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你能从《马可波罗游记》里学到什么 – 译学馆
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What YOU Can Learn from The Travels of Marco Polo

17岁时 马克•波罗随他的父亲和叔叔游历亚洲
阿克里 特拉比松 巴格达
Terbil(未查到对应中文地名) 霍尔木兹
巴尔克 喀什格尔 兰州
喀喇昆仑 北京 成都 蒲甘
回到威尼斯不久后 马可•波罗在威尼斯与热那亚共和国的一场海战中被捕
Soon after returning to Venice, Marco Polo was captured during a sea battle with the Republic of Genoa.
被捕入狱时 他44岁 他开始和监狱里的室友讲述他的故事
In jail at the age of 44, he began to recount his tales to a cellmate.
波罗详尽讲述他游历亚洲史诗般的旅程 期间的故事 以及他那段时间的冒险
Polo detailed his epic journey across Asia and his stories and adventures from his time
as a personal aid to Kublai Khan, the Emperor of China.
他的游记写成了一本书 激励了许多后来的探险家
The resulting book became an inspiration to many other subsequent explorers.
从马可•波罗在旅途的观察 行为 认知中可以学到很多东西
There is much to learn from the observations, behaviour and perceptions from the travels of Marco Polo.
The first part of Polo’s book chronicles his three and a half year journey just to
get to the court of Kublai Khan.
他大部分时间是在马背上度过的 旅途漫长 艰苦 一路上遭遇不少险阻
The trek conducted mainly on horseback was very long and very gruelling with lots of obstacles.
他翻越高山 穿过沙漠 还要逃避野生动物
The men travelled over mountains and through deserts, having to deal with wild animals,
历经严峻天气和抵抗疾病 同时还要尽力躲避旅途中出现的歹徒
extreme weather and illness, all while trying to avoid the many outlaws along the way.
三个旅行者:波罗 他的父亲 和他的叔叔都是商人 他们
The three travellers: Polo, his father and his uncle were merchants and conducted their
business on the Silk Road as they went.
这条历时久远的贸易路线被称为丝绸之路 连接着中西方文明
The ancient trade routes known as the Silk Road connected east and west civilisation.
他们在躲避歹徒的同时 还需要与人谈判 这不仅可以促进贸易 而且还可以雇佣当地的士兵
While avoiding outlaws, negotiation was required not only for trade but for hiring local soldiers
to escort them over their territory.
他们最初是做珠宝生意 因为珠宝体积小 而价值连城
Jewellery was the primary goods that they traded in as they were low in bulk but high in value.
波罗详细地描述了沿途不同地方的差异化 如贸易方式 风俗和传统
Polo describes in great detail the differences in trading methods, customs and traditions,
food preparation and religious practices along the route.
作为穿越丝绸之路的第一代欧洲人其中一员 他的旅程比很多
As one of the first Europeans to traverse the Silk Road, he travelled further than many
前辈要长 他远达蒙古和古中国 现在称为中国
of his predecessors, reaching as far as Mongolia and Cathay, now called China.
So what lessons can you take from Marco Polo’s arduous trip?
它突出了在实现目标过程中 长期目标和坚持不懈的重要性
It highlights the importance of having long term goals and the importance of perseverance in achieving those goals.
In your life you may end up taking on something you haven’t done before.
It may even be possible that nobody has done it before or something that many people may
deem impossible.
You need to endure the long journeys to achieve your own long term goals.
现在看起来不可能的事 也许20年后就变得有可能了
What seems impossible now may not seem impossible in twenty years’ time.
It may even be commonplace.
Marco Polo paved the way for many other Westerners to set out along the routes of the Silk Road in future years
and began an age of exploration to exotic and faraway places.
The pioneer explorer Christopher Columbus was heavily influenced by Marco Polo’s travels.
His copy of the book was found to have plenty of handwritten annotations and notes.
为了实现改革太空旅行的目标 伊隆·马斯克创立了太空探索技术公司
Elon Musk founded SpaceX with the goal of revolutionising space travel.
He also has a longer term goal of establishing Mars as a self-sustaining civilisation.
当他第一次告诉人们把他的目标 他们认为他药磕多了
When he first told people about his aim, they thought he was smoking something.
He named his space craft “Dragon” as a shortened version of the phrase “puff the
神奇的龙” 名字的由来就这样
magic dragon” because of this.
通过不懈努力和激光束扫描 太空探索技术公司在马斯克的掌舵下实现了
Through perseverance and a laser beam focus, SpaceX, with Musk at the helm, have achieved
第一个目标 大大减少了太空交通成本 通过成功着陆和
the first goal, significantly reducing space transport costs by successfully landing and
reusing its rockets.
The human spirit of exploration has meant that you’ve never been able to hold people back.
Will you be one of the explorers?
The second part of the travels of Marco Polo describes life in the court of Kublai Khan.
The Polo’s first entered the court of Khan about four years after their journey began.
He was the ruler of the largest empire in the world at the time
and the grandson of Genghis Khan.
然而 马可•波罗笔下的他不但是一位征服者
However, Marco Polo described him as not only a conqueror,
而且有教养 宽容和举止文雅
but also educated, tolerant and civilised.
The Chinese civilisation was advanced and innovative under his leadership.
17年来 马可•波罗一直担任忽必烈的大使者 游历于
For 17 years, Marco Polo served as an ambassador for Kublai Khan, travelling far and wide in
his empire and reporting back on commercially valuable information
which would make Khan richer.
他以大使者的身份去遥远的国度 包括日本和印度
His job as ambassador took him to distant lands including Japan and India.
As a result, he became fluent in four different languages
and became a valuable asset for the emperor.
波罗不仅包容他所遇到的很多不同的文化和风俗 而且他还
Polo was not only tolerant of various different cultures and customs he came across; he also
actively immersed himself in the society that he was in.
这样做让他发现了很多发明 例如纸是专门为
In doing so he discovered many inventions such as paper being created specifically for
纸币发明的 指南针用来导航和用煤来加热而不是木材
paper money, compasses for navigation and coal being used for heat instead of wood.
Marco Polo’s book prompted change from the people who read it.
欧洲人了解了新的风俗和发明 有了更多的渴求
Europeans learnt about the new customs and inventions, which created a yearning for more.
这本书是在印刷机发明前写的 所以每一页都需要手动来复印
The book was written before the printing press, so individual copies had to be made by hand.
随着时间流逝 人们拥有了印刷机并开始了信息传播
Over time, paper led to the printing press and the spreading of information.
Compasses were used for mapmaking and exploration
用于指引正确的方向 来帮我们寻找新的地方和更快的路线
to help find new lands and faster routes by indicating the right direction.
The Travels of Marco Polo teaches us that observing other cultures and customs with
要怀着一颗开放的心 这样可让我们有一个不一样的思维方式
an open mind, helps to provide us with a different perspective.
这样可引领我们找到新方法和想出新发明 提供更高的
This in turn could lead to discovering new methods and new inventions providing increased
效率或者生产率 最终改进工作方式和提高生活水平
efficiency or productivity and ultimately improving ways of working and ways of living.
在《马可•波罗游记》出版前 欧洲人认为他们是
Prior to the documenting of Polo’s travels, the people of Europe thought they were the
most enlightened civilisation on the planet.
马可•波罗向他们展示了东方另类的文明文化 激发了
Marco Polo showed them there is an alternative civilised culture in the East which motivated
them to want to change and adopt some of their customs.
随着眼界的开阔 欧洲人摒弃了
The broadening of the European mind led to them abandoning
their narrow-minded concepts of the word
and to think more about how the East and the West could work together.
Bruce Lee fused ideas from both the East and the West with his martial arts films
and his overall philosophy.
He too travelled at a young age between San Francisco and Hong Kong
and embraced the attitude of open mindedness that Marco Polo had.
“Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than.
不赞成也不反对” 他曾说道
Be not for or against” he once said,
advocating staying open to the viewpoint of others and new possibilities.
他也在不同的地方学习 吸收他认为有价值的知识来提高
He also learnt from many different places, taking in what he found valuable to improve
他的武术 截拳道:“吸收有用的 摒弃无用的 增加
his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do: “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what
is uniquely your own.”
Some of Marco Polo’s most extraordinary claims are easy for us to understand today.
他记录和阐述他所遇到的那些事情 如今对我们来说很熟悉 但是
He documented and interpreted things he came across that are now familiar to us but at
the time were completely new to him.
比如纸币没有在威尼斯出现过 但是在远东已经使用
Paper money for example was unheard of in Venice but it had been used in the Far East
for over a thousand years.
His travels are still a valuable reminder
那就是观念 思想开放和适应性都很重要
of the importance of perspective, broad-mindedness and adaptability.