!
[calm voice] You have a hat with your name on it.
你可以做任何你想的事 该你了 兄弟
You can do anything you want. Reciprocate, man.
-你能成为任何人-是的 我可以
– You can be anybody. – No. Yeah.
[工作人员和Rhett大笑] [啐一口]
[crew and Rhett laugh] [spits]
你得回报我更好的 我快死了
You gotta reciprocate better than that. I’m dying.
– You can be anybody. – Say it like I’m a wrestler.
就像是一个摔跤手 职业摔跤手
Like you’re a a wrestler. Like you’re a pro wrestler.
– You can be anybody. – [yells] Like a pro wrestler!
[工作人员大笑] [正常声音] 我们来场外轮换
[crew laughs] [normal voice]We’re like a tag team.
You tag me! [hands slap together]
– Now I tagged you. – I just tagged you.
[yelling] And I told you you’re awesome! Look at your hat!
-[yelling] You can be anybody! -[normal voice] Tell me I can do anything.
– You can do anything! – What can I do?
You can travel! You can fly!
– Where? – To a volcano!
And do what in the volcano? Turn it upside down into what?
– You can swallow a volcano! – [yelling] Into my mouth!
我能吞进岩浆! [工作人员大笑]
I can take magma! [crew laughs]
它变成了熔岩 而我能吞下它!
that turns into lava, and I can swallow it!
-[正常声]噢 它烧到这里了-因为我不是个傻瓜!
-[normal voice] Oh, it’s down here now. – ‘Cause I’m not a chump!
[工作人员大笑] 我不是个傻瓜!
[crew laughing] I’m not a chump!
-我TMD不是一个傻瓜!-不要破坏东西 兄弟
– I’m not a freaking chump! – Don’t break stuff man!
[高速快进声] 我感觉我的右乳头要喷火了
[high pitched voices due to speeding up] I feel like my right nipple’s gonna
spout fire. [crew laughs]
-左乳头 非常棒 右乳头 要喷火-听着 让我们表现得就像
– Left nipple, fine; right nipple, fire. – Listen, let’s just act like what we just
did is something– You know what?
We– This is– We proved our manhood.
-我们是男人-知道吗 8分50了
– We were boys. – You know what? Eight fifty and we–
We are in a tribe. We’re a tribe.
一个在—— [工作人员大笑]
A tribe where– [crew laughs]
不 我们还不在部落里 但我们是男人
No, we’re not in the tribe yet, but we were boys,
但是他们这些人 听着 我要给你们这些帽子
and they were like, listen, we’re gonna give you guys these hats.
我要给你们这些辣椒 你们得吃了它
We’re gonna give you these peppers, and you’re gonna eat them,
然后你们带上这些帽子 之后你们就会成为真正的人了
and you’re gonna put these hats on, and after that, you’ll be men.
-是的 -[咆哮]我们是男人!
– Yeah. – [yelling] We are men!
-[咆哮]看这些帽子! -耶!我不需要冰淇淋了!
– [yelling] Look at these hats! – Yeah! I don’t need no ice cream.
We’re men! [high pitched voices due to speeding up]
伙计 还有10秒我们就能得到冰淇淋了
Guys we got ten seconds and we get ice cream.
-带冰淇淋来 伙计-好的 观众们
– Bring in the ice cream, man. – Okay, Internet.
– Cause I do need the ice cream. – There you go!
-我仍是个男人 -十分钟
– I’m still a boy. – Ten minutes
with only the use of enough water to keep it down.
[ding sound] I’ll take– I prefer the yellow.
我指的是 白的那个 [工作人员大笑] 我现在都不知道它叫什么了
I mean the white. [crew laughs] I don’t even know what it’s called now.
你知道吗 我不——
– You know what? I’m not–
I’m afraid of putting anything in there that’s gonna make everything come up.
I don’t wanna eat it with my hand! Give me a spoon!
[工作人员大笑] 所以 由于你先吃
[crew laughs] So because you ate first,
that means I win? [laughs]
-我赢了!对吧?-很棒 恭喜 兄弟
– I win! Right? – Good. Congratulations, buddy.
-你在摔跤手队里 我不介意-哦老天
– You’re on the tag team. I don’t care. – Oh gosh.
-这只关乎你和我 -噢 挑战会继续
– This is about me and you. – Ugh. The struggle continues,
but thanks for liking and commenting on this video.
你能——我会尝试这一切 ok?
You can– I’m gonna try to do this, okay?
-给地址 老兄-如果想看我们的视频——
– Give the blog, man. – You can support the show–
[coughs] By che– By checking out lynda.
[工作人员大笑] 另外lynda不是一个女人
[crew laughs loudly] And lynda is not a woman.
好吧曾经可能是 lynda.com是一个网站
Well maybe it was at one time. lynda.com is a website where you can find
– thousands of online video tutorials. – You can learn all types of things.
视频剪辑 动态图形 摄影
Video editing, motion graphics, photography– Uh–
可能甚至有吃辣椒 我不敢确定
Probably even eating peppers, I don’t know for sure,
登陆它 你就能得到免费教学 登录lynda.com/rhettandlink
but check it out, you get a free trial. Go to lynda.com/rhettandlink.
-嘿朋友们 我是Andrew
– You know what time it is. – Hey guys, it’s Andrew here,
现在田纳西州的百特镇超级热 我得来做些预防措施
and it’s very hot in Baxter, Tennessee so I’m gonna take some precaution measures.
[泼水声] 是时候探索神奇世界了
[water splashing] It’s time to spin the Wheel
– of Mythicality. – Make sure you check out our other
油管频道 它叫Rhett and Link
YouTube channel. It’s called Rhett and Link.
这里有音乐视频 速写 和所有神奇的事物
We’ve got music videos and sketches and all kinds of amazing things.
We’ve never gotten this close to injuring ourselves on that channel though.
感谢订阅 同样的 我也(语无伦次)
Thanks for subscribing to that, also, I ca– Bleh.
点击Good Mythical More来观看我们对此更多的奋战
Click through to Good Mythical More where we continue to battle this,
也可以试着和我们的工作人员谈谈 来吃到更多的这种东西
and try to talk members of our crew to eating some more of these things.
-推奶牛(欧美娱乐 偷偷走到站立的睡着的奶牛身旁 突然推倒奶牛取乐)-他们活该
– Cow tipping. – They deserve it.
嘿 [低语] 哦 老天
Hey. [whispers] Oh gosh.
You want to go cow tipping? I don’t.
[crew laughs]
[Captioned by Hayleigh: GMM Captioning Team]