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Will 3D Printing Change Everything?

我们都听过3d印刷术周围的流言 有些人称之为第三次工业革命或是3d工业革命
We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding 3D printing – some call it the 3rd or ‘3D Industrial Revolution’.
但是3d印刷术准确的说是什么呢 而且它对我们的未来有多大的影响
But what exactly is 3D printing? And how big of an impact will it have on our future?
其原理非常简单 它非常像打印机在页面上印出墨水
The concept is quite simple: much your like printer prints ink on a page, 3D printers
3d打印机印出的材料有塑料的 金属的 或甚至是混凝土的 从而组成
spit out material – whether it be plastic, metal, or even concrete- to form a 3 dimensional
三维物体 但是并非印刷出一层 它用普通打印机所使用的墨水
object. But instead of printing one layer, as ink from a normal printer does, multiple
打印出多个层彼此堆叠创造复杂的3d结构 把它看作是
layers are stacked upon each other to create complex 3D structures. Think of it like making
切片面包一样 但是原理与之相反 在放置好一层之后 另一层就会堆在其上部
sliced bread, but in reverse! After putting one layer down, another is built on top of
然后一层一层 直到切片组成了一整条面包
that, and so on, until the whole loaf of bread is put together!
丢失或是打破某些你再也买不到的东西 很简单 创造或是下载
Lost or broke something that you can no longer buy? Simple – create or download the design
网上的设计 然后把它3d打印出来 :有一个特定的或是个人的节日礼物的想法
online, and 3D-print it out! Have a specific or personal holiday present idea and can’t
你怕无法实现 那就把它打印下来 事实上通用电气的微博3d printmygift.tumblr.com确实正在为度假季做这项任务
find it? Print it! In fact, GE’s tumblr ‘3Dprintmygift.tumblr.com’ is doing exactly this for the holiday season
我们会在你的描述中放一个链接 如果你需要对你的设计部分稍加修改
– we’ll put a link in the description. And if you require moving parts in your design,
the printer simply leave gaps in the right spots, or uses a special gel that can be dissolved
or rinsed off afterwards.
说到设计 3d打印为自定义对象起到难以置信的推波助澜效果
Speaking of design, 3D printing paves the wave for incredibly customized objects, made
在需求中获利从而满足你的要求 这不仅意味着有适应你生活方式的家具 鞋和电器
on demand to fit your requirements. Not only does this mean furniture, shoes and appliances
built to fit your lifestyle, but things like prosthetic limbs can have completely customized
user designs, as opposed to generic mass produced products.
需要小又复杂的东西吗 传统的3d打印机能创建大约100微米厚的层
Need something small and intricate? Typical 3D printers create layers approximately 100
micrometers thick, but some high-end machines can print as small as 16 micrometers. To put
从某个角度来说 一个普通的细菌细胞的宽度在1到10微米之间
this in perspective, a typical bacteria cell has a width of between 1-10 micrometers. This
这已经为分子墨水开辟新天地 而且成功引领
has opened the doors to using molecules for ink, and has lead to successful 3D-printed
像布洛芬这样的3d打印药物的开发 这小分子被完美结合在一起
pharmaceutical drugs, such as Ibuprofen (CHECK). The tiny molecules are organized perfectly
to create the desired drug effect.
饿?在未来 你也许可以让Siri3d打印出佳肴
Hungry? In the future, you might be able to ask Siri to 3D-print a meal, perfected for
your palette.
但是 大概最重要的应用程序是创建3d结构活细胞
But, perhaps the most significant application is creating 3D structures out of living cells
或者生物墨水 并非使用塑料或金属结构 想象用3d打印组织来替代
– or bio-ink. Instead of using plastic or metal, imagine 3D printing tissue to replace
受伤的皮肤或从擦伤处复制整个器官 不再需要器官捐赠者
damaged skin, or to reproduce entire organs from scratch. Instead of needing an organ
只需要以你的基因为基础就能打印出来 令人惊讶的是
donor, you just print one based off of your genetics. Amazingly, this technology is already
这个技术已经被研发出来 对于烧伤或者擦伤 扫描仪在病人的伤口处扫描
being developed. For burns or scrapes, a scanner is used on a patient’s wound, and a personalized
个人皮肤图表就被创建出来 在这之后 打印机每次在细胞处摆放一层
skin map is created. After this, the printer lays down cells one layer at a time, until
the area is covered.
器官更加复杂些 因为它们体积庞大 有更复杂的血管网络而且与身体互相影响
Organs are much more complex due to their large size, vascular networks, and interactions
举个例子 扫描仪拍了张病人肾器官的x射线图像
with the body. A scanner takes X-ray images of, say, a patient’s kidney, as cross sections
把它作为拥有令人难以置信的错综复杂的细节的剖面图 就像其他物体一样 这些器官被重新因人而异地一层一层复制
with incredibly intricate detail. And just like any other object, these organs are reproduced
layer by layer, specifically designed for each individual. Though these are years away
from being functional, it will certainly have a huge impact on the medical community.
So while it may be a while before you end up with a 3D printer in your home, you can
be sure that by the time it happens, the world will be a different place.
但是如果你等不及的话 通用电气会在12月3日为3d打印技术举办自己的节日-D3和3D的较量
But if you can’t wait that long, GE is giving 3D Printing it’s own holiday this December
为了庆祝节日 他们会全天为粉丝3d打印并分发定制的小礼物
3rd – it’s ‘D3 for 3D’! To celebrate, they’re 3D-printing and giving away customized gifts
for their fans all day. All you have to do is visit 3dprintmygift.tumblr.com to choose
one of the prototypes and tweet for a chance to get one printed and shipped to your home
in time for the holidays! Go check it out!
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