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What Happens If You Leave Stitches in for Too Long?

可能大部分观看此视频的人 都有过缝针的经历
It’s highly likely that large chunk of you watching this video have needed stitches at some point.
也可能你们的医生非常厉害 及时清除了缝线
It’s also likely that your doctor was super weird about getting them removed on time.
That’s because the consequences of leaving them in there can be … not fun.
外伤缝合 缝合术都用于将开放性创口的两边缝起来 直到愈合
External stitches, or sutures, are used to hold two sides of an open wound together while they heal.
一般来说 如果你的伤口超过一厘米
As a general rule, if your cut is longer than a centimeter, your doctor will probably use
sutures to get it closed.
因为某些原因 开放性伤口一般说来并不可怕
Open wounds are traditionally not awesome for a bunch of reasons.
感染是最需要担心的 因为细菌和其他脏东西可以从伤口进入身体
Infection is the main worry, because bacteria and other nasty things can get in if there’s an opening.
所以缝线还是很好的 但你一定要听清楚关于拆线的说明
So stitches are great, but you should definitely listen to instructions about removing them,
for two reasons:
The first is infection again.
很奇怪的是 防止感染的东西也会导致伤口感染
It might seem weird that the thing preventing infection can also cause it, but sometimes
the sutures can get buried.
是的 听起来很恐怖
And yes, that’s a horrifying as it sounds.
Patients who undergo eyelid surgery often have this happen.
缝线周围的组织会生长 医生就必须把它从脸上取出来
Tissue can grow around the stitches and they need to be dug out of their face.
我的意思是 虽然有麻醉 但仍然:“呃”
I mean, there’s anesthetic involved, but still: ergh.
The other reason you should get them removed on time is entirely cosmetic and not such
a big deal compared to life-threatening infection.
4-14天后 取决于其位置 缝线可能会留下永久性疤痕
After about 4-14 days, depending on their location, stitches can cause permanent scarring.
缝线留的越久 就越难处理
This gets nastier the longer they’re left in.
由于可能留下疤痕 如果伤口在患者脸上
Because of the risk of scarring, if the wound is on the patient’s face, doctors often
won’t use stitches at all.
有其它选择 像有种胶体 一段时间后会自动溶解
There are other options, like a type of glue that dissolves after a certain amount of time.
它是由一种叫氰基丙烯酸酯的聚合物制成的 这种粘粘的东西也被用来制作万能胶
It’s made out of a polymer called cyanoacrylate, the sticky stuff that’s also used to make super glue.
你可能听过 有些缝线也会溶解
You may also have heard of those stitches that dissolve after a while, but they’re
但它们大多用于更严重的伤害或外科手术 此时 医生会在身体内进行缝合
mostly used for more serious injuries or surgeries where doctors need to do some stitching inside body.
They’re not gonna cut someone open again just to remove the stitches, so they use special
stitches made out of biodegradable organic material instead, which are designed to be
absorbed by your body.
有时 医生也会把这种可吸收的缝线用于外伤口
Sometimes, doctors will use these absorbable sutures externally, too.
但大多情况下 他们会使用常规的非吸收缝线 有以下几个主要原因:
But most of the time they stick to the regular, non-absorbable kind, for a few main reasons:
首先 可吸收材料需要一到两个月时间溶解
For one thing, absorbable sutures can take a month or two to dissolve.
但伤口通常在这之前就会愈合 于是你的皮肤上
But the wound usually heals way before that, and then you’re just left with strings in
your skin for no reason.
相比常规缝线 身体吸收它们时 很可能会导致更严重的炎症
They also tend to cause more inflammation than regular sutures as the body absorbs them,
which can lead to more scarring in some cases.
另外 常规缝线通常更结实 也就是说
Plus, regular sutures are often stronger, which means there’s less of a risk of the
wound opening up again.
所以 除非缝线在你体内或者脸上 被用类似万能胶的
So, unless the stitches are inside your body or your face is being held together with the
药用等价物粘在一起 你大概都必须把它们取出来
medical equivalent of super glue, you’ll probably have to get them removed.
But it’s worth it,
虽然它们被拉出时 你会感觉到皮肤被拆开一样
even if it does kind of feel like your skin is unraveling as they’re being pulled out.
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