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What If Just One Planet Disappeared from the Solar System

Well what’s up? My name’s Zid, and I’m from a planet in a place you call the Andromeda Galaxy.
哎 怎么了?我是兹德 我所在的星球位于你们称为仙女座星系的地方
I’m in high school, and I have this assignment to find out
我是一名高中生 我现在有一个任务要完成:去弄清楚
what will happen to your solar system’s “perfect harmony” if it loses a planet!
如果你们的太阳系失去一颗行星 那么太阳系的那种“完美的和谐”会怎么样
So, I poof one of yours away with this ray blaster and track any changes.
那么 我就用这个射线爆破机弄走其中一个 然后跟踪发生的变化
Don’t worry, I’ll put it back! Sort of.
别担心 我会把它都放回原位的 或许吧
So, let’s give it a shot!
I’ll start with the planet closest to the Sun – Mercury, right?
我先从离太阳最近的行星开始 是水星对吧?
Oh, it’s so small, I nearly missed it!
哦 它太小了 我差点没看见它
Here we go! Ok, with Mercury gone, how’s Earth looking?
我们开始啦!好了 现在水星消失了 那么地球变成什么样了?
Hmm, no changes in the solar system. I saw that coming.
嗯……太阳系没有什么变化 我早就料到了
It’s all about gravity.
Every object that has some mass attracts other objects because of its gravitational force.
在万有引力的作用下 任何有质量的物体都会吸引其它物体
The larger the mass, the greater the force it has.
物体的质量越大 它的引力就越大
Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system,
so it’s not too massive in space terms.
The second most important factor is the distance between the objects.
At 50 million miles away, Mercury is no doubt far from Earth,
水星距地球五千万英里 这是很远的距离
so the gravitational force between the two of them isn’t that strong.
因此 两者之间的万有引力并不是很强
Ok, let’s put Mercury back and move on to…Venus!
好了 现在我们把水星放回原位 然后说一说金星
It’s the hottest planet in your solar system.
One day here is almost 117 Earth days.
I’ll try the blue button this time – oh, did you see that?
这次我要试一下蓝色的按钮 哦 你看见了吗?
It just froze and broke into pieces!
金星冻住了 然后裂成碎片了
And … again, nothing really changed that much.
还是和上次一样 没什么大的变化
Well, except you, Earthling, just lost the 2nd brightest object to light up the night sky
哦 除了对你们地球人的影响 你们刚刚失去了一个照亮夜空的物体
2nd to the Moon, of course.
I suppose that’s why they call Venus the Evening Star!
Looks like it got way darker after sunset than it used to be.
没有了金星 日落后的天空似乎比从前暗了许多
Alright, I’ll reassemble Venus now,
好了 我现在要把金星重新组装起来了
and head to your home planet! Mwahaha!
然后将魔爪伸向你们的地球 哇哈哈哈
Earth – the one floating rock in the system that’s in that precious “Habitable Zone”
地球是太阳系中一颗飘浮的岩石 位于极其珍贵的“宜居地带”
– the perfect distance from your star to sustain life.
所谓“宜居地带”是指完美的距日距离 能够维持生命的存在
Hey, I was just kidding!
嘿 我只是在逗你呢!
I’m obviously not going to poof Earth away,
so let’s head to the Red Planet – Mars.
那么 我们就来看看红色星球火星吧!
I know humans are planning to send a mission there.
Would you personally wanna go?
Tell me in the comments below!
Let’s see what will happen when I spin the Red Planet so fast
我们来看一下 如果我快速转动火星
that it shoots out of the solar system!
Ooh bye, Mars! And no significant changes again.
呦吼 拜拜 火星!太阳系还是没有什么大的变化
This might be good for Earth in a way.
在某种程度上 这对地球来说是一件好事
There’s a massive asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Asteroids, as you know, aren’t Earth’s best friends.
正如你所知道的 小行星对地球并不友好
Jupiter holds them together with its strong gravity,
but from time to time, they break free and start moving toward the Sun.
但是 有时候它们会挣脱木星的引力 向着太阳的方向运动
No surprise really, since its gravitational pull is impressive.
这没什么好惊讶的 毕竟太阳的引力非常大
Mars also has gravity to boast,
and acts somewhat like a slingshot that speeds up asteroids in the direction of Earth.
火星的角色就像一个弹弓 加快了小行星向地球移动的速度
So, no Mars – no slingshot,
所以 没有火星就没有弹弓
and the chances of the Blue Planet getting hitby an asteroid go down!
Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for!
啊 终于到了我期待的这一刻
Time to experiment with the largest planet in your solar system – Jupiter!
It weighs 3 times more than all its neighboring planets combined!
Hmm, how am I going to get this giant out of the system?
I know! I’ll use the Shrink Ray and make it 2 billion times smaller first.
Now I can just throw it like a baseball.
Uh-oh, I think I’ve made a huge mistake!
啊哦 我觉得我刚才犯了一个大错
With its massive gravitational force,
在过去的四十五亿年间 木星一直用它强大的引力保护着地球
Jupiter has protected Earth from asteroids and other space debris for the past 4.5 billion years!
Now the sun’s gravitational pull is sending all that stuff toward the inner planets,
现在 太阳的引力正把小行星和太空垃圾等都吸引到带内行星周围
and that includes Earth!
There will also be some small changes in the orbits of other planets,
but that would be some thousands of years later.
For now, I gotta figure out a way to get Jupiter back before the Earth is doomed!
现在 我得在地球毁灭之前想一个办法把木星弄回来
Maybe this button? No, ok, how about this one?
嗯…也许这个按钮可以 不行 好吧 那这个怎么样?啊
I’ll just push all of them…Ah, brace for impact!!! …
我还是把这些按钮都按一遍吧 哦吼 准备面对后果吧!
Phew! Whatever it was, it worked!
哦 不知道是哪个按钮 反正木星回来了
The Giant is now resting peacefully back in its place, and Earth is saved!
现在 巨行星木星正在它原来的位置安静地休息 地球也得救了
Sorry about that – must’ve given you a real scare!
咳咳 对不起 刚才一定把你吓坏了
I’ll try to be more careful with the rest of the Gas Giants…
接下来 我会对其它的气态巨行星更小心一点的
It’s time for Saturn.
You can’t mistake it for any other planet thanks to those gorgeous rings!
由于美丽的土星环的存在 你不可能把土星认错的
Scientists say they’ll disappear one day
as Saturn’s immense gravity pulls them down in an icy rain.
But that won’t be until 300 million years from now.
So no worries.
所以 不用担心
Hmm, I guess I’ll have to push the red button for this one.
Bam, and it’s gone!
砰 土星消失了
Such a massive planet, the 2nd largest in the solar system,
土星是太阳系中第二大的行星 这么大的一颗行星 消失了
can’t be gone with no consequences.
Look at Jupiter and Uranus!
Their orbits have slightly shifted.
Other than that, I don’t see any changes to the other planets.
除了这个 我没发现其它的行星有什么变化
Saturn is just too far to influence them. That’s good!
土星离它们太远了 影响不到它们 这还不错
Wouldn’t want another close call like what happened when I took Jupiter away!
Uranus is massive as well, the 3rd largest planet in the solar system.
天王星也很大 是太阳系中第三大行星
I’ll try this super powerful space lasso to move it out of the way – got it.
我要用这个威力强大的太空套索来把天王星移出轨道 成功了!
Now, I’ll just throw it out of the system. And … nothing so far.
现在 我要把它丢出太阳系 然后……什么变化也没有
Looks like it’s the same story as it was with Saturn.
Uranus is so far away from the inner four planets
that its disappearance has no effect on them whatsoever.
因此无论如何 天王星的消失都不会对它们有影响
But I can see that it did mess things up a bit among the outer planets.
Alas, we’ve come to the last planet, unless you’re on Team Pluto!
哎呀 我们来到了最后一颗行星了 除非你认为冥王星也是行星
Sorry, but I’m gonna go with NASA on its status
对不起 我还是相信国家航空和航天局的数据
and exclude it from today’s experiment on your happy neighborhood of planets!
在对你们的行星邻居进行的试验中 把冥王星排除在外
Anyway, it’s Neptune’s turn!
不管怎么说 现在轮到海王星了
Beyond it, you’ve got the Kuiper Belt.
在海王星之外 你能看到柯伊伯带
It’s a donut-shaped region of icy objects
柯伊伯带是一个甜甜圈形状的区域 这区域中都是冰封的物体
and a ton of dwarf planets like Pluto.
Neptune is so close to the outer edge of the solar system that I’ll just kick it out.
海王星紧挨着太阳系的边缘 所以我就直接把它踢出去了
Whoa, look at the Kuiper Belt – it’s going crazy!
哇哦 快看看柯伊伯带 它已经乱成一团了
Without Neptune’s gravitational pull keeping things stable,
没有海王星的引力 这些物体无法保持稳定
orbits are crossing, and celestial bodies are crashing into each other!
天体的轨道交叉在一起了 天体也在相互撞击
Check it out – Pluto’s orbit is misshapen now too!
好好看一下 现在冥王星的轨道也变形了
Neptune pretty much controls it, as well.
But it’s too far away from Earth to affect it in any way.
但是海王星离地球太远了 因此无论怎样都不会影响到地球
I wouldn’t want anything to happen to little Pluto,
so let’s put the 8th planet back where it belongs!
所以 我们把第八颗行星放回原来的位置吧
But I’m not ready to finish the experiment just yet!
I need to find something that would really affect life on Earth.
The Sun is the obvious answer,
but the mess and chaos from its disappearance would be too massive and irreversible,
但是太阳要是消失的话 带来的麻烦就太大了 也难以恢复
so I’ll leave it where it is.
What about the Moon, though?
I’ve always had this secret dream to turn it into Swiss cheese and bite off a piece.
我一直都梦想着能把月球变成一块瑞士奶酪 然后咬一口
It’s time! Hmm …Oh, my!
现在是时候了 嗯……天呐!
What just happened to the Earth’s axis?
It’s so tilted, even more than it was before!
The weather down there has gone wild, too.
There are no more seasons at all, and new ice ages are on their way!
地球上不再有季节变化 新的冰川期马上要来临了
The ocean tides have become much lower than they used to be.
And is the planet starting to spin faster?
Yep, the day now lasts only 6 to 12 hours,
没错 现在白天只有6到12个小时
because there’s no more pull of the moon to slow down the Earth’s rotation.
There are also no more lunar or solar eclipses to watch.
And the nights are so dark with nothing but billions of stars and Venus
夜晚变得非常黑 夜空中只有数以亿计的星星和金星
which together are still way dimmer than the Moon to light the sky up.
None of this sounds good for life on Earth,
对地球上的生命来说 这些听起来都太可怕了
so I’ll de-cheesify your Moon and put it back where it was!
所以 我还是把奶酪变回月球 放回原位吧
It looks like out of all the planets in your sun’s complex system,
这样看来 在所有处于太阳系中的行星中
only Jupiter’s disappearance would be a major problem for Earth.
So I guess it’s true what they say:
所以 我觉得他们说的是对的:
the solar system really is a delicate and harmonious balance!
So, byebye.
所以 再见啦!
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