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Why We Eat Too Much

显然 很多人吃得很多 因而 一项巨大的行业发展壮大
It’s clear that a great many of us eat too much. And in response, a huge industry has
建议我们尽可能地吃藜麦 石榴 茴香沙拉
grown up which advises us to consume more quinoa, pomegranate and fennel salad and,
羽衣甘蓝和苹果汤 但这完全误解了我们为什么会
as often as we can, kale and apple soup. But this is entirely to misunderstand why we start
开始饮食过量 这与食物无关 所以集中精力
eating excessive amounts. It has nothing to do food, and therefore trying to change our
改变饮食是最不合理的 我们吃得多是因为
diet isn’t the most logical place to focus our efforts. We eat too much because what
没有我们真正想吃的东西 当然 看起来我们想要的一切都有
we’re really hungry for isn’t available. Of course, it looks as if everything we could
want should be to here. Our supermarkets and delis are iconic temples of consumer society.
Our restaurants spare no effort trying to satisfy us.
先生或者女士会喜欢龙虾吗 或者会选择地域菜
Could sir or madam be tempted by lobster thermidor? Or a selection of regional vegetables drizzled
淋上比利牛斯山一个小农场出产的橄榄油 不过 如果我们真的可以选择
with olive oil sourced from a tiny farm in the Pyrenees? But if we could really choose
任何东西 我们会不会想要一个稍微不一样点的菜单呢 比如
anything, wouldn’t we want a slightly different menu? For example: Unstressed conversation
在相互包容中 与父亲毫无压力的谈话 温柔的母爱*(*适合
of father, marinaded in mutual forgiveness. Tenderised maternal love* (* suitable for
those on a criticism-free diet).
Ripe friendship served on right banter accompanied by a side serving of affectionate teasing.
新的谈话 随意地穿插着(两个人)的辛酸轶事
Fresh conversation, liberally sprinkled with poignant anecdotes (for two). Sexual appreciation
with all the trimmings (our sommelier recommends, as the ideal accompaniment, a glass of full-bodied
至于甜点 或许是一勺满满的甜蜜关心
Chateau Fantaisie). And for dessert, perhaps A generous scoop of honeyed insight.
换句话说 这不是我们渴望的食物 现实的餐厅(无论多别致)
In other words, it isn’t food we crave. The menus of our actual restaurants (however
chic) prompt us only in very limited and restricted directions. They understand – and respond
他们理解并做出回应 但那只是我们真正欲望中极度狭窄的一部分
– to only a desperately narrow segment of our true appetites. Collectively, we speak
总得来说 我们说了这么多食物 而正需要的却很少 不是披萨 西班牙奶酪
so much of food, and so little of what we properly need. It isn’t pizza, Spanish cheese
或者阿根廷牛排 我们需要的是友谊 在那里我们能够承认阴暗深处的焦虑
or Argentinian steak. We need friendship where we can confess our darkest anxieties and be
能够被倾听 被原谅 在关键时刻 我们需要的是冷静的帮助 确保我们能够
heard and forgiven; we need help in calming down at key moments, reassured that we can
承受最坏的情况 我们在自己的家庭里感到孤独和愤怒
withstand the very worst that may be coming our way. We are lonely and angry within our
迫切需要救赎 需要宣泄诚实 我们需要一个人
own families and are crying out for redemption and cathartic honesty. We need someone who
来帮助我们在工作中发现自己的真正才能 并指导我们了解
can help us discover our real talents in the workplace and offer us a guide to realise
自我的真正潜能 我们都知道 当伸手去拿一罐
our true potential. We know that, when reaching for a tube of
薯片或咬着另一块玉米煎饼时 问题不在于此
potato chips or biting into yet another burrito that the problem doesn’t lie there. We just
我们只是不知道该转向何处 这至少可以找到短期满足感
don’t know where else to turn and there is, at least, a short-term satisfaction to
be found. We eat too much because we hate ourselves too intensely to have the necessary
respect for our own bodies. Our tragedy isn’t our unconstrained appetite. But rather, the
不过 那些我们有机会获得的情感心理上的困难
difficulty we have in getting access to the emotional and psychological things that would
能滋养我们破碎的灵魂 饮食行业已经锁定了我们不快乐的症状
nourish our broken souls. The diet industry has latched onto the symptoms of our unhappiness,
但不是根本原因——因此 它所提供的解决方案只能是暂时的且很容易失效
not their causes – and therefore the solutions it offers can only ever be temporary and fragile.
它不能让我们持久地苗条 因为它与使我们急速肥胖无关
It can’t make us lastingly thin because it is not engaging with what made us manically
几百年前 多数人都几乎找不到
fat. A couple of hundred years ago it was almost impossible for most people to find
好吃的东西吃 从那时起 人类就发挥了大量聪明才智
anything very pleasant to eat. Since then, a vast quantity of human ingenuity has been
来吸引味觉 我们的成功超出了预料 但在许多其他领域
devoted to enticing the palate. We have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. But in so
many other areas, we have hardly begun to supply ourselves reliably with what we long
我们渴望的东西即 理解 温柔 宽恕 和解
to consume, which are, to put it plainly: understanding, tenderness, forgiveness, reconciliation
和亲密 我们吃得多不是因为我们(像我们自己残忍地指责自己那样)贪婪
and closeness. We eat too much not because we are (as we brutally accuse ourselves) greedy,
而是因为我们生活的世界里 货架上仍然没有我们真正渴望的食材
but because we live in a world where the shelves are still bare of the real ingredients we crave.
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