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如果你是个巨人… – 译学馆
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What If You Were A Giant?

朋友们 我是Jake 在看完电影BFG (Big Friendly Giant 大个子朋友)之后
Vsauce, I’m Jake and after watching the movie The BFG, I decided that I wanted to be
a giant, naturally. So I created this make shift lab
为此我建造了个移动实验室 不过在此之前
to make a potion that’ll do just that…but before we begin…let’s find out some facts about what would actually happen
if you…were a giant.
大个子朋友有24英尺高 胜过霸王龙
The BFG is 24ft tall, taller than a T-Rex. However, we can’t just scale a normal person
然而 我们不能仅仅依照平方立方规律把一个普通人放大4倍
up by a factor of 4 do to the square-cube law which states
我做了一个图表 现在我拥有一个实验室 我对图表和煤气灯特别感兴趣
Here I made a graph, (side note) I have a lab now so I’m into graphs and bunsen burners,
and you can clearly see that as our mass increases from a factor of 0 to a factor of 4 our muscles,
我们的肌肉 骨头和器官都没有增强
bones, and organs don’t strengthen concurrently. So your legs wouldn’t be able to support
因此你的双腿此时支撑不了你身体其他部分的重量 这可足以浇灭你对
the weight of the rest of your body and that wouldn’t be great for your enthusiasm for
We can see this to a degree with someone we’ve talked about before, the 8ft 11in tall Robert
高8英尺11英寸的Robert Wadlow需要依靠脚部支架和一根拐杖才能行走
Wadlow who needed leg braces and a cane to walk.
So the square-cube law is a little bit of a problem for my giant plans, but what if
我们需要保持相同的重量 而我们的分子却要进一步延伸
we were to keep our same weight, a fixed weight, but our atoms are stretched further apart
在你拥有相同质量的情况下 你的密度会下降至每立方米15.4千克
If that were the case even though your mass is the same your density would be about 15.4kg/m^3,
是一个普通人的密度的1/64 一些有趣的事情将会发生
64 times less than the density of an average human being. Some interesting things would
首先 你会飘浮在空中 因为你的密度仅是空气(1.225千克立方米)的12.5倍
happen if this were the case. First, you would kind of float through life since your density
这听上去还不错 不过你要开始提防新的敌人了—风
is only 12.5 times that of air (1.225 kg/m^3). Now this all sounds well and good but you’d
have to be careful of your new arch enemy…wind. Let’s take a look at the Beaufort Wind Scale.
风速每秒1米相当于1.9节 也就是定义里的轻风
1 meter per second is equal to 1.9 knots, which is classified as light air. What we
我们需要担心的是风速每秒10米甚至更大的风 也就是19节的清风
need to be worried about is wind speeds at 10m/s or higher which would bring us to 19
knots, a fresh breeze. When small trees with leaves begin to sway. That would be enough
to whisk you off.
好 让我们放弃这种想法 而认为巨大化的我们将挑战平方立方规律
Ok, so let’s scrap that idea and say that our giant self could defy the square-cube
而不向我们的新重量屈服 是多少来着 好吧 大约是4.5吨
law and wouldn’t buckle under our new weight…which….how much would you weigh? Well, around 4.5 metric
大概和一头大象或者六只奶牛一样重 而且 你走路时要小心
tons, about the same as an elephant or 6 cows. And you’d have to be careful when walking
因为大多数路面对你而言仍是小事一桩 你却会陷进泥土里
because although you’d be fine on most surfaces, you’d sink in soil.
谈到走路和运动 你可能会认为更庞大的你会走得更快
Speaking of walking and movement, you’d assume that now that you’re bigger, you’d
可惜 地球的重力加速度不会随着你变大而相应的增加
move faster. Sadly, earth’s gravitational acceleration doesn’t scale up with you so
所以你身体的下落也需要很长的时间 根据弗劳德数
it takes longer for gravity to allow parts of your body to fall. Using the froude number
我们可以算出 你的移动速度将是普通人的一半
we can calculate that your rate of motion would be half that of a normal sized human,
or an NSH. Meaning you’d walk at 6.2 mph which is double a NSH would but you’d be
这是普通人类的两倍 而你却要花更长的时间去加速
taking longer to accelerate.
而这并不是唯一会放慢的事情 因为你现在变高了
And that’s not the only thing that’d be slower. Since you’re so much taller, the
electrical signals to and from your brain have a much larger distance to travel but
但是”速度因子”—电的速度 却保持每小时275英里不变
“velocity factor”, the speed of electricity, stays the same at about 275mph. So you’d
所以你反应速度只有之前的四分之一 用1秒替代了之前的0.25秒
be four times slower at reacting, Think 1 second instead of a quarter second. If you’re
作为一个巨人 你可能现在还在思考 因为你思考起来就是这么慢
a giant you are probably still thinking because you’d be slower at that too. But at least
但是至少你变得更强大了 不是吗? 这倒不一定
you’d be stronger right? Well….yes and no.
你的绝对力量将会增强16倍 意味着你能够举起14个普通人或一头牛
Your absolute strength would increase by a factor of 16, meaning you’d be able to bench
不过由于平方立方规律 实际上你的力量与重量之比下降了四次
14 NSHs or one cow. But because of the square-cube law, your strength to weight ratio has actually
因此 尽管我们拥有令人印象深刻的力量 它却不如你所想象的那样强壮
gone down four times, so while our strength would be impressive, it wouldn’t be as strong
另外 你可能不能再进行太多锻炼了
as you’d expect. Add to that that you probably shouldn’t be doing too much exercise since
因为你的心率是正常人的29% 约每分钟23次 低于平均值80
your heart rate would be 29% of normal, about 23 beats per minute down from the average
80. And you really need this puppy to keep the massive amounts of blood circulating and
不过 让我们也谈谈优点 首先 你会有迷人而深沉的声音
But let’s talk about the positives here: Firstly, you’d have a pretty deep voice.
共振腔在你的喉咙里变得更大 但是声速没有变
The resonant cavity in your throat is now larger but the sound speed hasn’t changed,
所以你的音调会只剩四分之一 在21到45赫兹之间 听起来就像这样
so your pitch would go down by a factor 4, between 21-45 Hz which sounds like this. Barely
接近人类听力范围的最低点 不过 你的宠物可能就听不到了
at the lower end of the human audible range, however your pets probably couldn’t hear
狗能听到67赫兹以上的音频 猫则是55赫兹
you – dogs can hear above 67 Hz and cats at 55 Hz.
第二个优点则是 根据克莱伯定律对代谢率与体重之间关系的描述
The second positive is that according to Kleiber’s Law, how a metabolic rate scales, your metabolic
你的代谢率现在是正常人的22.6倍 这有什么好处呢?
rate is now 22.6 times greater than normal. Now why is this a positive? Because this means
I need 22 extra orders of tacos whenever I eat. If that isn’t reason enough to be a
这当然是成为巨人的好理由 现在到时间了 我的配方也完成了
giant then I don’t know what is and we are just in time to because my formula is finished.
现在 这管试剂要么把我变成巨人要么把我炸成碎片 但是你知道的 变大或者消失……
Now it will either make me giant or make me explode but ya know, go big or go home…in
但是 一不做二不休 还是让我们试一下
lots of pieces. Let’s give it a go!
嗷 你可以马上体会到相当良好的感觉
Ooooh, you can immediately feel it and it feels good!
好 我就要成为巨人了!依旧谢谢大家观看
Alright, well I’m gonna do this AND, as always, thanks for wa