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Why Switzerland is the Safest Place if WW3 Ever Begins

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瑞士是一个迷你的内陆国 毗邻法国 德国 意大利和奥地利
Switzerland is a tiny landlocked country surrounded by France, Germany, Italy and Austria.
If you’ve ever looked at a map of the European Union
you’ll notice an awkward blob in the middle which doesn’t belong to it
and that blob is Switzerland.
Switzerland is famously neutral
并不参与欧盟 也不是北约的成员
and in addition to not being a part of the EU, it’s also not a member of Nato
直到2002年 瑞士才加入了联合国
and it didn’t even join the United Nations until pretty recently in 2002.
事实上 瑞士非常中立 近200年来都没有参与过任何战争
In fact, Switzerland is so neutral that it hasn’t fought a single war in over 200 years.
最近的一场是在1815年 参加反抗拿破仑的战争
The last one being against Napoleon in 1815.
All of this is despite the fact that Switzerland is in the middle of Europe
and surrounded by historically more aggressive countries.
数世纪来 瑞士如何能保持其稳定与安全?
So why is it that Switzerland has been such a stable and safe place for centuries?
The answer lies in understanding the geography of Switzerland.
The country can really be divided into three separate parts.
In the South are the Swiss Alps. A gigantic mountain range that covers most of Switzerland’s territory
and separates it from Italy and Austria.
To the West and North are the Jura Mountains
虽比阿尔卑斯山山脉小 却使其与法国分离
a range much smaller than the Alps but still large enough to separate the country from France.
And Finally there is the Swiss Plateau.
遍布起伏的丘陵 河流和湖泊 是大多数瑞士人的家园
A basin dotted by rolling hills Rivers and lakes that is home to most of Switzerland’s population.
因此相对于另外两处 瑞士的主要城市都坐落在这片区域 并不意外
It’s no accident that Switzerland’s major cities are all located in this region instead of the other two.
But it’s not as easy of a defensible position either.
长久以来 瑞士对于外敌入侵怀有超常恐惧
Switzerland has long been a little paranoid about a foreign invasion
and it’s not without good reason.
第一次世界大战中 德国入侵羸弱的中立国比利时 进而进攻法国
In the first World War Germany invaded neutral Belgium in order to attack France in a more vulnerable position
第二次世界大战中 1940年的瑞士被轴心国侵占的领土包围
and in the second World War Switzerland found herself in 1940 to be completely surrounded
by axis occupied territory and faced an imminent threat of invasion from Nazi Germany.
虽然危险并未降临 但直到冷战来临 面对苏联随时可能的入侵
The invasion never happened, but fears persisted into the Cold War of a potential Soviet invasion
这种恐惧始终萦绕在人们的心头 久久未散
and that attitude has never fully gone away
面对任何的潜在入侵 瑞士以“”民族堡垒”应对
Switzerland’s plan for dealing with a potential invasion from anybody was called The National Redoubt
目的在于 让任何可能的敌人从地图上
and it was essentially intended to make any possible enemy look at the map
观察瑞士 就会觉得:“算了吧 还是挑个容易点的打吧”
look at Switzerland and think to themselves: “No thanks, I’ll take over something a little easier instead”.
The first reason why is Switzerland continues to have mandatory male conscription
所有符合要求的男性必须服役170天 接受基本训练
meaning that all men have to serve in the military for 170 days and receive basic training.
之后进入预备役 把枪放在家里
They enter into the reserves afterwards and keep their rifles at their home.
虽然许多人得到了豁免 但瑞士依旧能在
And although many get exemptions, Switzerland has the ability to mobilize over 200,000 soldiers
72小时内召集超过20万士兵 应对宣告的突发事件
within 72 hours of an emergency being declared.
另外 国内的公路 大桥 隧道 铁路 都可以被远程遥控爆炸
In addition, every road, bridge, tunnel and railroad in the country has been designed in a way
that they can be remotely blown up to deny a possible invader from ever using them.
There are over 3000 of these points that can be blown up inside of the country
包括了所有的山地 引爆后造成的山体滑坡能够阻断道路
including entire mountain sides that can be detonated to cause a landslide to block off entire roads.
除此之外 现代瑞士军事部署几乎将整个军队后撤到阿尔卑斯山区域
In addition to all of this, the modern Swiss military strategy has always been
to abandon the plateau and the city centers and retreat almost the entire military into the alpine region.
Here high in the mountains the swiss have built over 26,000 bunkers and fortified positions
配备了反坦克武器 对空光束枪以及机枪
ranging from anti-tank guns anti-air guns or machine gun nests.
这些武器都被伪装起来 像这个反坦克武器 看起来就像块石头
They are camouflaged like this anti-tank gun that looks like a rock
或者这些看起来是谷仓 其实左边藏有机枪 右边配备反坦克武器
or this barn that’s actually a machine-gun nest on the left and an anti-tank gun on the right
and both of these are connected by a tunnel underground.
There are camouflage positions like these all over the alpine region of Switzerland
which means that the entire country is basically one big booby trap.
An impregnable castle in the center of Europe.
This is why Switzerland has been able to remain neutral
即使历经欧洲历史动荡起伏 也依然屹立不倒
throughout some of the most difficult times in European history.
但是 现在许多人质疑这种防御心态和中立倾向的重要性
But many now question the importance of this defensive and neutral mindset.
德国 奥地利 意大利还有法国如今都是欧盟成员
Germany, Austria, Italy and France are today all European Union member states
and have no militaristic intentions on conquering Switzerland.
The National Redoubt has seen many of its fortresses and bunkers turned into museums in the last Few years
瑞士也在计划减少军事工程 目标是从现在的20万
and Switzerland is planning on downsizing its military from around 200,000
to only 80,000 by the year 2020.
但是 瑞士很有可能一直是
But nonetheless, one place that Switzerland will always be
is the safest place in the world to possibly be at in the event of a global nuclear war.
This is because Switzerland is the only country in the World
拥有众多核辐射防护工程 足以覆盖整个瑞士全体人民
to have enough nuclear fallout shelters to house their entire population.
In fact, Switzerland has enough fallout shelters to house 114% of their population.
这意味着在核战争中 即使有大量难民涌入
Meaning that even in the event of a large refugee influx
the country would still have enough shelters to fit everybody inside of them.
All residential buildings inside of the country built after 1978 are mandated by law
建造一个核庇护所 确保即使距它700米之外发生12级爆炸 它也能安然无恙
to contain a nuclear shelter capable of surviving a 12 megaton blast from a distance of 700 meters away.
自2006年起 瑞士国土内建造超过860万座核辐射防护所
As of 2006, there are over 8.6 million fallout shelters located throughout the country
从类似这样的 普通房子大小 到修建在隧道中巨大的公共防护所
ranging in sizes like this in a normal house, up to gigantic public shelters built inside of tunnels
that can house over 2,000 people for over four months.
在针对瑞士的核武器袭击中 很有可能 全体人民
In the event of a nuclear attack on Switzerland it is possible that the entire population of the country
都撤退到地堡中 在爆炸过后 继续反击入侵者
could retreat to their bunkers and continue fighting off any invader after the bombs have exploded.
Not even nuclear weapons can conquer the fortress of Switzerland
据估计 在全球核战争中
and it has been said before that in the event of a global nuclear war
能幸存存下来的只有少数国家的首脑 蟑螂
the only survivors would be the heads of state of a few countries, cockroaches
and 8.4 million Swiss citizens.
假如核战争真的爆发 瑞士地堡容纳的除他们自己之外
If a nuclear war ever does happen, then the swiss have enough bunkers for not only them
but a few friends to survive it all through with.
趁现在还不晚 一定要记住
So remember this when it may become important later.
Switzerland is likely the safest place you could possibly be during the event of a nuclear war or World War 3.
Before you start making plans to visit though
It would be nice to let other people know about what you just learned.
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