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体验世界最快滑索 | 威尔士之旅 – 译学馆
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体验世界最快滑索 | 威尔士之旅

WORLD'S FASTEST ZIP LINE! | Wales, United Kingdom ?

You’re watching Vagabrothers.
我们现在在威尔士 而且这是世界上最快的索道
We’re in Wales, and this is the world’s fastest zipline.
[Cableway sound]
Vagabonds Brothers[Background music]
各位 早上好
Good morning, Vagabuddies.
欢迎回到哇嘎兄弟 这是我们的威尔士探索之行的第三天
Welcome back to Vagabrothers. It’s day three of our exploration in Wales,
and today we’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains
and waterfalls in Snowdonia National Park.
嗯 斯诺登山峰就在我们背后
Um, Mount Snowdon is right behind us.
它是威尔士最大 英国第二大的山脉
It’s the biggest mountain in Wales, second biggest in the UK,
and this whole areas used to be historically slate mining,
but it’s recently been rebranded as adventure capital of Wales.
所以我们打算在这集里找到原因 不要走开哦!
So we’re gonna find out why in this episode. Stay tuned.
WalesZip World Velocity
[Background music]
The way this thing works is that we are in an old slate mine,
而且英国 威尔士这个地区 生产大量板岩以及煤矿
and Wales was one of the regions in the UK that produced a lot of slate, a lot of coal.
山上有很多矿业 而且这是一座古老的板岩矿
There’s a lot of mining in the mountains here, and this is an old slate mine.
[Background music]
I’m having DejaVu.
这让我回忆起我们去年在美国北部 莱克斯区的多次旅行
This reminds me a lot of our trip last year to Northern England in the Lakes District,
因为我们曾去过Honister板岩矿 我认为它是英国最后一个可作业的矿
because we were at Honister Slate Mine, which I think is the last working mine in the U.K..
现在 显然当采矿时……英国的采矿业有些下降
Now, obviously when mining…the mining industry kind of declined here in the U.K.
It caused a lot of unemployment and a lot of different shifts in the economy.
So this is an interesting way to see how they’re turning something
that once was heavy industry into tourism.
[Background music]
We were just sitting here looking at the setup
and watching these people go down on this little small zipline here.
它已经是世界上速度最快的滑索了 简直不能再快了
There’s no way that could be like the world’s fastest zipline, you can’t get going fast enough.
你认为它就是这样的 而我们意识到你只是坐了索道
You totally thought it was, and then we realized that you just take the zipline,
第一个很像热身索道 继续下滑 你可以在那里坐上卡车
the first one like a warm-up zipline, down, and then you hop in a truck from there
and you drive all the way up this mountain
to up there.
速度索道世界 英国
[Background music]
我们必须要穿上像防弹衣这样的小夹克 然后我们准备穿上安全背带
We have to put on these little jackets like flak jackets, and then we’re going to put on a harness,
因为我们要在滑下去的时候保持队形 这将会很疯狂
because we’re going to hang in formations when we go down. This is going to be insane.
[Background music]
第一个任务完成了 现已热身完毕
Number one down. Warmups done.
[Background music]
Just arriving now to the top.
It’s called the big zipper.
大索道 各位
The big zipper, man.
[Background music]
软着陆 你知道的 如果你掉进水里
Soft landing, you know, if you fall off into the water.
哦 我的天 各位
Oh my god, dude.
我甚至都不知道我是否喜欢这些事情 我该怎么办?
I don’t even know if I enjoyed these things. What do I do it?
马克 你准备好了吗? 让我们开始吧
You ready, Mark? Let’s do it.
[索道声 笑声和尖叫声]
[Cableway sound, laughs and screams]
That was crazy fast.
[Waterfalls sound and background music]
我们已经回到车里 而且现在我们正驱车前往另一个索道世界冒险
We’ve hopped back into the car, and now we’re driving off to another zip world adventure,
但说实话 那索道简直太惊人了
but honestly, that zipline was amazing.
I think that’s the closest you can get to wingsuiting
不用跳飞机 跳悬崖或任何东西
without jumping out of an airplane or off a cliff or whatever.
[Background music]
尽管如此 它不像看上去那么可怕
For all the anticipation, it was less scary than it seemed,
because once you got past the ground below,
你会迷失视野 看不到你是怎样在水面上滑过去的
you kind of lost perspective how fast you’re going opened up over the water,
and you’re able just to enjoy it.
下面我们要去Bounce Below 它是一座很有趣的游乐园
Next we’re going to go to Bounce Below, which is a really interesting amusement park
that is built into the underground caverns of a former slate mine.
[Background music]
The scenery in this valley is incredible.
We’re driving up this huge kind of U-shaped glacial valley.
The tips of the peaks are covered in snow.
它们是瀑布 串联着落入山谷底部
They’re waterfalls, cascading down into the bottom of the valley,
而且自始至终 我们都在这条紧挨悬崖边上的曲折公路上
and we’re on this twisty, turny road that just hugs the cliffside
all the way up and over into the next valley.
[Background music]
好吧 我们已经到了另一个不同的板岩矿
Alright, so we have zipped over to a different slate mine,
而且这个矿里有个地方叫Bounce Below
and this one’s got a thing called Bounce Below, which I think is like a bunch of
在过去曾是一个板岩矿的地下洞穴里 我认为它像一堆蹦床
trampolines in this underground cavern that used to be a slate mine.
所以 那应该会很有趣
So, this should be fun.
[Background music]
在某些方面 这和矿工们必须做的事有点类似
In certain respects, this is kind of similar to what miners would have had to do.
他们将戴上安全帽 吃火腿肠 他们将要走着
They’d put on a hardhat, they’d eat a sausage roll, they would walk
or take the train down into the cavern and start mining.
采矿非常危险 他们将在地下走500米 然后
Mining was extremely dangerous. They would go 500 meters down underground, and then
一旦你开始工作 通常是在你年轻的时候开始 你会工作一辈子
once you started working, which usually started in your early teens, you’d work your whole life.
It was extremely dangerous.
If they didn’t die from explosions or gases,
通常 一个运货车就能瞬间结束你的生命
oftentimes a runaway cart could end your life in a second.
现在 如果你蹦了三下 你也会瞬间毙命
Now, if you get triple bounced, you could end your life in a second.
[Background music]
-在这里蹦的话 最好的事情是什么? -是在一个山洞里 所以 太棒了
What’s the best thing about bouncing down here? It’s in a cave, so it’s amazing
而且它是不一样的 是独一无二的
and it’s different, and it’s unique.
[Background music]
This is what it must be like to be a kangaroo.
我好累 哦 我已筋疲力尽了
I’m tired. Oh, this is exhausting.
[Background music]
好吧各位 嗯 我们已经进入了这个小水沟
Alright guys, so, we have journeyed down into this little gully,
而且我们在这个美丽的树林里 见到了理查德 他正要带我们去觅食
and we’re in this beautiful forest, and we’ve met up with Richard who’s going to take us foraging.
-嗨 各位 发生了什么事 理查德? -我们现在在哪?
Hi, guys. What’s going on, Richard? Where are we?
我们现在在Clocaenog森林边上 就在Ruthin镇的市场外面
We’re on the edge of Clocaenog Forest. We’re just outside the market town of Ruthin.
[Water sound and background music]
所以 你原本来自康沃尔 那你为什么到这来 为什么喜欢觅食呢?
So, you’re from Cornwall originally. Why come here, and why get into foraging?
对于一个新手来说 康沃尔一座山脉也没有
There aren’t any mountains in Cornwall, for a starter,
but the foraging thing started down there with my family,
还有一些东西一直是我生活的一部分 但是我……
and it’s something that’s always been part of my life, but I…
-威尔士那极好的气候很适合觅食 -你能告诉我们通常按照餐厅和厨房烹调的
Wales is such a fantastic climate for foraging. Can you tells us about how foraging has evolved
in terms of restaurants and the culinary scene in general?
嗯 第一次觅食革命要回到70年代 当人们真正开始
Well, it was the first foraging revolution back in the 70s, when people really started to
pick up on the idea of living off the land.
I don’t know it’s like there’s the post hippie movement that started that,
and it really kick-started this desire to go out and find wild things to eat
and have a greater connection with…with our food.
我们和人们一起工作 带他们出去 给他们展示怎样在伦理上安全合法地混合野生食物
We work with people to take them out show them how to gather wild food safely, legally, ethically.
[Background music]
Just walked down this path for about a quarter of a mile,
而且我们已经找到可以加入清单的东西了 我们这有什么 理查德?
and we’ve already found something to add to the list. What do we have here, Richard?
We’ve got some wild garlic down there.
在这个时节 大蒜是非常普遍的 而且很容易就能找到
Really common at this time of year, really easy to find,
它吃起来很安全 但你能用它做出很多菜品
perfectly safe to eat, but there’s a lot you can do with it.
-它和我们的野生大蒜有什么相似的吗? -嗯这是野葱 它的拉丁名是Allium Ursinum
Does it bear any resemblance to our non wild garlic? So, it’s Allium Ursinum, is its Latin name.
它看起来更像大葱 而且叶子更长 但气味很强烈
It looks more like spring onion with longer leaves, but the scent really intense.
虽然那令人难以置信 但它闻起来很像大蒜 它是大蒜
That is incredible though. It smells exactly like garlic. It is garlic.
它是野生大蒜 嗯……
It’s wild garlic. Hmmm…
你可以把它剁碎 然后撒在披萨或某些东西上
With this you could just chop it and chuck it on top of a pizza or something,
and you’d get the same flavor as garlic
或者汤……在汤里 大蒜和大荨麻的混合实际上相当美味
or a soup…it works actually quite well with stinging nettle in a soup.
Stinging nettle?
-是的 你也可以那么做 真的吗? -是的
Yeah, you can make that as well. Really? Yeah.
[Background music]
嗯 我们发现了下面的小荨麻
So, we found the next little batch.
这个是什么? 这个是对面的叶子 猫眼草
What’s this one? This one is opposite leaves, golden saxifrage.
那可真是个绕口令啊 这像一个……像一种莴苣
That’s quite a tongue twister. This is like a…like a salad plant.
所以 它很奇怪 但它尝起来有点毛茸茸的 它外表的质地很奇怪
So, it’s strange, but it tastes a little bit hairy. There’s a weird texture going on with it.
欧耶 当它滑入你的喉咙时 就像你刚吃了个樟脑丸一样
Oh yeah, as it goes down your throat, feels like you just ate a mothball,
但它尝起来不错 黄瓜薄荷
but it tastes good, cucumber peppermint.
[Background music]
理查德这有一个平底锅和一些橄榄油 所以我们准备用炸锅炸这些蘑菇
Richard here has a pan and some olive oil, so we’re just going to pan fry these mushrooms,
用一点点野生大蒜 给我们自己做一顿小小的威尔士自然盛宴
a little bit of wild garlic, have ourselves a nice little Welsh natural feast.
[Background music]
欢迎来到第4季厨师餐桌 哈哈!看起来不错哦!
Welcome to Chef’s Table, Season 4. Ha ha! Looks good.
[Background music]

That’s good.
But you can just tell that you got good ingredients.
Don’t need too much to make it taste delicious.
嗯 各位 感谢观看 今天太有趣了
Well guys. Thanks for watching. That was a super fun day.
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Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the Wales series.
We’ve got a lot more adventures coming at you.
与此同时 保持好奇心 继续探索 我们旅途上见
In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you, Vagabuddies on the road.
哇嘎兄弟保持好奇心 & 继续探索
VAGABROTHERSstay curious & keep exploring
[Background music]