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拯救地球,现在你能做什么? – 译学馆
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What Can You Do RIGHT NOW To Save The Earth?

嗨 欢迎来到Life Noggin
Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.
我们知道 气候变化带来的危害是非常可怕的
It can be pretty scary to think of all the dangers of climate change.
我们之前已经了解过 为什么要关注这个问题
In the past, we’ve learned together why we should care
但今天 我们来找出提前应对这个问题的方法吧
but today let’s find out how to be proactive about the situation.
One way to help against climate change is to drive less when you can.
Rather than using your own personal car, try to carpool or use public transportation.
若目的地很近 你甚至可以考虑步行或骑自行车
If your destination is close enough, maybe even consider walking or riding a bike.
Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a major contributor to climate change
and vehicles are a portion of the CO2 humanity produces.
事实上 据估计 汽车每行驶2英里就会排放2磅的二氧化碳 到大气中
In fact, it’s estimated that for every 2-mile car trip you take, 2 pounds of CO2 are put into the atmosphere.
Please thank all those kids riding skateboards
因为从某种意义上来讲 他们在拯救地球
cuz they’re kind of saving the world
even though they won’t get off my lawn!
若有能力 你也可以通过回收再利用来帮助改善气候条件
You can also help out by recycling and reusing things when you can.
Rather than throwing things away
see if you can find another use for them
如果东西还是好的话 可以捐给慈善机构
or donate them to charity if the product is still good.
回收能够抑制气候变化 是因为它用更少的能源
Recycling helps fight climate change because it takes less energy to make a product from
将回收的物品改造成产品 而非从头开始制造
recycled products than starting from scratch.
Also consider buying things with less packaging in the first place
or items that use recyclable packaging.
This next one might be a little scary to everyone who has taken part in a war for the thermostat,
but I challenge you to try and let your homes be a little warmer in the summer and a little
colder in the winter, even if it’s just by a few degrees.
夏天把空调温度调高2度 冬天调低2度
Moving your thermostat up 2 degrees in the summer and down 2 degrees in the winter could
eliminate an estimated 2,000 pounds of CO2 a year!
Your diet can also play a part in the climate change battle.
可以的话 尽量少吃点肉 因为畜牧加工产业会排放大量的温室气体
Consider eating less meat when you can, as the animal agriculture industries emit a large amount of greenhouse gases.
整个畜牧产业链 包括饲料和运输环节
The livestock sector, which includes things like feed production and transport, is responsible
for around 14 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions around the globe.
I’m not necessarily saying you need to go vegetarian or vegan, but maybe try things
但可以尝试在本可以吃肉食的日子里 选择素食
like Meatless Mondays or pick a plant-based option for even just one meal when you could have had meat.
你所做的一点一滴都会有帮助 我也知道蔬菜沙拉并不讨人喜欢 但你可以做到的
Every little bit helps! I know that kale salad looks scary but you can do it!
值得一提的是 当把生产食物所耗费的能量都考虑进去时
It should be noted, however, that it might not be as simple as all plants are better
for the environment than all meats when taking everything into account such as the energy
required to produce the food.
但总之 相对于肉食主义
Overall though, plant-based diets seem to be better for the fight against climate change
than meat-based ones.
另外 你还可以鼓励其他人多多参与环保
Another thing you can do is inspire others to join in the fight against climate change.
可以简单地把这一议题 组织及当地社区的事件
This can be simply talking to your friends and family about the issues or organizing
groups and events in your local community.
你甚至可以联系当地政府 督促他们制定
You can even contact your government officials and urge them to take action and have policies
可以通向更健康 绿色未来 的政策和措施
that lead to a healthier, greener future.
我和Inconvenient Sequel合作带来了这个视频
I partnered up with An Inconvenient Sequel to bring you this video
因为涉及到拯救地球 这个赌注就太大了
because the stakes have never been higher when it comes to our saving our planet.
然而 我们正接近一场真正的能源革命
However, we are close to a real energy revolution.
你可以采取行动 也可以通过短片学到更多
You can take action and learn more by watching the film.
给政府传递(有关)真相的讯息 从7月28号开始到8月4号波及全国
Send a message of truth to power and see An Inconvenient Truth in New York and Los Angeles
starting July 28th and nationwide August 4th.
我们一起将这个星球变成更好 更宜居的家园!
So go forth and let’s try and make this world a better, more sustainable place together!
我是Blocko 这里是Life Noggin
As always, I’m Blocko and this has been Life Noggin.
Don’t forget to keep on thinking!



拯救地球 你所做的一点一滴都会有帮助!加入我们