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丹妮莉丝和琼恩雪诺为何相爱? – 译学馆
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Why Daenerys Loves Jon Snow

Why does Daenerys fall for Jon Snow? I mean, yes, he is a powerful and handsome guy
but Dany has been pursued by plenty of powerful and handsome men
没有人真正吸引到她 琼恩则比较特别
but none truly interested her; something is different about Jon.
Now the show gives us some clues that actually can teach
you a lot about attraction and love in the real world
which is why I wanted to explore exactly what it was they created that spark of love
because you might actually learn something for your own life.
为了弄明白琼恩的特别之处 我们首先看一下上一任求婚者
In order to see what is special about John Snow, we have to first take a look at one suitor
that came close to making Dany fall in love but didn’t fit the bill.
I told them I am Daario Naharis.
Daario Naharis has certain traits that Dany immediately finds appealing
and one of the most prominent is his penchant for taking risks and coming out on top.
(达里奥:我不是一个将领 也不是你的女王守卫 )
I’m not a general, or a member of your queensguard,
(更不是无垢军团的指挥官 我的母亲是一名妓女)
or the commander of your unsullied; my mother was a whore.
(达里奥:我来时孑然一身 去时一无所有)
I come from nothing and before long I will return to nothing.
Let me kill this man for you.
Very well.
Are you sure you don’t want a horse?
Why would I want a horse?
Horses are faster than men.
Horses are dumber than men.
这可不只仅仅是小说中的描写 现实生活中 女人也常常为这种冒险家神魂颠倒
This isn’t just convenient writing; it’s true in the real world as well but women are drawn to men who take risks successfully.
但是需要声明一下 冒险不意味着以身犯险 以命相搏
Now to be clear, risk-taking doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on the line —
开始一个新的商业项目是冒险 在舞台上表演是冒险 有时候简简单单地和女士约会可能都是一种冒险
starting a business is a risk, performing on a stage is a risk, and even simply asking a woman out on a date can feel like a risk
尤其当她是女王 掌握你的生杀予夺大权之时
especially when she is the queen and could have your head cut off.
但是 很显然 这些都无法阻止达里奥对丹妮女王的迷恋
Now, this doesn’t stop Daario from making his affection to Dany very obvious.
(丹妮:好了 什么战略大事?)
All right, what is this matter of strategy?
A dusk rose.
Would you like to walk at the back of the trail instead of riding?
This one is called lady’s lace.
Would you like to walk without shoes?
(达里奥:您要统治这里 就必须了解这里)
You have to know a land to rule it.
You are a gambler, aren’t you?
But what is exceptional here is Dario’s attitude because it is especially attractive if someone can keep a playful attitude
在别人看起来可能是一个充满冒险的事情 这也是他最打动人心的地方
during what others might see as a risky encounter; it’s why this move…
他却做得充满自信 举止风雅
…and this common confident demeanor…
Take off your clothes.
拿自己开玩笑 以博取美人欢心
…and even poking fun at yourself…
Do you think I’m petty enough to speak ill of a man just because he represents competition?
I do.
(达里奥:你说对了 我的良心大大的坏)
You’re right. And my motivations are entirely impure.
…are also powerful in creating attraction between two people.
一个自信之人临危不惧 面无惊色
When we see playfulness in the face of risk, it sub-communicates that that person is confident.
在《权利的游戏》中 任何一次冒险都关乎生死
In Game of Thrones, the risk is often life or death
说实话 我认为达里奥是疯狂的
and honestly, I think that Dario is insane
但是现实生活中 最大的冒险在于被大众孤立
but in the real world, the risk is most often social rejection
当你深处孤立之中 那可能比生死更让人难过
and even though social rejection can sometimes feel like life or death when you’re in the midst of it,
当你保持轻松自如的状态 那真是一种难以置信的魅力
when you stay playful in the face of that, it is an incredibly attractive trait.
这也是为什么我们被《疯狂愚蠢的爱》里瑞恩 高斯林饰演的角色所吸引
That’s why we are drawn to characters like Ryan Gosling’s in Crazy Stupid Love.
不是因为他近乎执着地在酒吧里艾玛 斯通死缠烂打
It’s not that he’s seriously persistent in following Emma Stone around the bar
也不是因为他天花乱坠的回答 最关键的是他看似玩世不恭的执着
and not taking no for an answer which would be creepy, it’s that he’s playfully persistent —
一切情况对于他来说都不是大问题 请看
cracking jokes as she walks away indicating the rejection is no big deal to him. Just watch.
(帕尔默:好吧 汉娜 让我请你喝一杯)
Okay. Hannah, can I buy you a drink?
(汉娜:好吧 可是 你知道吗?我要回家了)
Okay, it’s… you know what? It’s time to go home.
(帕尔默:真的吗?) (汉娜:嗯嗯)
Jacob: Really? Hannah: Mm-hmm.
(帕尔默:好吧 那我们下次再约)(汉娜:好)
Jacob: Well, that’s forward of you. But okay. I’ll do it. Hannah: Yeah.
(帕尔默:所以 我需要去开我的车吗?还是你的?要我把车开过来吗?
So, should I get my car? Or yours? Should I pull
the car around? You’ve been drinking; I’ll drive.
I like this scene because it illustrates something that most people misunderstand
because most people think that confidence comes from knowing that everything is gonna work out just the way that you want it to —
比如 一觉醒来 你约梦中情人来一场完美的约会 他们毫不犹豫答应
you’ll walk up, ask the guy or girl you like out on a date, save the perfect line, and they’ll say, “Yes.”
But that’s not where true confidence comes from.
真正的自信在于 无论发生什么事情 你都认为自己能解决
The root of confidence is believing that no matter what happens, you will be okay.
哪怕喜欢的人对你讲的笑话无动于衷 没什么大不了
If the guy or girl doesn’t laugh at your joke, no big deal.
哪怕生意一落千丈 舞台表演一塌糊涂 也没什么大不了
If your business falls through where your performance goes terribly, no big deal.
And this comes through in subtle little ways like a glance —
just look at the difference between Daario’s playful composure when Dany rejects him.
Would you like to walk wiithout shoes?
(达里奥:您想要统治一个地区 就必须先了解这个地方)
You have to know a land to rule it.
现在来看一下乔拉 莫尔蒙是如何让机会白白溜走的
And now look at Jorah Mormont when he let’s it slip
他对丹妮一见倾心 对她忠心耿耿
that he kind of has a crush on Dany and how harsh he takes her lack of a response.
(乔拉:虽然我已经无数次的见到你 但有些时候我仍然无法相信这是真的)
There were times when I look at you, um, I still can’t believe you’re real.
看起来乔拉没有自信去了解丹妮的回答 好吧
It seems that Jorah doesn’t have that confidence that comes from knowing that however Daenerys responds, it’s going to be okay, he will still be alright and happy.
达里奥的加分项在于 他会对丹妮说出真心话
Now in addition, Daario gives Dany his honest opinion
and this might seem like an obvious thing to do
but with both men and women who are desirable,
so many of their suitors simply tell them what they think that they want to hear
表达对方的不足之处可能会引起摩擦和误解 你们双方甚至会因此争吵
and while disagreeing with someone might create momentary tension — you might even argue about it —
但是真诚以待 双方可能会产生共鸣和相互理解 达里奥就指出了丹妮这一点
when you do it in a non-petty and a respectful way, it tends to create attraction; Daario even points this out.
You’re the queen.
(达里奥:人人惧怕您 不敢吐露真言)
Everyone’s too afraid of you to speak truth — everyone but me.
综上所述 毫不疑问还要加上达里奥的英俊帅气
Add all of this up and, yes, plus more than a little bit of good looks
and Daario is someone that Dany is clearly attracted to.
但是最后 丹妮还是毫不犹豫离开了达里奥
But in the end, she has no problem leaving him.
(丹妮:我和一个爱我的男人道别 一个我以为我很在乎的人)
I said farewell to a man who loves me — a man I thought I cared for.
And I felt nothing.
You could chalk this up to Daenerys being heartless
but I think it actually speaks more about Daario’s character
并无太多相互吸引之处 所以丹妮才能放手得如此彻底
than hers that she has no problem walking away from him.
达里奥缺少一些东西 而这些即将由琼恩雪诺带来
He’s missing something — which brings us to Jon Snow.
很显然琼恩绝对富有冒险精神 有时候他甚至有些疯狂
Now Jon clearly has the risk-takin and sometimes he’s a little bit crazy about it.
琼恩也一直坚持对丹妮赤诚相待 哪怕丹妮不喜欢这样
Jon is also willing to tell Dany the truth even when she might not like it.
Pledge your soul to her cause.
(琼恩:我为什么要那样做?陛下 请恕我无意冒犯 我并不知道你是谁)
And why would I do that? I mean no offense, Your Grace, but I don’t know you.
(琼恩:据我所知 你对铁王座的继承权来自于你父亲的姓氏)
As far as I can tell, your claim to the throne rests entirely on your father’s name
and my own father fought to overthrow the Mad King.
The Lords of the North place their trust in me to lead them
(琼恩:我必殚精竭虑 死而后已)
and I will continue to do so as well as I can.
And while Jon is really nowhere near as charming as Daario,
I was even able to find one moment of some light-hearted playfulness though I’ll admit I did have to scour for this.
(琼恩:如果我不能顺利归来 你至少不用再担心“北境之王”对你的威胁)
If I don’t return, at least you won’t have to deal with the King of the North anymore.
So a lot of those same pieces from Daario are there
and while the attraction between Dany and Jon did take some time to build,
或许归功于琼恩的不善言辞和沉默 所以最终感情爆发得那样激烈 为什么呢?
probably due to Jon’s more reserved and brooding nature, it ultimately leads to greater feelings. Why?
首先 琼恩有自己的原则
First off, because Jon has standards.
很显然 他知道丹妮很漂亮 他甚至给了自己很多次暗示
Now obviously, he finds Dany beautiful and he even hints as much
but that’s not enough for him to immediately pursue her.
He cares more about her character and .
it’s not until he sees her perform an act of true sacrifice
and valor that he names her his queen
(琼恩:现在 关于我的女王…)
Now, about my queen…
(琼恩:我本应该下跪起誓 但是…)
I would, um, bend the knee but…
(丹妮:琼恩 那些对你宣誓效忠的人…)
Jon, those who swore allegiance to you…
They’ll all come to see you for what you are.
(丹妮:希望这一切 我受之无愧)
I hope I deserve it.
You do.
这个意义重大 琼恩不是拜倒在丹妮迷人的外貌或者无上的权利之下
This is significant. Jon isn’t bending the knee to
Dany’s looks or her power but to her character
换一种说法就是 丹妮得到了琼恩的敬重
and the same can be said of Daenerys with regards to Jon —
丹妮也不是沉迷于琼恩的潇洒帅气 她之前就说过琼恩对她来说太小了
she doesn’t fall for his looks — she even remarks that he’s too small for her —
但是当她对琼恩了解日渐增多 对他的关心也挥之不去
but begins to care for him as she learns more about him.
我们在一段爱情里真正需要的就是 一个真正关心我们自我内在的人
And that is what we all truly want in a partner — it’s someone who cares about who we are as a person
无论相貌 家世 地位如何 都真心爱着内在真实的我们
and loves us for that instead of anything that we may have in the moment whether that’s status, looks, or anything.
Dany knows that this isn’t true of Daario who made his reasons for pursuing her entirely clear when he met her.
I’m the simplest man you’ll ever meet.
(达里奥:我随心所欲 只做自己喜欢之事)
I only do what I want to do.
最开始阶段 一个人为了肉体的相互吸引而追求另一人 没有问题
Now there’s nothing wrong with pursuing someone because you find them physically attractive, at least at the onset,
但是如果你们之间永远只处于肉体相互吸引阶段 那就有点太肤浅了
but if that’s all that you care about, the feelings on both sides will probably stay relatively shallow.
虽然达里奥后来也学着去关心丹妮的内心所想 但是我认为以
And though Daario does grow to care about Dany and I think is genuinely
丹妮的性格 达里奥始终无法走进她的内心
当丹妮离开 达里奥最失望痛心之处竟然在于他始终没有得到相应的地位和头衔
when she leaves, he seems mostly disappointed that he will never have a conquest with the same status and title.
I’m full of self-pity —
(达里奥:谁会跟随你?谁可以追随“风暴降生”丹妮莉丝 我们的龙之母?)
who comes after you — who can never follow Daenerys Stormborn, the mother of dragons.
(丹妮:我想 应该是一大群女性吧)
A great number of women, I imagine.
And it’s for that reason that it’s not gut-wrenching for Dany to leave Daario behind.
总之 达里奥并不像他再三强调的那样不在乎自己
In addition, he doesn’t really seem to care about more than his own personal pleasure as he states repeatedly.
(达里奥:我来这里是为了你 而不是为了他们)
I’m here for you, not them.
达里奥勇敢追求自己想要的 无所顾忌 这当然是一种自信又迷人的个人气质
Daario wants what he wants and he goes after it which is certainly a confident and attractive trait that you would do well to cultivate
but it doesn’t create love.
We love people who live by principles beyond their own self-interest,
我们爱那些抛却个人利益 有更伟大的追求和信仰的人
we love people who have a mission — a purpose that is bigger than themselves,
我们更爱那些可以让我们视为榜样 并激励我们勇于超越自己的人
and we love people who inspire us to be more through their example.
Jon Snow is the embodiment of that.
(琼恩:我信任你这个陌生人,因为我知道对于人民 你是最好的选择)
I put my trust in you, a stranger, because I knew it was the best chance for my people — for all our people.
(琼恩:我现在希望你也能相信我 这是我们最好的机会)
Now I’m asking you to trust in a stranger because it’s our best chance.
需要声明一点 这真的不是简单说说罢了
To be clear, this isn’t just words.
Jon repeatedly demonstrates his valor with his sometimes bafflingly stupid self-sacrificing behavior.
当丹妮看到琼恩为人民所做的牺牲 她心动了
And when Dany sees the lengths that Jon is willing to go for others, she falls for him.
高潮时刻是她亲眼看到琼恩的伤疤 那些能代表琼恩舍身为别人的伤疤
The crowning moment is when she sees his scars — the physical representation of what he is willing to give for everyone else.
但是我发现这一幕很有趣 琼恩遮住了这些疤痕
And what I find especially interesting here is that Jon hid these scars
and the story behind them from Daenerys twice before.
(戴沃斯:他经历过那些可怕的事 他为了他的子民而战)
He faced those things, he fought those things for the good of his people,
(戴沃斯:他为他的子民甘愿献出生命 他为子民心口插刀 他献出…)
he risked his life for his people, he took a knife in the heart for his people, he gave his own—
When you first came here,
Ser Davos said you took a knife in the heart for your people.
Ser Davos gets carried away.
So it was a figure of speech?
This wasn’t a necessary omission in order for Dany to fall in love with Jon
我可以确定在对丹妮撒谎这件事上 我不是琼恩雪诺的坚定拥护者
and I am certainly not an advocate of lying so bad on you, Jon Snow.
But in this case, it does further goes to prove to Dany that Jon isn’t trying to impress her.
他对子民的救赎和奉献是纯粹的 不是用来博取任何人的认可
His dedication to others isn’t some ploy intended to curry her favor; it’s the genuine article.
所以 当丹妮亲眼所见伤痕累累的琼恩 这种震撼远比从别人口中听到的更强烈
And because she finds out about his scars without him directly having to tell her,
it adds even more to his legitimacy as a purpose-driven leader.
所以 去冒险 去真诚地表白自己内心所想 这都是值得做的
So, yes, take social risks, give your honest opinion — those are worthwhile behaviors
for lots of different reasons and will probably make more people more attracted to you.
But the reason that Dany is falling in love with Jon and Jon with Dany
相比容貌和地位这些外在条件 他们永远更在乎的是对方这个人的内心
is because they each care more about the other than looks and power;
it’s because Jon lives for a cause that is bigger than his own pleasure and so does Dany.
They both have high standards for each other — Jon for her, and her for him.
单纯的吸引 喜欢和爱 永远是隔着很远的距离
Those standards are the difference between simple attraction and a real connection that could become love.
我认为真的爱一个人 所有一切都是值得的
And I think it’s worth saying that if you’re like me, you’re going to miss the heck
out of Game of Thrones for potentially the next two years until season 8 comes back
但是如果你迫不及待的话 可能连权游死忠粉丝都不一定知道
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and the stories are all awesome.
You meet characters like the three-eyed Raven before he was a tree,
还有伊蒙学士 甚至还有泰温的奶奶
learn about Meister Amon and even meet Tywin’s grandma.
Now all three of these stories are contained in a volume called
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Now this particular one, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, makes for a great listen;
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