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“超级蓝血月”上有一条诡异的线 – 译学馆
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WHAT IS THIS LINE? (on my Super Blue Blood Moon Photo) - Smarter Every Day 188

嘿 我是德斯坦 欢迎回到“机灵日”
Hey it’s me Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Everyday.
“超级蓝血月” 我听到这个词的反应是
“SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON”I heard those words and I was like,
啊哈 到了我大显身手的时刻了 下面是解释:
uh-huh~ It’s my life now, so here is the deal:
Super Moon refers to the fact that the moon goes around the earth in an ellipse.
当月亮离地球最近 就叫“近地点”
When it’s closest to the earth, that’s called perigee,
当满月位于近地点 就形成了超级月亮
and when that coincides with a full moon- #BAM#
超级月亮 顾名思义 非常大非常亮
Super Moon makes sense really big really bright.
Blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.
血色月亮有两个意思 意思一就是地球移动到太阳和月亮之间
A Blood Moon has two meanings. That’s when the Earth passes between the
Sun and the Moon, and the umbral shadow of the earth
使月亮变成红色 看起来有点捉摸不定
is cast on the moon, turning it red. It looks all freaky and stuff.
The second meaning for Blood Moon is when you’re
玩《塞尔达传说》这个游戏时 血月时你杀死的坏家伙重生了
playing Zelda, and all the bad guys that you’ve killed respawn and
然后你就狼狈逃窜 大叫着我的林克
you got taken back down, shout out to my boy Lee-
我喜欢这个游戏 我还有一匹叫埃尔维斯的马
I love that game! I have a horse named Elvis.
我住在阿拉巴马州的亨茨维尔 那里有一个真的…
So I live in Huntsville, Alabama. There is a real- [bang]
-really cool model of the Saturn 5 rocket on the side of the interstate at the US Space and Rocket Center.
My goal is to get a photo of the Blood Moon as
it comes down BAM right there.
That’s the photo I want. I just
want that blood moon and a rocket.
我觉得这将是个奇观 对吧?
I just think it’s gonna be amazing, right?
所以本月的第一次满月 我跑去使劲浑身解数要拍到我想要的照片
So the first full moon of the month, I went out there and tried my hardest to get photos
满月冉冉上升 我试图抓拍它与火箭对齐的图景
I tried to be aligned as the full moon rose, and
第一次尝试效果很好 但问题是
they weren’t that bad for a first attempt. But the problem was that particular
super moon was a rising super moon, meaning
I could stand on a bridge just to the west of the rocket.
-Are your fingernails hurting?-Yeah.
-很疼-我也是 指关节疼死了
-My knuckles hurt. -I figured no, my knuckles hurt too.
The super blue blood moon, however, was a setting super moon,
meaning I had to be on the opposite side of the rocket,
deep in the heart of Hansville with no line of sight to the rocket because
there was no convenient bridge to stand on.
我想拍好照片 很明显需要数学计算一下
I want to get it right. Obviously this requires math.
你得计算好月亮下落的位置 自己的位置 火箭的位置
You have to know where the moon is setting. You have to know where you are. You have to know where the rocket is.
我们要谈的是空中对齐 所以这绝对称得上是个重头戏
We’re talking celestial alignment, so I called in the Big Gun.
你还记得拍日蚀照片的特雷弗吗 当时我俩是搭档
You remember Trevor from the solar eclipse? we did the math together.
三 二 一
Three, two, one.
哦 那是什么! 我看到了!
Oh what happened! I saw it!
这次我又叫上了特雷弗 我说:哥们儿 要不要过来 咱俩一起探索宇宙的奥秘
So I called him and said:’ dude, will you come down here, let’s do some math together.
And let’s try to figure out what’s going on.’
We used a program called the photographer’s ephemeris
that told us exactly where the lunar eclipse was going to be behind the saturnV.
这是我朋友杰瑞特的无人机 我们还做了数学计算
Okay so my buddy Jarret has a drone. We did the math. we
弄清了月亮的具体落点 以及月亮与火箭对齐的点
figured out exactly where the moon’s gonna set, and how that
lines up with the rocket it’s here at all nations Church in Huntsville, Alabama.
So jared is gonna fly with his drone,
and he’s gonna figure out how high we need to be
in order for us to see over these trees.
[Drone’s Noise]
-火箭还在左方?- 对的
-In the left? -Yeah.
The bad thing about this particular lunar eclipse is that the
the Sun was going to be rising in the east. And the problem is that means
the ambient light was gonna blow out the back.
The rocket would be eliminated enough.
So I called the people to US Space and Rocket Center and asked him if they would turn the rocket lights on.
Here is US Space and Rocket Center.
可以 我们也很关注蓝血月 会为你打开灯的
#Phone#Yeah, we are so care about that blood blue moon. We’re going right now.
教堂人员态度很好 说我想怎么做都行 不过要爱护环境
The people of the church was super awesome, said I can do whatever I want, as long as I didn’t tear up the grass.
So he had a 60-foot boom lift delivered, and Trevor
我佩戴了安全带 进了吊斗
and I put on some harnesses, got up in the bucket, and
aligned ourselves for the shot.
当我们最终到达60英尺的高空 月蚀就快开始了
When we finally got 60 foot up in the air, the lunar eclipse was already underway. And
all we had to do is wait for it to align with the rocket.
The moon is starting to get covered up by the humble shadow, and
此时此刻 我们要等的就是
at this point we are waiting to em…
月亮变成红色 这样我们就能拍照了 拭目以待吧
…for the thing to turn red. So we can, get the shots for this. Hey Man!
So this is the point of this video.
I was expecting a big Blood Moon like on Zelda. Didn’t happen.
But what did happen is a weird optical phenomenon that I DO NOT understand.
这让我风中凌乱了 因为我觉得自己都懂这些东西
And it’s making me a little upset. Because usually I have a pretty good grasp on these things.
我不知道我拍到的是什么 因为月亮里有一条线
I don’t know what I took a picture of– There’s a line on the moon.
It happens right at the tip of the rocket. When the moon comes down, as soon as
当月亮位于发射逃逸系统那 也就是火箭顶部时
the very tip of the launch escape system, which is the rocket, on top of the rocket.
As soon as the moon crosses that,
you can see a line appear across the moon.
我不知道为什么 你看 这里出现了一条线
And I don’t know what it is.Look. There’s a line that shows up,
but it stays even with the tip of the launch escape system, the very top of the rocket.
所以你可想而知我的心情 很激动地准备了一个月
so you’d think if you plan something for a month, he’d be all excited
就等这短短几秒了 然而却弄得一塌糊涂
the exact three seconds that it’s happening. But I was confused. Like
我还以为我的相机传感器出毛病了 要不怎么会有一条线呢
I thought there was some kind of defect on my sensor because I could
当时的情况就是:等一下 我先检查一下我的单反
see this line, and that was like ‘wait, no. I’m looking through my DSLR’ so
the optical path doesn’t have the sensor in the way.
That’s an actual thing I’m seeing. In fact, I commented on it,
事实上看到线时 我还向别人求证了
the exact moment it happened.
—你看到那条线了吗? —那里吗 好像是有条线诶
-You see that line? -What’s that, A line, maybe.
It’s creating this weird line.
No there’s a…there’s an atmospheric something happened in rightwards, touching the…
所以网友们 我的问题是
So this is my question, internet.
I took photos of a lunar eclipse lined up with the SaturnV because
我原本想让你们看来着 月蚀出现在这个位置了 你们看到的那个月亮来这里了
I thought ‘hey! This went to the moon, that’s the moon,
这将会是一张好照片 然而呢 我拍了一张我自己都不知道的东西
That would be a good photo.’ What instead I got, was a question.
What is going on? I think is it a mirage? How could it be a mirage, if it’s at an angle.
火箭顶部没有电缆 那里也没飞机经过 所以不存在航迹云
There’s no cables at the top of the rocket. There were no airplanes in the area. This isn’t a contrail.
我觉得应该是片云 但这片云怎么恰好与月同辉了呢
I thought it was a cloud, but it’s not there until the moon gets there.
这里是火箭顶端 但这条线与箭尖垂直
The tip of the rocket is here, but it’s causing a line over here.
为什么这条线刚好在火箭顶端 为什么
Why is it just at the tip? And then what…
不是照相机的纹影 不是的 我不知道是什么
It’s not a schlieren, no it’s not a schlieren. I don’t know.
所以 网友们 我想问:
So there, Internet, I have a question:
Why is there a line on my lunar eclipse photos?
Specifically at the junction of the launch escape system on the SaturnV rocket.
我不知道为什么 非常乐意你通过推特告诉我答案
I don’t know the answer. I would love for you to tell me the answer via Twitter.
我有两个推特账户 分别是@SmarterEveryDay @Destin Sandlin
I have two Twitter accounts. I have @SmarterEveryDay @Destin Sandlin
不 我不是故意为我的推特账户吸粉
No, this is not an attempt to get you to follow me on Twitter. I really
我只是很想知道答案 所以如果你知道原因
want to know the answer. So like if you actually know,
你如果真的知道答案 就请发推特@我
you could be like ‘hey, I actually know.’ And then tweet me the answer. I would
我会非常感谢你的 感谢你们让我每天更聪明 拜
greatly appreciate that. Thank you for making me smarter every day. Thanks. Bye~
Alright I hope you enjoyed this episode of smarter every day. That is a difficult shot because
这张照片拍得很艰难 因为太阳正从地平线升起
you got the Sun coming up over the other side of the Earth, from the
而背景光会妨碍我对月亮的拍摄 所以拍起来不容易
the moon. And so you have the ambient light on the subject that you’re trying to shoot. It’s a hard shot.
—是不是 特雷弗 —对
-Would you agree, Trevor? -Yeah.
所以如果你想试一下 我很乐意看到你的照片
So if you want to try this, I would love to see your photos. the moon is
月亮真是太美了 我还要再拍几张照片 希望大家会喜欢
awesome. We’re going back to the moon, and I just want people to be excited about it. so if you
如果你不介意的话 拍了好看的月亮照片就@我吧
wouldn’t mind, tagging me on twitter @SmarterEveryDay anytime you take really cool photos of the moon. I would
我很想看到大家的作品 我会把特雷弗的链接放在下面 大家可以多多了解
love to see your work. I’ll leave links down below to all the math Trevor helps us figure all that out.
I’ll leave these images for the patrons on the patreon feed and
欢迎大家去看 别忘了关注 机灵日
Please feel free to check it out. Feel free to subscribe to @SmarterEveryDay here in just that sort of thing. Anyway,
我是德斯坦 天太冷就到这里吧
I’am Destin. We got to get off this thing because it is cold. Anyway,
我得走了 拜
have it going. Bye ~
你们有安全带吗 绑上才不会跌下吊臂起重机
You guys have harnesses? If you got harnesses so I don’t fall out of the boom lift.
If I put this at the very end of the video, we can say safety last
哦 天啊 终于着陆了
Oh gosh. Just get this off.









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