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为什么互联网(和自拍)揭示了我们的自恋 – 译学馆
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What the Internet (and Selfies) Reveal About Our Self-Obsession

The contemperary internet is based on the foundamental lie. We all are told that is social.
我们可以通过它来与他人建立联系 创建社群 但反过来说
We all are told that allows the connectivity, allows us to create a community. But the reverse is
互联网同样迷惑了我们 它并没有创建真实的社群 事实上
actually true. It’s atomizing us. It’s not creating real community. It’s actually
它让我们与那些有不同观点,文化背景的人相分离 逐渐的
separating us from people of different opinions of different cultures. It’s increasingly
an echo chamber effect where we’re only ever connected with people who agree with
更麻烦的是 这些社交都不是真正意义上的社交
us in the first place. But even more troubling, these social networks aren’t really social.
它们是为个人搭建的平台 是为了我们 建立自己的品牌
They’re platforms for the self. They’re platforms for us to build brands. The clearest
最明显的表现是我们对于自拍的痴迷 自拍逐渐形成了一种网络文化形式
manifestation of this is our obsession with the selfie. The selfie becomes the cultural
不管我们到哪儿 我们会站在陵庙前拍照 会站在——
form of the Internet. Wherever we go, we picture ourself in front of mausoleums, in front of
像我在书里说的 在奥斯维辛 与准备自杀的人合影 在每一个
— as I say in the book in front of people committing suicide at Auschwitz. At every
可以想象到的地方 尽管所有的低俗的品味与之相关 但是我们
imaginable place, in spite of all the bad taste associated with it, we are, in our minds
at least, our deluded minds, the center of our universe. I argue again in terms of progress
我们会回到哥白尼之前人们对宇宙的理解 就是万事万物
that we’ve gone back to a pre-Copernican understanding of the universe where everything
都是围绕我们旋转的. 那没有什么社会性可言. 而且最终的结果也是双重的.
revolves around us. There’s nothing social about that. And the end consequence is two fold.
首先 我们完全是被我们自己给愚弄了. 自恋 过分沉溺于自恋
Firstly, we’re making complete fools of ourselves. That narcissism, that indulgence
是一件很尴尬的事. 从长远角度看 不管作为物种还是个人 我们都会感到懊悔的.
is embarrassing. And in the long run we’re going to regret it both as a species and individually.
当我们回望过去那些荒谬的 无耻的 暴露我们隐私的照片时
When we look back at those absurd photos of ourself, where we’re shamelessly exposing
our own self-importance, we’re going to be severely embarrassed by it. But secondly
它也反应了互联网的某种现实 它是关乎个人的 而不是关乎
it also reflects the reality of the Internet. It’s about the individual, it’s not about
社会的. 互联网正在疏远 隔离 分散我们彼此. 它正在削弱我们的社群
the social. And the Internet is alienating, isolating, fragmenting ourselves. It’s weakening
community. That’s, of course, the reason why it hasn’t generated real political movements.
它虽然引发了爆炸 阿拉伯之春 占领 但是它没有遗产 没有政党 没有运动
It creates explosions, the Arab Spring, Occupy, but no legacy, no political parties, no movements,
no real foundations of political change.