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为什么瑞克把自己变成腌黄瓜 – 译学馆
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Why Did Rick Really Turn Himself Into A Pickle? – Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown

Hey, Wisecrack.
又是我 你们的老伙计杰瑞德
Jared incarnate again,
这周我们一起来看看 瑞克和莫蒂这集“腌黄瓜瑞克”
and we’ve got another Wisecrack quick take on this week’s Rick and Morty episode, “Pickle Rick.”
“I’m Pickle Rick!”
I’m here to try to answer the question: why does Rick turn into a pickle?
And yes, it’s partly because Dan Harmon said, “Rick is a pickle” in a writer’s room brainstorm.
哈蒙就说 “啊 瑞克是根腌黄瓜”
“And Harmon just goes, ‘Oh, and uh Rick is a pickle!'”
另一个原因就是 他想逃掉家庭心理咨询
And then there’s the other easy answer to avoid family therapy.
跟紧我的步伐 我认为瑞克变成一根腌黄瓜 能教会我们什么是自由
But if you stick with me, I’m going to argue that Rick’s being-as-pickle can teach us a lot about freedom.
欢迎来到这周的妙言妙语快问快答 这周主题是腌黄瓜瑞克
Welcome to this Wisecrack Quick Take on Pickle Rick.
And, of course, spoilers ahead.
首先 如果你还猜不出来的话 我来回顾一下
But first, a recap: Rick, if you couldn’t deduce, has turned himself into a pickle to
get out of family therapy.
但出岔子了 结果他先是一路打出下水道
But things go awry, and he ends up fighting his way out of a sewer, and later, a Russian
后来 又用蟑螂和老鼠四肢武装自己 在俄罗斯大使馆搅个天翻地覆
embassy using a mech suit made out of roach parts and rat limbs.
与此同时 贝丝、夏末和莫蒂一起去参加了家庭心理咨询
Meanwhile, Beth, Summer and Morty have to go to family therapy after Summer huffed pottery
因为前不久夏末吹珐琅 莫蒂还尿了裤子
enamel and Morty peed his pants.
这集里 贝丝和瑞克这两天条故事线进展的十分巧妙
There’s a clever parallel between Beth and Rick in this episode.
Just as Rick goes to insane lengths to avoid baring his emotions in therapy, Beth is doing
贝丝也在竭力阻挠学校要求的心理咨询 在情感上与别人保持距离
her best to stonewall her school-appointed therapist and maintain her emotional distance.
“I think it’s possible that you and your father have a very, uh, specific dynamic.
我认为 这种力量不鼓励表达情感或者脆弱 相反 表达这些可能会受到惩罚
I don’t think it’s one that rewards emotion or vulnerability. I think it may punish them.
我觉得 很可能正是这种力量破坏了你的婚姻
I think it’s possible that dynamic eroded your marriage
并且正影响你的孩子们 让他们把情感发泄在别处”
and is infecting your kids with the tendency to misdirect their feelings.”
“去你娘的!” “妈!”
“F**k you.” “Mom!”
“F**k both of you, too.”
在这季中 更多的重点放在了延续的故事线上
One thing we’ve noticed in this season is that there’s more emphasis on serialized arcs.
在上集中 瑞克更愿意待在疯狂之地而不是回去面对女儿失败的婚姻
In the last episode, Rick is willing to stay in Mad Max land to avoid his daughter’s divorce.
“我女儿离婚了 可我却不能很好的面对这件事”
“My daughter’s going through a divorce, and I am not dealing with it in a healthy way at all.”
Now, he’s literally turned himself into a pickle to run away from reality.
And Morty and Summer seem increasingly damaged by their parents divorce.
“我很不爽 大家都觉得我吸珐琅是因为我家庭有问题”
“I am mad that I can’t huff enamel without people assuming it’s because my family sucks.”
随着剧情推进 我们注意到几个主题在缓慢的发展
With this continuation, we’ve noticed a few themes that seem to be slowly developing.
One of which is freedom.
下面这句话来自王医生 提供了我们讨论的依据
This quote from Dr. Wong really sets the stage for our discussion:
“我觉得这是因为 对你而言 唯一真正难以理解的概念 是掌控自己的心智
“I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control.
You chose to come here.
你选择用谈话 来贬低我的职业 一如你选择变成一根腌黄瓜
You chose to talk. To belittle my vocation, just as you chose to become a pickle.
Each of us gets to choose.”
一开始 王医生的独白看似有点奇怪
At first, Dr. Wong’s monologue seemed a little strange.
毕竟 瑞克怎么会不知道掌控大局呢
After all, how could Rick not understand that he’s in control?
他无所不能 当然 其中包括把自己变成一根腌黄瓜
He can do anything, including turn himself into a pickle.
“有人这么做的原因是 假设他们能做到 事实上他们不能
“The reason anyone would do this, if they could —\u00a0which they can’t —
都是因为他们能做到 但他们不能这么做”
would be because they could —\u00a0which they can’t.”
在深究了这位存在主义哲学家最丑陋一面的解读后 我认为
But after digging through my notes on the ugliest of existential philosophers, I think
Dr. Wong’s monologue gets us to something quite insightful.
我们都清楚 瑞克是个无神论者
As we all know, Rick doesn’t believe in God.
“夏末 我必须跟你实话实说 世界上没有神 你以后会感谢我的”
“There is no God, Summer. Gotta rip that band-aid off now, you’ll thank me later.”
哲学家让•保罗•萨特认为 无神论是指人类能够完全自由地定义自身的存在
And for philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, godlessness means we are radically free to define our own existence.
事实恰恰相反 我们的选择都屈从于社会压力 或者
But, instead, we choose to do things based on social pressures, or who we think we’re
我们对自己的定位 还有就是其他各种鬼话了
supposed to be, and all kinds of other bullsh*t.
Sartre calls this acting in “bad faith.”
既然我本凡人 自然我们一生中要做出的选择也是有限的
But since we’re mortal, there’s a fixed amount of choices to make in our lives, what
Sartre calls “finitude.”
我们每做出一个选择 就意味着其他选择将不存在 举例来说 如果选择当一个卡车司机 意味着
And each of those choices prevents other choices: choosing to be truck driver means choosing
not to be a teacher.
否定我们有限的选择的重要性 也是自欺欺人的另一种表现
To deny the the importance of our finite choices is another way to act in bad faith.
往往 我们会假装自己别无选择
Often we pretend to not have a choice.
As West Side Story puts it:
“敬爱的克鲁普克长官 你必须理解 我们从小接受的教育才让我们变成现在这个样子
“Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke, you gotta understand, it’s just our bringin’ up-ke that gets us out of hand.
我们的母亲都是瘾君子 我们的父亲都是酒鬼 哦天呐 我们自然而然变成了小混混”
Our mothers all are junkies, our fathers all are drunks! Golly Moses, naturally we’re punks!”
其实街头流氓知道自己行为下三滥 可是
Essentially, the hoodlums know that they’re acting like a bunch of little shits, but instead
本可以选择变成好人 却放弃了选择 将其怪罪到他们不管事的父母身上
of choosing to be better, they relinquish their choice and blame it on their negligent parents.
“That’s why I’m so bad!”
They just can’t help themselves.
可瑞克有一点十分特别 他不用担心生命有限
But what’s unique about Rick is that he doesn’t deal with finitude.
He deals with infinitude.
“我在无限的时间线中穿梭 清除了必要的情感联系”
“My access to infinite timelines precludes a necessity of attachment.”
瑞克与萨特所提出的理论针锋相对 这是因为
Rick has to grapple with the exact opposite of what Sartre proposed, because, to call
back to season 1:
“莫蒂 现实的数量是无限的”
“There’s an infinite number of realities, Morty!”
Whereas Sartre criticizes the person who won’t take responsibility for their choices, Rick
瑞克认为 他不需要负责任 因为他已经在无数个自己的版本中 作出了选择
thinks he doesn’t have to, because he has already made them all in the infinite versions of himself.
如果像萨特所说 人类本就是有限选项中的一个 那么瑞克已经
If Sartre said the human condition was one of finite choices, well, Rick has transcended
that human condition with science.
但王医生称 用多元宇宙为自己的行为开脱 或者
But as Dr. Wong suggests, justifying your actions with the multiverse, or your god-like
用神一般超乎常人的智慧开脱 都不是解决办法
intelligence, isn’t a solution.
这是因为 智慧能帮你作出选择 但还得靠自己作出决定
Because although intelligence can help you make a decision, you still have to make the decision.
“The only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family,
就是你家庭中的所有人 包括你 都用智识证明这种病态是合理的”
is that everyone in your family, \u00a0you included,\u00a0use intelligence to justify sickness.”
Despite the fact that Rick is the “master of his universe,” he paradoxically has yet
to come to terms with his own choices.
不管有多少个瑞克 毋庸置疑的是
No matter how many versions of Rick exist, nothing can stop the fact that his choices
are uniquely his own.
Because to quote Dr. Wong,
“唯一一个你不能接受的概念就是 你的思想其实在自己的控制之中”
“The only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control.”
在第一季 瑞克明白地告诉我们 他在多元宇宙中是如何做出无穷的选择的
In season 1, Rick straight up tells us how he deals with infinite choice in the multiverse.
“莫蒂 如果希特勒治好了癌症会怎样? 答案就是’别瞎想’”
“What about the reality where Hitler cured cancer, Morty? The answer is ‘don’t think about it!'”
当然了 各种治疗都是让你反思 所以瑞克把自己变成一个
But of course, all therapy does is make you think about things, so Rick turns himself into
腌黄瓜 是为了逃避作出选择 至少看起来是这样
a pickle to avoid choice, or at least the appearance of it.
作为一根无助的 手无缚鸡之力的软黄瓜 如果不能参加心理治疗 也不是他的错了
As a helpless, armless pickle, it’s not his fault if he can’t make therapy..
这么说来 瑞克完全漠视自己的选择 用萨特的话来讲
And in that sense, Rick’s blatant disregard for his choices, as Sartre would say, is acting
in bad faith.
说到这 就很容易和我们在上一集说的联系起来
Speaking of arcs, this ties in nicely to what we talked about in the last episode..
将杰瑞的软弱无能 莫蒂的自我憎恨
Between Jerry’s powerlessness, Morty’s resentment of him for that very reason, and
和瑞克(这个)无所不能的疯子 放在一起来看
the juxtaposition with Rick as an all powerful madman —
“我看不起任何心理治疗 因为我是一名科学家
“I don’t respect therapy because I’m a scientist.
因为我靠发明创造 改变 创造和毁灭来生存 当我对世界上什么东西不爽的时候
Because I invent, transform, create, and destroy for a living, and when I don’t like something about the world,
I change it!”
This season is really leaning into
ideas of agency, and I’m super excited to see what they come up with next.
还有一件事 不过可能八字还没一撇
There’s one last thing worth noting, but it’s probably more of a stretch.
You know the common characterization of Freud’s work as “everything is a penis?”
Well, I’m convinced someone in their writer’s room probably took this loose connection between a phallic
object and therapy and went a little wild with it.
如果你想听更多关于这个的内容 那么一定来听听妙言妙语(Wisecrack)的播客
But if you want to hear more about this, you’ll want to check it out the Wisecrack podcast,
where we’re breaking down every new episode of Rick and Morty.
我和瑞安 埃里克会更加深入的探讨这集中其他纷繁复杂的部分
Ryan, Alec, and I talk further about all the intricacies of this awesome episode.
不管在iTunes上还是其他你能听到播客的设备上 来收听我们的节目吧
So, check us out on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.
感谢大家的支持 感谢大家的各种推荐
Thanks a lot for all the support, guys. Thanks for all the recommendations.
Thanks for all the feedback. We really appreciate it.
See ya later.