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What Movie Stunt Doubles Really Look Like

They’re the unhailed heroes of Hollywood: stunt doubles.
From free falls of fifty feet or more to crashing through windows,
不可思议的追逐场景 精彩绝伦的打斗
amazing chase scenes and incredible choreographed fights,
stunt doubles make most of the silver screen’s biggest blockbusters possible.
Here’s a peek at what they really look like,
and more about their amazing stunt resumes.
塔诺埃·里德 是巨石强森的特技替身
Tanoai Reed is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
表亲塔诺埃在将近20个不同的角色里 出演巨石强森的特技替身
The Rock’s cousin Tanoai Reed has worked as his stunt double in nearly 20 different roles.
从 2002年的《蝎子王》
From 2002’s The Scorpion King
to 2017’s Baywatch,
Reed has been performing stunts for his world famous cuz.
In addition to being practically as close as brothers,
Reed and Johnson frequently collaborate behind-the-scenes on aspects of their combined performance.
历年来 里德斩获两次世界特技奖
Reed has won two Taurus World Stunt awards over the years for his work,
在电子游戏《雷神索尔》中 他作为演员和动作捕捉演员出现
as well as working as an actor and motion-capture performer for the 2011 video game Thor: God of Thunder.
Paul Darnell is Robert Pattinson
10年来 保罗·达内尔一直从事特技替身的工作
For the last ten years, Paul Darnell has been working as a stuntman —
when he’s not busy competing in parkour and freerunning competitions around the world.
受到利普莱2003年拍摄的《信不信由你》启发 达内尔开始从事跑酷和特技工作
Darnell was inspired to start freerunning and doing stunt work after watching a 2003 episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
which featured parkour.
Not only is a talented stuntman,
在流行电视秀《美国忍者》中 他还是两届决赛选手
but Darnell has also been a two-time finalist on the popular television series American Ninja Warrior.
A former gymnastics champion at Virginia Tech,
Darnell has built up an impressive stunt reel over the years for himself,
在《钢铁之躯》里 他是亨利·卡维尔的替身
including his work as a double for Henry Cavill in Man of Steel,
在电影《别惹佐汉》里 他是亚当·桑德勒的替身
Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan,
在电影《速度与激情5》里 他是保罗·沃克的替身
And Paul Walker in Fast five
在电影《大象的眼泪》《记得我》里 他是帕丁森的替身
And Pattinson in Water for Elephants, Remember Me,
还有《暮光之城》中 他是帕丁森的替身
and the Twilight saga — a gig that Pattinson
多亏达内尔 这部电影在MTV电影大奖上获得“最佳打戏”的奖项
thanked Darnell for when the film won “Best Fight” at the MTV Movie Awards.
Marny Eng is Reese Witherspoon
Since the early 1990s,
Canadian stuntwoman Marny Eng has racked up more than 100 roles
她是特技替身 也是特技指导
working as a stunt double and stunt coordinator,
其中 她两次被“世界特技奖”提名
and has been twice nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award, among many others.
多年来 她为许多男女艺人做过替身
She’s doubled for dozens of women and men over the years,
but the actress she’s performed stunts for most frequently has been Reese Witherspoon.
Eng has been her double in at least three different roles,
including 2015’s Hot Pursuit.
恩格也是个演员 她饰演泰贝莎
Eng is also no stranger to acting, and you can spot her as Tabitha —
a spoof of the character Samara from The Ring.
In the 2003 horror comedy Scary Movie 3.
Jack Gill is Will Ferrell
毫无疑问 纳斯卡车赛的喜剧电影《塔拉迪加之夜:瑞奇·鲍比的民谣》需要炫酷的车技
There’s no question that the hilarious NASCAR comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby required a lot of fancy stunt driving,
and Jack Gill is the man behind that action.
从1970年起 吉尔就作为特技演员和特技车手 参演了170多部电影和电视节目
Since the 1970s, Gill has worked as a stunt performer and stunt driver on over 170 films and television shows,
比如在《正义前锋》和《霹雳游侠》中 他是主要特技车手
including as the primary stunt driver on both The Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.
“We had a good time on the show
and it was one of those types of shows that was like a family.
A really tight-knit group.”
多年来 他进军特技指导和第二个单位指导
Over the years, Gill has branched out into stunt coordination and second unit directing,
including on several of the Fast and Furious films.
在他四十年的职业生涯中 脖子上有金属板 23次断骨 8次脑震荡
With a metal plate in his neck, 23 broken bones, and eight concussions over the course of his four-decade career,
毫无疑问 没有人比吉尔更有资格证明这份职业的难度
there’s unquestionably nobody more qualified than Gill to testify about the difficulties of the job.
Gill has also been instrumental in the push among the stunt community for an Oscar
or two recognizing the achievements of the stunt men and women
that make so many of today’s movies possible.
Luci Romberg is Melissa McCarthy
十年来 露西·罗姆伯格在女替身的道路上颇负盛名
For the last decade, Luci Romberg has been at the top of her game as a stuntwoman.
作为好莱坞本土人的露西 是前体操冠军
The Hollywood native is a former champion gymnast
作为为数不多的女性 她也参加了高水平的世界跑酷比赛
and also competes as one of the few females in high-level freerunning competitions around the world.
“喜欢它 就不退缩”
“Fell in love with it and haven’t gone back.”
在她的职业生涯中 曾数次为梅丽莎·麦卡西担任替身
Over the course of her career, Romberg has doubled for Melissa McCarthy several times,
including in Identity Thief, Spy, The Boss, and Ghostbusters.
Greg Fitzpatrick is Ben Stiller
In the world of stunt performers,
getting a job as the preferred stuntman or woman for one of Hollywood’s top stars is the ultimate gig.
For Greg Fitzpatrick, that opportunity came relatively early in his career,
2003年 在《双层公寓》中 他被选为本·斯蒂勒的特技替身
when he was picked as the stunt double for Ben Stiller in the 2003 film Duplex.
从那时起 格雷格就成了斯蒂勒的首选替身
Since then, Greg has become the preferred double for Stiller,
and has since appeared in more than a dozen films as Stiller’s stuntman.
In addition to his resemblance to Ben Stiller,
Fitzpatrick is also a talented stunt performer and coordinator —
他斩获两次世界特技奖 并在《钢铁侠》《钢铁侠2》中出演小罗伯特·唐尼的替身
he’s won two Taurus World Stunt Awards and doubled for Robert Downey Jr. in both Iron Man and Iron Man 2.
“I’m so happy to be working — to be allowed to work in a business that I love.
And I just want to continue to do it.”
Vic Armstrong is Harrison Ford
According to the Guinness Book of World Records,
Vic Armstrong reigns as the most prolific stuntman in the world.
此外 阿姆斯特朗打破奥斯卡奖樊篱的特技演员之一
Additionally, Armstrong is one of the few stunt performers to ever break the Academy Award barrier,
winning a Technical Achievement Academy Award in 2001.
在长达五十年的职业生涯中 他交了一份完美的答卷
With well over 100 stunt credits in a career that spans five decades,
因此阿姆斯特朗出演好莱坞大角色的替身这一点 简直在意料之中
it probably would not surprise you to learn that Armstrong doubled for some of Hollywood’s biggest roles,
比如詹姆斯·邦德 超人 印第安纳·琼斯
including as James Bond, Superman, and Indiana Jones.
“I’m not into drugs or anything, but when people talk about a high,
“做特技时我能自然地体会到这种‘嗨’ 而它是无与伦比的”
you do stunts you get a natural high that I guarantee you nobody in the world can match.”
报报道 在印第安纳·琼斯的片场 工作人员经常分不清阿姆斯特朗和哈里森·福特
Reportedly, crew members frequently confused Armstrong with Harrison Ford on the set of the Indiana Jones films,
所以福特发给阿姆斯特朗一张他俩的合照 还题了幽默的文字
which resulted in Ford sending Armstrong a photo of the two of them with the humorous inscription,
“如果你学我说话 我就更麻烦了!”
“If you learn to talk, I’m in deep trouble!”
Billy Lucas is Arnold Schwarzenegger
Since 1990’s Total Recall,
在阿诺德·施瓦辛格许多电影里 都用了比利·卢卡斯当替身
stuntman Billy Lucas has had the sweet gig of working as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double on the set of most of his films.
从《幼儿园特警》到《终结者》系列 你可以看到阿诺德一些激动人心的动作场景
From Kindergarten Cop to the Terminator series, if you saw Arnold do some crazy action scenes,
it was most likely Lucas’ work that you were watching, not Arnold’s.
In addition to his roles as Schwarzenegger’s stunt double,
卢卡斯还在100多部电影和电视节目中 充当特技演员和特技指导
Lucas has worked on over 100 different movies and TV shows as a stunt performer and coordinator.
Despite his undoubtedly busy schedule,
it seems that Schwarzenegger and Lucas have become close over the years —
the former California Governor even shared a story
在《第六日》的片场 卢卡斯从危险的潜水射击中挽救了他的生命
of how Lucas saved his life during a risky scuba-diving shot on the set of The 6th Day,
saying “I was trapped.
“然后一只手抓住我 将我拉出来”
Then a hand grabbed me and pulled me out.
It was my stunt double, Billy Lucas.
他在水下 戴着护目镜观察整个情况
He’d been watching from below with a tank and goggles
然后他意识到“我真的 真的惹上大麻烦了”
and realised “I was in big, big trouble.”
Randolph LeRoi is Will Smith
伦道夫是海地本土人 幼时移民到布鲁克林
A Haitian native who immigrated to Brooklyn as a child,
伦道夫·勒鲁瓦自幼就开始做运动 修习跆拳道
Randolph LeRoi grew up playing sports and training in taekwondo.
成年后 伦道夫·勒鲁瓦进军模特业 还成为迈阿密的消防员
As an adult, LeRoi got involved in modeling and also became a firefighter in Miami.
在消防部门的宣传日历上 他扮演“梅先生” 之后开始在佛罗里达州的商业和电视广告中崭露头角
A spot as “Mr. May” on the fire department’s promotional calendar began to land him roles in commercials and TV spots in Florida,
所以伦道夫·勒鲁瓦搬到加利福尼亚 开始表演和特技表演
which prompted LeRoi to move to California to try his hand at acting and stunt performing.
在1995年的《坏男孩》中 伦道夫·勒鲁瓦被选为威尔·史密斯的特技替身
After being picked as the stunt double for Will Smith on 1995’s Bad Boys,
LeRoi and Smith have become close friends.
自此 伦道夫为史密斯出演了十几部电影的替身
Since then, LeRoi has doubled for Smith on nearly a dozen films,
like in 2007’s I am Legend.
Eddie Yansick is Nicolas Cage
1993年他作为特技演员首次亮相 之后短短几年里
Only a few short years after his stuntman debut in 1993,
就在1997年的动作电影《空中监狱》里 爱迪·扬尼克被选为尼古拉斯·凯奇的特技替身
Eddie Yansick got picked to be Nicolas Cage’s stunt double in the 1997 action film Con Air.
including Lord of War, Matchstick Men, and Ghost Rider.
过去三十几年里 他出演了超过70个特技替身的角色
In addition to his over 70 stunt credits over the last three decades,
扬尼克也是特技指导 演员 第二导演组
Yansick also works as a stunt coordinator, actor, and a second unit director.
2001年 扬尼克从特技替身行业抽身而去
In 2001, Yansick distinguished himself with his stunt work
《急速60秒》中 野马和警车的追逐戏中 他的车技赢得了世界特技奖
when he won a Taurus award for best driving for his performance in a Gone in Sixty Seconds chase scene between a Mustang and a police car.
Tony Angelotti is Johnny Depp
在《加勒比海盗》中 他出演主角约翰尼·德普的替身
Tony Angelotti is primarily known for his work as Johnny Depp’s stunt double in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise,
a job he’s held at significant personal cost.
2005年拍摄《加勒比海盗:聚魂棺》时 片场事故几乎终结了他的事业和生命
An accident on the set of Dead Man’s Chest in 2005 nearly ended his career — and his life.
排练”human yo-yo”特技时 意外发生了…
While rehearsing a “human yo-yo” stunt, everything went drastically wrong …
“Oh s— ! Oh!”
Oh s— ! Oh!
“哦 天啊 Ow! ”
Oh my God! Ow!
“哦! 哦!快放我下来”
Oh! Oh! Get me down!”
… the tension on the line was incorrect,
离心力把他猛地翻转过来 安杰洛蒂一直坠到绳子末端
and the centrifugal force whipped him around so hard that when Angelotti hit the end of the line,
他的骨盆被撕裂 就像火鸡的叉骨一样
his pelvis was split apart like a wishbone on a turkey.
可能看起来没那么糟糕 但随后发现 安格洛蒂的骨盆碎了
It may not look that bad, but while prepping this sequence, Angelotti broke his pelvis,
膝盖 腿 膀胱也受伤严重
suffered injuries to his knees, legs, and bladder,
and lost a massive six units of blood from internal bleeding.
But he hasn’t let his injuries keep him down.
在《加勒比海盗3:世界的尽头》里 他再次出演了德普的替身
He doubled again for Depp in 2007’s At World’s End,
and continues to work in the stunt field today.
Olivia Jackson is Milla Jovovich
Olivia Jackson’s promising stunt career was cut short in 2016
when she suffered a near-fatal on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,
当时她正在为米拉·乔沃维奇当特技替身 却惨遭不测
where she was working as Milla accident Jovovich’s stunt double.
这次不幸之前 在《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路》中 杰克逊曾作为查理兹·塞隆的特技替身
Prior to her role in that film, Jackson had worked as the stunt double for Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road
还有在《复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元》中 她出演《伊丽莎白·奥尔森》的替身
and for Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
这场可怕的事故发生在一次拍摄时 杰克逊骑的摩托车在发生故障时撞上了摄像机起重机的机臂
In the horrific incident, the motorcycle that Jackson was riding in a scene crashed into a camera crane arm when it malfunctioned
and didn’t move out of the way fast enough.
Jackson was in a medically-induced coma for 17 days because of her injuries,
其中包括严重的面部外伤 肺部穿孔 一只被压碎的手臂必须被截肢
which included serious facial trauma, a punctured lung, a crushed arm which had to be amputated,
and debilitating damage to her spine and neck.
《生化危机》的拍摄中 祸不单行
The accident wouldn’t be the only incident to plague the set of Resident Evil —
not long after Jackson’s crash,
一辆悍马从吊索上滑落 压死了一位工作人员
a crew member on the set died when a Humvee slipped from a sling and crushed him beneath.
For her part, Jackson is fighting bravely to move on with her life,
and recently shared some photos of herself on the road to recovery.
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