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Why Do We Get Dizzy?

嗨 大家好!
Hi everybody!
因为天气不错 Squeaks和我认为我们应该一起去游乐园
Since it’s such a nice day here, Squeaks and I thought we’d head over to the playground.
但是 我还是得承认有一些游乐设施 就像
I have to admit, though — some of the rides on the playground — like the ones that go
一直转呀转呀转呀的那种 转得我有点头晕
around…and around…and around…kind of make me dizzy!
如果你曾经也旋转过很久 转完之后你肯定知道头晕的感觉
If you’ve ever spun around in circles too long, then you know what being dizzy feels like.
你周围的所有东西似乎都在旋转 即使你自己当时并没有在转
Everything around you feels like are spinning,even you’re not!
如果你曾经奇怪为什么会有这样的感觉 那你不是一个人
If you’ve ever wondered why this happens, you’re not alone!
One viewer recently emailed us asking: Why do we get dizzy?
这真是个好问题 它也有着非常有趣的答案
And that’s a great question, with a really interesting answer!
无论你信不信 我们会感到头晕是因为我们的 耳朵
Believe it or not, the reason we get dizzy has to do with our ears.
对 耳朵不仅仅有让我们听到声音的作用
Yes, our ears do more than help us hear things.
它也有其他作用 帮助我们保持平衡 那意味着它帮助我们站立
They have another job, too—to help us keep our balance, which means they help keep us
steady so that we don’t fall over!
为了知道这是怎么起作用的 让我们来看看你耳朵里面发生了什么
To see how that works, let’s look at what’s going on deep inside your ears.
如果你能看到你耳朵的里面 你会看到一个像这样的部分
If you could see way inside your ears, you’d see a part that looks like this.
This is called your inner ear.
这儿有一个有点弯曲看起来像蜗牛壳的部分 然后这有一个部分
There’s a part that looks kind of curly, like a snail shell…and there’s a part
that’s made of three loops.
And each loop points in a different direction.
一个控制上下 一个控制身后 一个控制左右
One points up and down…one points to the back of your head…and one points side to side
These loops are what help you keep your balance.
在它们里面有一些液体 一种有点像水的液体
They have fluid inside them, a liquid that’s a little bit like water.
And the insides of these loops have something else, too— lots of tiny little hairs.
These hairs stick up into the fluid.
这些底部的绒毛只待在一个地方 但是顶上的这些绒毛能够前后移动
The bottoms of the hairs stay in one place, but the tops can move back and forth as the
fluid swishes around.
好 这些绒毛有特殊的作用
Now, these hairs have a special job.
They send signals to the brain.
And those signals tell the brain which way your head is facing.
例如 当你晚上躺下睡觉时 这些迷路中的液体开始流动
For example, when you lie down at night to go to sleep, the fluid that’s in the loops moves.
当液体流动时 顶端的绒毛也开始摆动
And when the fluid moves…the tops of the hairs move.
所以 当你躺在床上睡觉时 它们告诉大脑 嘿 我们是躺着的!
So, as you’re settling into bed, they tell the brain…hey, we’re lying down!
如果你点头 这些液体又再一次流动 然后那些绒毛又再一次发送信息
And if you nod our head yes…the fluid moves again…and the hairs send signals to the
给大脑说 我们正在上下点头!
brain, saying, we’re moving up and down!
现在 只要我们只是做一些像那样简单的动作 一切都是正常的
Now, as long as we’re doing simple movements like that, everything’s fine.
实际上 即使你慢慢转圈 你也不会头晕
In fact, even if you spin slowly around in a circle, you won’t get dizzy.
当你慢慢转圈时 那些绒毛告诉你大脑你正在转圈
As you turn, the little hairs tell your brain that you’re turning in a circle.
当你停下时 它们告诉你大脑你已经停下了 所以 一切正常
And when you stop, they tell the brain that you’ve stopped moving, so everything’s fine.
但是…当你转得很多很快时 这些迷路中的液体开始晃动
But…when you spin around a lot, really fast, the fluid in those loops starts sloshing around.
The hairs tell the brain that you’re spinning.
当你停下来时 这些液体也需要花几秒钟才能停止流动
When you stop, it takes a little while for the fluid to stop moving, too.
但如果这些液体还在流动 那这些绒毛就会告诉你大脑你还在旋转
And if the fluid is still moving…the hairs are telling the brain that you’re still moving.
所以 即使你停止快速转圈 你大脑仍在认为
So, even though you’ve stopped twirling around in a circle…your brain still thinks
你在转圈 这就是为什么你感觉你身边所有的一切东西都在围着你转
you’re moving…which is why everything seems like it’s spinning around you.
幸好 你内耳里的这些液体只需要几秒钟就能稳定下来
Thankfully, it only takes a few seconds for the fluid in your inner ears to settle down.
稳定下来之后 你的内耳终于知道到底发生了什么
And when that happens, the little hairs in your inner ear finally know what’s really
going on, and everything gets back to normal.
Thanks for asking such an awesome question!
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