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撞断脖子怎么就成了最好的事 – 译学馆
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Why Breaking My Neck Was the Best Thing to Happen All Year | James Blake

So, back in 2004 I had pretty much a trifecta of setbacks.
我先是把我的脖子弄断了 这件事是那年在我身上发生的最棒的一件事儿
I first broke my neck, which was the best thing that happened to me that year, and I’ll
explain that in a minute.
当时我正在罗马的一个练习场上 一头向前就撞到了网柱上
I was on a practice court in Rome and pretty much slid headfirst into a net post and fractured
然后因为颈椎第七节骨折去了医院 最终回家了
C7 in my spine and got to the hospital and eventually got home.
当我回到康涅狄格州的家时 我父亲只剩6周寿命了
When I got home to Connecticut it was the last six weeks of my father’s life.
他一直饱受胃癌折磨 最后去世了
He had been suffering from stomach cancer and ended up passing away.
So that’s why I say breaking my neck was the best thing that happened to me, because I
因为我可以在家陪我父亲度过那段时光 说说那些
got to be home with my dad and spend that time with him and say all the things that
needed to be said to him.
他不让我回家 否则的话 我觉得我回不了家 因为我
And he wouldn’t have let me come home otherwise I don’t think, because I would’ve still been
还在征途之中 还在打球 还在竞赛
on the road and playing and competing.
So that was the best thing that happened to me.
在那之后 压力像大山一样向我压来
And after that—stress has an amazing way of bearing itself physically on me and it
还使我起了疱疹 带状疱疹 它感染了我的面部神经
created a zoster, which is shingles, and it attacked my facial nerves so the left side
所以我的左半边脸瘫痪了 我失去了平衡 并且听力和视力都部分受损
of my face was paralyzed and I lost my balance and part of my hearing and part of my eyesight,
我当时在痛苦中挣扎 不知道我还能不能打网球
so I was pretty much struggling and didn’t know if I would ever play tennis again, and
医生也不确定我还能不能打 这时候天天设定计划对我来说
the doctors weren’t sure if I would ever play, so that’s where setting goals day by day was
so important to me.
Because if I thought about any sort of playing in the US Open or getting back and being top
或者成为世界前10、前20 任何这样的事都似乎十分遥远
ten in the world, top 20 in the world, anything like that, it would’ve seemed so far away.
And I think I would’ve gotten a little depressed.
我会伤心 因为我离那样的事如此之远
I would’ve been upset about the fact that I was so far away from that.
So all I did was every day think about what I can do a little better.
我会尽力一点点移动我的眼睛 或者笑得更开一点
I would try to move my eye a little bit more or try to be able to smile a little bit more
and go out on the court.
我第一次上球场的时候 真的是将球抛起来打球的时候
The first times I went out on the court it was really just being able to see the ball
我才看到球 我和我的教练在球场上花了五分钟
when I tossed it up to serve, it was just spending five minutes on the court with my
coach and just seeing if I could actually make contact with the ball.
第二天就变成了十分钟 然后 “好了现在我要休息几天”
Then the next day it could be ten minutes, and then, “Okay now I need to take a couple
days off because it’s disheartening.
Now I need to get back to it and try it.”
每天都变得更好一些 我仍记得有个朋友开玩笑说
Everyday was getting a little bit better and I still remember a friend of mine joking that,
“你知道的 就是明年 你要赢得美国公开赛了”
“You know what, next year it’s all right, you’re going to win the US Open.”
当时我想 “你绝对是疯了 我想都没想过”
And I thought, “You’re absolutely crazy, that’s not even in my mindset.”
第二年我还没反应过来 我就已经在公开赛四分之一决赛中对阵
And before I knew it, the next year I was in the quarterfinals of the US Open against
安德烈·阿加西了 我当时想 天 我真想知道朋友说的对不对
Andre Agassi and I thought, “Man, I wonder if he was right.
Maybe I will actually win the US Open this year.”
不幸的是我没能成功 但这样的挫折让我集中注意力于小的目标
And I didn’t unfortunately, but the setback was such that I needed to focus on such small
每天如此 如果我曾想过下一年会是
goals every single day, that if I had thought that the next year would have been one of
我生命中最好的一年 那2006年 就在两年之后 会是我职业生涯
the best year of my life and 2006—just two years later—would’ve been the best year
最好的一年 一个远投让我最终成为世界第四 要是我
in my career by a long shot and finish at number four in the world, if I had thought
之前两年想的是躺在床上 脸不能动 我不认为
of that two years prior when I was laid up and my face wasn’t working, I don’t think
I would’ve ever gotten there.
我仅仅需要每天进步一点 以此达到那个目标
I needed to just take small steps every single day to reach that goal.
在我意识到我在逐渐接近那个目标之前 我甚至没回想过
And before I knew it when I was reaching that goal I wasn’t even thinking back to all the
那些艰苦的练习 我就这么想 “这就是一个过程 这是我的归属”
hard work I was doing, and I was like, “This is just the progression, this is where I belong,
this is where I should be.”
我认为这起了很大的作用 这仅仅是我到达目的地的一个过程
And I think that played a huge part and it was just the process I was taking to get there.