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Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

萨尔塔的早晨真美啊 今天我们将进入另一段旅程
So good morning from somewhere in the province of Salta. Today we’re doing another day trip
现在我们离开了这座城市 正开车去一个叫卡法亚特的地方
So we left the city behind and we’re driving towards a place called Cafayate. Right now
我们只修整了一会 早餐只吃了一些夹心饼干
we’re just making a little pit stop. A little breakfast stop. So we just ate some alfajores,
had some coffee.
哦 真的很好吃
Oh, they were so good.
很好吃 双层夹心饼干
So good. Double layer alfajores.
Oh, yeah.
There was so much dulce de leche on them.
没错 我们现在要继续上路
So yeah, we’re just going to continue with the drive over
我们将会在一个国家公园停车 然后去看一些很酷的东西
and we’re going to be stopping at a National Park to see some cool stuff. And they are
calling us over because we’re leaving. We’re leaving.
我们现在在国家公园 第一站就是圆形露天剧场
Alright, so we have made it to the National Park and our first stop is the amphitheater.
Now apparently this place has 70% of the acoustics that you get in Theatre Colon in Buenos Aires.
还不错呦 对不对?
That is not too bad, huh?
Pretty good acoustics.
Are you going to test out your vocals here?
Let’s leave that to the professions.
Alright, so I think it is easy to guess where we are right now?
Can you guess where we are?
A vineyard.
没错 看过了一段沿途风景之后 我们终于到达了卡法亚特
Yes, so after a scenic drive we finally arrived in Cafayate.
And now we’re doing a vineyard tour.
And the best part of this is going to be when we get sample the wine.
很多葡萄酒 没错
Lots of wine. Yeah.
So you are having your first glass of Torrontés.
是的 他们告诉我在品尝之前要旋转十次
Yes, and they told me to swirl it around ten
我觉得现在应该可以了 应该超过十次了 可能都已经二十次了
times before trying it so I think I’m well above ten at this point. Maybe twenty.
十次 就是这个方法
Ten times. That’s quite the method.
很好喝 有点果味的 还有些干
Nice and fruity and little bit dry too.
所以你现在喝的是教堂酒 以前都是用这种酒的
So this is church wine that you’re drinking right now. This is used in mass.
我通常不会把教堂和葡萄酒联系在一起 但这种酒很甜
Yeah, I usually don’t associate church and wine together but this one is really sweet.
It has a bit of a honey after taste.
So we have a bit of a shopping stop here at the local market. And someone found a gaucho hat.
我很想成为一个牛仔 随便什么牛仔都可以 比如一个放牧的牛仔
I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy. Not just any cowboy. A gaucho cowboy. Alright,
行啊 来看看这顶帽子适不适合
Alright, let’s see if the hat fits.
有点像个外国牛仔 但是……哈哈哈
It kind of does. A bit of a gringo cowboy. But…hahaha
好吧 牛仔需要些冰激凌甜点
Okay, so the cowboy needs his ice cream for dessert.
没错 我手里有不仅一种冰激凌
Yes, and this is not just any kind of ice cream.
这个看起来像草莓口味的 也有可能是核桃味的 但你们猜错了
This might look like strawberry and maybe walnut. But oh no no this is not that.
这是酒味冰激凌 马尔贝克红葡萄 并且这里有一种叫Cayote的当地水果
This over here is wine flavored ice cream. Malbec. And this is a local fruit called Cayote.
So I’m going to try them both.
Is it like a creamy milk ice cream or like gelato?
It is more like a gelato.
没有那种好 但还是很不错 不过你该尝尝这个酒味冰激凌 非常提神醒脑
Even a little bit more watered down than that. But yeah, you do taste the wine. It’s refreshing.
让我来尝尝这个 这种也许更有奶味
Now let me try this one. This one might be more milky.
Yeah, it is.
这种更甜 我觉得像蜂蜜的味道
This one is sweeter, it has that a kind of… I’ll describe it honey taste
with a bit of kind of pulpy string,
and I think it also has walnuts.
没错 放了核桃
Yes, it also has walnuts too, so…
So do you have a favorite?
我更喜欢cayote味的 比较甜 但这种酒味冰激凌也很醒脑
I like the sweeter one. I like the cayote one a bit more but the wine one is also pretty refreshing.
我们来到了我们旅途的最后一站 然后要坐车回去了
So we’re coming to the end of our trip. This is actually on the drive back. Right now we’ve
现在在一个三岔路口靠边停车 所以我想给你们看看这里的景色
pulled over at the three crosses look out point. So let us show you the views.
这实际上是我们最后一站 魔咽峡谷
And this actually is our final stop. We’re now going inside the Devil’s Throat.
That should be a frightening experience.
好吧 在我们回到巴士之前说一点关于卡法亚特和卡尔恰基斯峡谷的看法吧
Okay, so final thoughts on Cafayate and the Calchaquies Valleys before we get back on the bus.
是的 真是一段轻松的旅程 真的非常棒
Yes, so this was actually a really relaxing tour, which was fantastic because
因为今晚我们要连夜赶到科多巴我们今天参观了许多东西 但是我们的脚伐很慢
tonight we are taking a night bus to Cordoba. So we got to see a lot today but the pace
喝了些冷饮 很多酒和奶酪
was very relaxed. We had a lot of time to kind of chill. Lots of wine, lots of cheese.
喝了好多酒 吃了许多好吃的东西 现在我们得在巴士上好好休息一下了
Lots of wine, lots of good food. So now it is time to have a siesta on the bus.
Sounds good to me.