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参观阿根廷科尔多瓦市中最有名的酒店 – 译学馆
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Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

欢迎来到德国 或者我应该说北美的德国
Well, welcome to Germany. Or should I say the Germany of South America. Today we’re
今天我们要游览贝尔格拉诺 一个有着浓厚德国文化底蕴的小镇
visiting a town called Villa General Belgrano which has very German roots. Like walking
around here you’re almost feeling like you’ve been transported back to Bavaria. And this
我对这个镇子很熟悉 因为我长大的地方离这里
is a town that I’m very familiar with because I actually grew up in a local village that
仅有30分钟的路程 所以我们只需花一点点时间游览这个镇子
was only 30 minutes away from here. So we’re going to be taking a little tour of the town.
我兴奋地带着萨姆到处逛 可能我们等会儿会去吃一些德国佳肴
I’m excited to show Sam around. And maybe we’ll try a few German delicacies.
一些啤酒 甜点 谁知道呢 我们得看看菜单上有什么
Beers, pastries.Who knows. We’ll see what is on the menu.
这是一个很酷的景点 因为这里向人们展示了
This is kind of cool sight because it shows all the different festivals that
一年里这儿会举办的所有节日 有圣诞展会 阿尔卑斯巧克力节
happen here throughout the year. And we have a Christmas fair, an Alpine chocolate festival,
维也纳甜点节还有慕尼黑啤酒节 人们在这里大杯地喝酒 干杯!
a Viennese pastry festival and also Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest. Where they drink beer in their gaint pints. Prost!
现在是傍晚 大约7点或7:30 我们正在游览镇里的一个小型手工市场
So it is early evening now. About 7 or 7:30 pm and we’re visiting a little craft market
in the town. And they have a lot of really strange and unique things here. Like we’ve
像我们看到的恐龙 你买了马黛茶 还有珠宝 乐器 真的很有艺术气息
seen dinosaurs, you buy mate, you can get jewelry, musical instruments. It is just very artsy.
我也看到了很多仙女 我打赌你一定在想她们是不是真的
I’m seeing lots of fairies as well. I bet you’re wondering if they are real or not.
哦 没错 我一整天都在想这个
Oh yeah, that is what I’ve been pondering all day.
你好啊小精灵 你是好精灵还是坏精灵呢我不和任何人说话
Hello there little magical elf. Are you a good elf or a bad elf? I don’t talk to nobody.
你好啊小精灵 你是好精灵还是坏精灵呢我不和任何人说话
Hello there little magical elf. Are you a good elf or a bad elf? I don’t talk to nobody.
现在我们在生态公园是的 现在我们好像脱离了主要的游览路线
So we are now in the ecological park. Yeah, and it is just like a turnoff from the main
5分钟内就能走出旅游区 这真是太令人惊讶了
strip. It is amazing how within five minutes you’re away from the touristy area and you’re
现在你可以观赏绿色的美景 远离喧嚣 是的
out experiencing greenery and an escape from the hustle and bustle. Yeah, can you hear
你能听到溪流的声音吗 那是自然之声
the sound of the stream. The sound of nature.
所以 因为我们在这样一个德国文化气息浓厚的小镇就意味着我们一定要喝酒吗
So since we’re in such a German town that means we have to have a beer, right? Yeah,
是的 很明显 如果你不喝是会被赶出去的 哦 是的
apparently you get kicked out of the town if you don’t have a beer. Oh ho! So yes, we’re
我们现在正在等着我们的啤酒 我们点了Chopp我点的啤酒是金色的 你点的是红色的
waiting for our drinks. We ordered Chopp. I’m having a blonde, you’re having red. And
我现在很渴 哈 很好
I’m thirsty. Hmmm, good.
准备好喝你的冰镇精酿啤酒了吗 红色的 你点了杯红色的
Ready for your ice cold craft beer? Rojo! I think it is really funny that you ordered
那太好笑了 你的头发也是红色的 我点了一杯金黄色的我们不是故意这样点的对吧
the red beer and you’re a red head and I ordered the blonde one. We didn’t even mean to do
哈哈 我们在开玩笑 这啤酒太好喝了 这是当地的精酿啤酒
that did we. Haha, the joke is on us. This beer is great. This is local craft beer and
今天天气非常热 所以这啤酒非常醒脑
it has been really hot today so this is very refreshing.
好了 现在是你喝酒的黄金时间 干杯!
Okay blondie time for your beer. Salut!
That is quite nice.
看看我手里拿的什么 这叫卡利托斯 有火腿和奶酪的美味三明治
And look what we’ve got here. This is called Carlitos. Nice ham and cheese sandwich.
That is really nice.
甘道夫 甘道夫在小镇里 甘道夫! 甘道夫在这间房子里
Gandolf. Gandolf is in town. Gandolf. Gandolf is in the house.
(Bagpipes playing)
(Tango singing)
好了 阿根廷的东西并不便宜但有一样东西你绝对买得起
Okay, so Argentina is not very cheap right now but there is one thing that is super affordable.
那就是…那就是冰淇淋 冰淇淋 现在葡萄酒和冰淇淋在阿根廷
And that is…that is ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream and wine at the current moment are
比水还便宜 所以我们吃了很多冰淇淋喝了很多葡萄酒
cheaper than water. So we’ve been eating a lot of that and drinking a lot of wine. And
I have one of my favorite flavors here. I have dulce de leche ice cream con brownie.
So it has a brownie as well. Brownie chunks in there…oh la lah.
让我们近距离看看 看这个冰淇淋 你知道吗
Let’s get a close-up of that. Look at that ice cream. You know what? The best thing that
对我来说 今天最棒的事就是平常的奶油焦糖都卖完了
happened to me today was that the regular dulce de leche ice cream was out because the
one with dulce de leche is 10 times better. And I’m having the classic strawberry. Want
想尝一口吗 草莓味的
to try some? Strawberry.
那么萨姆 你已经在贝尔格拉诺住了两天了
So Sam, you’ve had a couple of days here Villa General Belgrano. What are your impressions
目前印象最深的地方是哪对 是有趣的古怪小镇 那里绝对适合游客去
of the place so far? Yeah, it’s a fun quirky town. Definitely geared towards tourists.
就像你说的一样 它跟巴伐利亚的风格截然不同
Like you said, it feels like it is straight out of Bavaria. It is kind of a bit of a fantasy
有点像梦幻仙境 很有趣 我喜欢这个地方是因为它处在森林里 离大自然很近
land. It is fun. I love that it is in the woods. It is near nature. You can go for lots
of scenic walks. And I also like that they have really good German food and awesome craft beer.