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来到智利圣佩德罗阿塔卡马 – 译学馆
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Visiting San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Good afternoon from the town of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. We’ve been here a few
我们到这里一些天了 另外花了几天去参观火山和泻湖 看到了火烈鸟
days taking a few different day trips to visit volcanoes and lagoons and see flamingos and
做了很多很酷的事情 我们看到了很多野生生物 我们看到了很多美妙的风景
doing lots of cool stuff. We’ve seen lots of wildlife, we’ve seen some amazing landscapes.
现在我们要向你展示这个小镇 它其实非常小
And now we’re going to show you the town. It’s actually quite small and there isn’t
没有很多事可以做 但如果你在这里旅游
a lot to do but if you’re taking tours from here you’re going to end up spending a bit
你最终都会在圣佩德罗花上些时间 所以让我开始一个小旅行吧 短短的到附近转转
of time in San Pedro so yeah let’s go take a little tour. A little walk around. Sounds
good to me.
欢迎来到圣佩德罗阿塔卡马 这个地方真的很棒
Bienvenidos a San Pedro de Atacama. Si! And this place is pretty cool because in the distance,
在背景一段距离外你可以看到火山 你能看到火山就在那里
in the background you can see volcanoes. You have volcanoes right over there. Let me run
让我们跑到街道上 那里
out to the street. There.
So next up we’re going to take you down a street called Caracoles. And this is like
这有点像这个城镇的主干道 这里你可以发现冰淇淋店 酒吧
the main street in the whole town. This is where you can find ice cream shops, bars,
饭店 旅行社 洗衣房 你需要的所有东西都在这条街
restaurants, tour operators, laundry places. Whatever you could need and that is over this
走这里 走这里 来吧
way. This way. This way. Come.
在这里呆了一些天以后 你对这个城镇的整体印象是什么
What are your overall impressions of the town after having spent a few days here? Yeah,
这是闲逛的好地方 这不是那种让你来消磨时间的小镇
it’s a decent place to hang out. This is not the kind of town where you come to linger.
这里是一整套其他活动的出发点 你也可以去玻利维亚
It’s a launching pad for a whole bunch of other activities. You can also go to Bolivia
你也可以去乌尤尼盐场旅游 也可以穿过阿根廷去
to do the Uyuni salt flat tours as well. And you can also cross over to Argentina to go
萨尔塔 这是我们明天要做的事儿 是的 所以来到这里 预订一个旅行
to Salta which is what we’re going to do tomorrow. Yeah, so come here book a tour, take some
做些远行 吃得好些 是的
trips and eat well. Yes.
而我们在圣佩德罗这个小镇的最后一个停歇点是主广场 是
And our last stop of this little tour of San Pedro is the main square. Yes. This is where
这里你可以发现现场音乐 许多狗在旁边跑 是的 一些现场音乐正在演出
you’ll find live music and lot of dogs running around. Yeah, some live music is happening
as we speak.
这是对圣佩德罗的一个总结 我们现在以一些狂欢节的片段结束
And that is a wrap from San Pedro. We are now finishing things off with a few clips
因为是的 我们在狂欢节季的高潮时分再见 再见 再见
from Carnival because ‘yes’ we’re in the thick of carnival season. Ciao. Ciao ciao.