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为什么我们要远离负能量的人 – 译学馆
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Why I Got Rid of Most of My Friends

嘿 你 假如我现在进到你的房间
Hey, you! If I came into your house right now,
我把这袋垃圾倒在你卧室的地板上 你要怎么办?
when I dump this garbage your bedroom floor, what you gonna do about it?
打我 向我开枪 让我坐牢?
Beat me up? Shoot me? Have me arrested?
有件事是肯定的 多年以来 你会向人们倾诉那个胆敢
One thing’s for sure, for years, you’ve been telling people about the guy that had the nerved
走进你的房子 把垃圾倒在你卧室的地板上的人
to come into your house and dump garbage on your bedroom floor.
但是想想 每一天我们都允许甚至鼓励
But think about this, every day we allow and even encourage
people to dump garbage into our minds and into our lives.
不同于常识 你不仅
To contrary the popular beliefs, you don’t
just consume nutrients through food by way of your mouth,
也通过你的眼睛 你的耳朵吸收
you also consume through your eyes, through your ears.
If you wonder why you’re feelin’ negative or angry?
It’s because your input determines your output.
你在广播中听到的垃圾(内容) 在电视中看到的垃圾(节目) 还有
The garbage that you listen to on the radio, the trash you see on TV, and bullshit
that you’d hear from people that you are hanging out with you
rubs off on you.
人人谈论转基因 远离转基因 远离人类转基因
Everybody talks about GMO, stay away from GMO, stay away from the human’s GMO,
远离贪婪的 远离可恶的 (令人)生厌的东西
the greedy, the miserable, the obnoxious.
这些人是有害的 他们掏空你 他们发牢骚
These people are toxic, they drain you, they complain,
他们提醒你所犯的错误 他们把你打倒 传播着八卦
they remind you of your mistakes, they tear you down,they gossip.
当你需要他们时却找不到人 甚至包括你的家人
They aren’t there for you when you need them, and some of these people are even in your family
但是 他们不一定就是恶人
But these are’t necessarily evil people.
他们只是陷入一个自己的循环中 但
They’re just trapped at a cycle themselves, but
那是他们的问题 不是你的
that’s their problem, not yours.
你不能改变他们 你要调整自己 给他们做榜样
You can’t fix them, you have to fix yourself and become an example for them.
所以 委婉地说 对待这些人 请给你自己一点空间
SO, politely, just give yourself some space from these people.
否则 你将会成为像他们一样的人
Or else, you’re gonna end up just like them.
如果你继续和失败者待在一起 那么你最终会变得和他们一样
You keep hanging out with losers, you gonna wind up, picking up the qualities of a loser.
和可以鼓励并能给你正能量的人待在一起 成为最好的自己
Hang out with people that encourage you and enpower you to become the best version of yourself.
你应该那么做 应该变的快乐 应该做你自己
You deserve that. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be you.
So figure out what you want out of life,
所以接下来的日子里 你只有你自己 人生短暂
because you gonna be the only one with you for the rest of it. Life is short.
It is a wise woman once said:
我没空和假朋友 消极的朋友
“fake friends, negative friends,
待在一起 消停点!
are nobody got time for that.”PEACE!
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