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What Actors Actually Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

故作惊讶:阿尔 帕西诺(演员) 在《疤面煞星》里并没有真吸可卡因
Try to act surprised: Al Pacino didn’t really snort cocaine in Scarface. Just as shootouts
正如影评所说 荧屏上消耗的数不胜数的毒品并不是真的
in movies are all staged, the countless drugs consumed on-screen over the years aren’t real.
道具师们殚精竭虑 制作稀奇古怪的混合物 充当电影中的禁运品
Prop masters have come up with all kinds of crazy concoctions to make cinematic contraband
为求以假乱真就要做到逼真越好 今天我们将做一回缉毒警来扒一扒
look as close as possible to the real thing. We’re about to narc on all the fake drugs
you see on the silver screen.
哦 不过我们先说明白 千万不要吸食任何毒品 无论是伪造还是别的什么
Oh, and just so we’re clear? Don’t take any drugs—authentic or otherwise.
“Don’t smoke crack”
让我们从烟草开始说起 资深好莱坞道具师杰夫 布彻向Upvoted(某独立新闻网站)爆料
Let’s start things off with weed. Veteran Hollywood prop master Jeff Butcher revealed
他曾向International Oddities公司订购过一批假大麻 那批货很滑稽地以”巫师烟草”闻名
to Upvoted that he’s ordered fake marijuana—also known hilariously as “wizard weed”—from
a company called International Oddities so he could stuff bags of movie weed. How kind
is their fake bud? They provided the prop marijuana in Pineapple Express on James Franco’s
他们靠詹姆斯 弗兰考的介绍并由凤梨物流提供道具大麻
personal recommendation.
为了场景真实感 大多数电影要么用‘’巫师烟草‘’ 要么就用草药烟
For scenes featuring joints, most movies use either wizard weed or herbal cigarettes. While
回归正题 还记得《僵尸之地》里那棒极了的一幕吗
we’re on the subject, remember that awesome scene in Zombieland, where the characters
主角们吸毒吸嗨了 然后来了这么一出
get high and do…well…this?
“你站在另一边 皮特”
“See you on the other side Pete”
“It’s so disgusting!”
“Don’t cross the streams!”
很遗憾的告诉你 那个烟是由倒在水烟袋里的草药烟产生的
Sorry to disappoint you, but that smoke was produced by the insides of plain ol’ herbal
cigarettes, dumped into a hookah. The fake stuff might not leave you craving Funyuns,
but it certainly looks the part.
一定程度上 好莱坞电影中使用的可卡因是无害的
The Hollywood version of cocaine is pretty harmless—to an extent. During a Q&A session hosted by
在一次布莱恩 克兰斯顿 主持的问答环节中 约拿 希欧 爆料称
Bryan Cranston, Jonah Hill revealed just what happened to him on the set of The Wolf of
在《华尔街之狼》里 他在吸了大量假货之后发生了可怕的事
Wall Street after he snorted too much of the fake stuff:
“我得了支气管炎 病了一个半月 因为我们吸的可卡因是由维生素B组成的
“I got bronchitis for a month and a half horribly, because the cocaine that we snorted was vitamin
而我吸了太多维生素B 以至于我的肺感染了支气管炎
B, and I had snorted so much vitamin B that my lungs had gotten infected with bronchitis
and I was sick for a month and a half.”
尽管杰夫 布彻 说维生素B是电影中最常用的可卡因替代品
And while Jeff Butcher says that vitamin B is one of the most commonly used cocaine substitutes
for movies, prop masters have turned to all kinds of other alternatives when making on-set
其他电影曾使用过烘焙苏打粉 糖粉 和 奶粉的混合物 制作逼真的假可卡因
powder. Other films have used mixtures of baking soda, powdered sugar, and powdered
但《疤面煞星》配角史蒂芬 鲍尔曾爆料
milk to get things just right. But Scarface co-star Steven Bauer once revealed just what
曾堆满托尼 蒙大拿 桌子的假可卡因是由婴儿通便剂替代的
it was that covered Tony Montana’s desk: baby laxative.
很多事得到了解释 如果你吸了太多婴儿通便剂
That explains a lot. If you had to snort that much baby laxative, you’d probably react this
way too:
“Say hello to my little friend!”
就像好莱坞电影里使用的假可卡因 家居用品和调料常被混合后装进袋子里冒充海洛因
Just like Hollywood’s fake cocaine, common household items and cooking ingredients are
often mixed and put into baggies to simulate heroin. Of course, things get a little trickier
when movies show people taking close-up injections of the junk.
在一次《每日野兽》(新闻媒体)采访中 道具师戈登 菲兹杰拉德 解释了
In an interview with The Daily Beast, propmaster Gordon Fitzgerald explained how they filmed
丹尼 鲍尔1996年的《猜火车》(电影)里的 海洛因注射场景是如何拍摄的
the heroin injection scenes in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting from 1996. Fitzgerald recalled
菲兹杰拉德回忆说 那是用一种微浊的液体注射进人造手臂拍摄的
taking a slightly-dyed liquid and injecting it into an artificial arm. Of course, these
当然 这些义肢都化了妆 并粘上了一些汗毛 甚至做了假血管
prosthetics have make-up and small amounts of hair applied—and even fake blood—to
make you forget you’re watching make-believe.
多年以前 电影中的香烟是真货
For decades, cigarettes featured on film were the real thing—until the government and
直到 政府和烟草公司因为烟草有潜在的有害成分在产品放置条例上发生了冲突
tobacco companies clashed over product placement rules for potentially harmful substances.
研究发现 对年轻观众来说
Studies found that, for younger viewers, watching characters smoke in movies often increased
the likelihood of picking up the habit inreal life.
Faking cigarette smoking is a lot tougher than you might realize. Just as they’re used
为了制造亮点 草药烟成了道具师的心仪之选 尤其是要表现得像个疯男人时
to simulate pot, herbal cigarettes have become the go-to choice, especially for shows like
但是有时候 寻找其他替代品也是需要的
Mad Men. But sometimes other alternatives are necessary. Jeff Butcher explained that
杰夫 布彻解释说 道具部门在2014年曾为了戒烟的连恩 尼逊
the prop department on 2014’s non-stop made hand-rolled cigarettes filled with chamomile
tea for former-smoker Liam Neeson.

虽然酒完全合法 但你绝对不希望你的演员们干了十二杯之后酩酊大醉
While alcohol is perfectly legal, you don’t want your actors getting sloshed after the
twelfth take. Various teas are served at room temperature to simulate the darker forms of
the hard stuff.
电影经常使用无酒精饮料替代啤酒 比如O’Douls清啤
To replace beer, films usually just rely on non-alcoholic brews, like O’Douls.
无色的伏特加直接换成白水 但有些杂色烈酒通常需要调配不同液体
Clear drinks like vodka tend to be just water, but off-color shots usually have to be a mix
of different liquids, like apple juice and Pellegrino.
然而 有这样的谣传 约翰 贝鲁西在《动物屋》里一口闷是真的威士忌
Then again, rumor has it that John Belushi’s whiskey chug in Animal House was real, and
哦 我们更加爱他了
we can’t help loving him even more for it.
“啊 谢谢 我正需要这个”
“Ah, thanks, I needed that.”
好莱坞电影里使用的致幻剂 冰毒 或者 现在孩子们随便起的什么别的名儿 也是假的
The Hollywood version of crank, ice, meth—or whatever the kids call it nowadays—isn’t
real either. A behind-the-scenes AMC video reveals that the meth featured on Breaking
Bad is actually… homemade rock candy.
演员布莱恩 克兰斯顿在娱乐周周报视频里说过
And as actor Bryan Cranston explains in this Entertainment Weekly video, the sweet stuff
can be just as addictive:
“但是在晚上 当工作密集时 我们会在第16个小时吃点糖”
“But on nights when it’s labor intensive and 16th hour we start taking a little sugar.”
Of course, getting people hooked on rock candy makes perfect sense for the guy who used to
play a TV dentist.
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