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Why Apple Pie Isn't American

嗨 这里是分钟地球的凯特 很多人都是用“像苹果馅饼一样具有美国特色”
Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. A lot of people use the phrase “As American as Apple
来表示“独具美国特色” 但……苹果派中的苹果却产自
Pie” to mean “really, really American.” But… the apples in apple pie were domesticated
哈萨克斯坦 并且由欧洲的蜜蜂进行授粉 面粉和黄油则产自
in Kazakhstan, and pollinated by bees native to Europe, the flour and butter came from
中东地区的小麦和奶牛 鸡蛋是由
wheat and cows domesticated in the Middle East, the egg came from the chicken which
亚洲丛林的鸡下的 柠檬也产自那里 肉桂
came first…from the jungles of Asia, where the lemon also originated, the cinnamon came
是中国的 肉豆蔻和糖是新几内亚的
from China, the nutmeg was domesticated in New Guinea, and so was the sugar, unless it
或者糖是用波兰的甜菜提取的 事实上
was from sugarbeets, which are from Poland. In fact, none of the ingredients in apple
pie are originally from the US.
你可能不怎么惊奇 因为意大利披萨的原材料
And you might not be surprised to hear that the ingredients for Italian pizza didn’t
也不是产自意大利的 从印度咖喱
originate in Italy, either. And Asia’s spicy dishes, from India’s curries all the way
到韩国泡菜 这些亚洲辣菜之所以如此流行是因为美国中部的辣椒 与此同时
to Korea’s kimchis, owe their heat to chillies domesticated in Central America… which got
the rice for its rice and beans from Asia.
事实上 平均在世界上的每一个国家 超过三分之二的卡路里消耗
In fact, on average, over two thirds of the calories consumed in each of the world’s
来自遥远的农作物或畜牧业大国 看一看这个图中展现的
countries come from crops or animals domesticated far away. Take a look at this chart showing
how every single region of the world depends on food domesticated in other regions.
Our interconnectedness is kind of overwhelming… and it exists because over time, colonialism,
trade, and other forces of globalization have led the entire world to become more and more
dependent on a particular, small set of plants and animals.
但⅔只是个平均值 国家们有各种各样的食物起源于别的地方
But ⅔ is just an average. Countries vary widely in how much of their food originated
elsewhere, and it pretty much boils down to whether they happen to be located in one of
the places most of these globally-important plants and animals were domesticated – typically
尤其是那些有人类已经居住很久的 温暖而物种丰富的地区
warm, biodiverse regions where humans have lived for a long time. Southeast Asia, for
举个例子 东南亚是米饭 糖 椰子和香蕉这类的重要食物的故乡
example, is home to important foods like rice, sugar, coconuts, and bananas, so countries
like Cambodia and Thailand get only a quarter of their calories from foods domesticated
与此同时 南非和北美几乎没有
elsewhere. Meanwhile, Southern Africa and Northern America are each home to almost no
全球性的重要食物 所以赞比亚和南非 加拿大和美国
globally significant foods, so Zambia & South Africa and Canada & the US all get over 90%
基本上九成的卡路里都是来自原产自国外的食物 当然 这些国家
of their calories from foods with foreign ancestries. Of course, those countries do
种植自己的食物 只是原产自其他地方
grow their own food – it just originated elsewhere.
但是所有这些食材流动不意味着泡菜不是韩国的 或者
But all this movement of ingredients doesn’t mean that kimchi isn’t Korean, or pizza
披萨不是意大利的 我的意思是 在扩散到全世界之前我们人类也来源于同一个地方
isn’t Italian. I mean, we humans also originated in one place before spreading around the world.
而今天 我们大多数人对自己和食物的认同感都与居住地联系在一起
Yet today, most of us identify ourselves, and the dishes we eat, with the places we’ve
我们称我们为意大利人 印度人或者美国人 就像说到苹果馅饼
ended up. We say we’re Italian, or Indian, or American… as American, perhaps, as apple
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