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天空与太阳的真实的颜色 – 译学馆
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Why is the Sun Yellow and the Sky Blue?

天空不是蓝色的 主要是因为空气是透明的 那它顶多是光散射的颜色
The sky is not blue – it’s mostly transparent air which is, at best, the color of whatever
当然 光散射的蓝色光多于红色光 事实上 光的频率越高
light it scatters. Sure, it does scatter blue light more than red light; in fact, the higher
那光被大气散射的就越多 所以 紫外线散射的要多于蓝色光
the frequency of light, the more it gets scattered by the atmosphere, so ultraviolet scatters
散射的要多于绿色光 黄色光 红色光 还有红外线
more than blue, which scatters more than green, more than yellow, more than red, more than
但是 只有一小部分的光被散射 而大部分的光都是直接穿过大气
infrared – but still, only a tiny bit of light scatters while most of it goes straight
这就是 你知道的 太阳如何点亮的大地 以及我们为什么能看到月亮
through, which is, you know, how the sun can light up the ground, why we can see the moon
and stars, etc.
太阳本身发射许多不同的光线 并且我们人类的眼睛
The sun itself actually emits a wide range of frequencies of light, and our human eyes
感觉这些独有的组合为白色或者为自然色 绝大多数时
perceive this particular combination as “white” or neutral in color. The vast majority of
the sky appears blueish because sunlight that was trying to go somewhere else got scattered
结果却落在了你的眼睛里 无赖的是 它仍然能在一个较宽的频率范围内活动
by the air and instead ended up in your eye. Bummer. It still has a wide range of frequencies
但蓝色光稍微还是多于白色光 并且粗略的同等于绿色光
in it, but with slightly more blue than in white light, roughly the same amount of green,
and less red.
你可以在电脑上看到关于这个的简单的示范 前提是我用白色作为背景
You can see a simple demonstration of this on a computer if I take a white background,
添加一定的深蓝色并且去掉一小部分纯红色 这样 我就得到一个漂亮的天空色
add a bit of deep blue and subtract a tiny bit of pure red: I get a nice sky color!
并且有相反的的影响当你近看太阳时会发生 那些光线试图
And the reverse effect happens when you look near the sun – light that was trying to
接近你的眼睛并且散射开 最后有少部分蓝色留下来
get to your eyes gets scattered away, and so the remaining light has a lot less blue
和白色相比 红色稍微多一些 这就是为什么白天太阳和它周围的天空
and slightly more red compared with white light, which is why the sun and the sky directly
看起来是黄色的原因 日落时 甚至有更多的光线
around it appear yellowish during the day! At sunset, there’s even more air for the
在到达你之前被空气驱散 因此留下了更丰富的橘色和红色
light to scatter off of before it reaches you, hence the even richer oranges and reds.
并且当然你可以重新做一次计算机演示 这一次减去纯蓝色
And of course you can do the computer demo again, this time subtracting pure blue and
并加上一点红色:瞧!中午的太阳 减掉更多的蓝色并加上更多的红色呢?
adding a little red: voila! Noontime sun. Subtract more blue and add even more red?
Sunset orange.
所以 天空并不是蓝色的 它是一个供所有颜色舞蹈的舞台 红色趋向于
So, the sky is not blue; it’s a stage upon which all colors dance. Red colors tend to
在直线上舞动 绿色更随意 深蓝色的舞动
dance in straighter lines, green colors more randomly, and deep blue colors dance the most
是所有颜色里最疯狂的 然而在某个时刻 它们基本上都在它们自己的路线上舞动 最后进到你的眼里
frenetically of all. Yet at some point, they ultimately dance their way into your eyes,
和我的眼睛里 并且到达地球 进入太空 所以 每个人在任何地方都能欣赏
and my eyes, and to the earth and into space, so that everyone everywhere can appreciate
the grand ballet of light.