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Visible Homeless in Tokyo, Japan

Hey, there, guys! Topic: the visible homeless in Tokyo, Japan.
现在 我说“街头流浪汉”是因为那里有太多无家可归的人
Now, I say “visible homeless” because there is a lot of homeless people.
他们有些人可能住在庇护所 也可能住在朋友或亲戚的家里
There are people who might be living in shelters, they might be staying in the homes of friends or relatives,
or they might be staying at capsule hotels or internet cafes.
所以 今天我打算说的只是你可能在大街上看到的流浪汉
So what I’m going to talk about today is just the homeless that you might see out on the street.
现在 我正打算去哪条街?好吧 我打算去新宿街区
Now, what street am I going to? Well, I’m going to go to the streets of Shinjuku,
which is a major business and government district in Tokyo.
顺便说一下 这部视频并不打算深入研究流浪汉
By the way, this video is not gonna delve too deeply into homelessness,
it’s simply going to take a look at what you can see on the outside.
无家可归是一个复杂的问题 我仍要做很多调查并且要和一些人聊聊
Homelessness is a complex issue. I still have lots of research to do, and I have people to talk to.
我想要和流浪汉去交流 我同样也想和提供给流浪汉各种服务的人们聊聊
I wanna talk to homeless people. I wanna talk to the people who support them with various services.
在新宿区我发现了有趣的东西 那就是在那里分成了“上层”和“下层”
What I find interesting about Shinjuku is that there’s this “upper level” and “lower level” to it,
at least in this government district.
在上层区 你会发现人们每天都在这里吃午饭 散步遛宠物
On the top you’ll find every day people. They’re -you know- eating their lunch, they’ll walk around their pets,
他们会和孩子出去玩 而且这个区域看上去很赞
they are hanging out with their kids… And the place looks nice!
You have public art, you have well groomed parks, you have very nice architecture and buildings…
It’s a really nice space and it’s bright.
但如果你沿着楼梯往下走 进入到下层区你就会发现一些无家可归的流浪汉
Now, if you go down below, as you walk down the stairs and go down below, that’s were you’ll find some homeless people.
And you’ll find them in the tunnels or under bridges.
Now you may be wondering: did people push them there? Why are they hanging out down below?
Are they forced there?
你懂得 上层区生活着的有钱人似乎看上去太完美了
It all seems too perfect that -you know- the wealthy people are up above
and the not so wealthy people are down below.
今年我去探访的时间是冬春交替的时候 所以外面依旧相对较冷
So the time of the year I went was the winter/spring time, so it’s still relatively cold outside.
我的岳父告诉我 这些聚集在地下的人不是因为被迫才这么做的
So I’m told by my father in law that the people congregate down below not because they’re forced to
而是因为地下更暖和 并且它是综合许多因素下的避难所
but because it’s warmer down there. And it’s also more sheltered from the elements.
他还说 在夏天 你能发现他们把自己的所有物从地下挪到公共场所
He says that, in the summer time, you’ll actually see them move their belongings from the underground and into the parks.
我能证实这个 因为几年前的夏天我去过这个区域
I can attest of this because I did go to that area a couple of years back, in the summer time,
and sure enough, there were a lot of people in the parks.
人们普遍有个疑问 流浪汉是在哪里聚集的呢?我认为这绝对是有计划有组织的
That being said, where the homeless do congregate? I think it’s fairly structured or organized.
You just won’t see homeless in certain parts of the city.
You’ll rarely see homeless right in front of shops, sleeping out right on the streets.
你在人多的路上很难看到他们 而在某些地方看到的几率就大多了
You’re more likely to see them while they’ll be less in the way.
比如说在这些大桥这(有时候我在桥上看到他们 不过更多时候是在桥下)
So these are bridges (sometimes I’ve seen them on top, but a lot of the times below),
事实上 还可能在公园 或是在河岸
or in parks, or in the river banks, actually,
因为在岸边会有很多遮蔽物 比如大树或者长长的草丛
because the river banks have a lot of cover, whether it’s trees or long grasses,
and you often see this blue tarp homes there.
现在穿过地下 你将会看到这些蓝色防水布和用纸板箱做成的小庇护所
Now walking through the underground you’ll see these blue tarps and their frames are mostly made of cardboard,
然后你会看到一些别的东西 比如他们的自行车或是手推车
and you’ll see other things like their bikes, and you’ll see trolleys,
有时候是行李箱 但这些现象都是有组织的
sometimes suitcases, but it’s fairly organized.
如果你走到河边去 就能看见我所注意到的–这些临时帐篷的位置更为固定
If you go out onto the river bank, what I noticed is that the structures seem to be more permanent,
我知道了这些建筑材料有木头 有时候是瓦楞金属板或者瓦楞塑料板和蓝色防水布
so I’ll see stuff built out of wood, sometimes corrugated metal or corrugated plastic and the blue tarps, of course.
顺便说一下 这真的是一大群人 但我还没弄懂他们搬迁的规则
This is a really long pan, by the way, people. I didn’t have the steadiest of movement,
but I’m quite proud that I could keep the shot moving for so long.
嘿 但是 这真的是很长的一段视频 所以我快进一下
But, hey! It’s a really long shot, so I’ll just speed it up
And here is an example of some of the only homeless people that I saw out in the open.
接着 这是另一个看上去有点太完美的镜头
And again, here’s another shot that almost seemed a little bit too perfect,
看这个巨大的政府办公楼 你懂得 地位的力量
that you have this huge government building, you know, the seat of power,
随后镜头向下 这是社会中最为不幸的人们
and then you pan down below and that’s the most unfortunate people in society.
What struck me about the homeless I’ve found in Tokyo was that they don’t tend to be out in the open,
like I saw in San Francisco or in Vancouver.
接着我又发现你看不到他们乞讨 他们不会拿出杯子去讨钱
And I noticed that you don’t really see them beg. They don’t have cups out there asking for money.
我肯定有一部分人不是这样的 但这仍是一个不常见的现象
I’m sure there might be some, but it’s not a very common thing.
他们待在自己的世界里 他们特别安静
They do keep to themselves. They’re quite quiet.
这很有组织性 所以我又有了疑惑:
It’s fairly organized, so I found myself wondering:
do they have any mental health issues or drug addiction problems?
I know that some of them do drink.
在加拿大温哥华 我了解到许多流浪汉都有精神健康问题以及药瘾
In Vancouver, in Canada, I know a lot of the homeless have mental health issues and drug addictions.
在东京 我几乎没有看到这样的流浪汉
I didn’t quite see that in the visible homeless in Tokyo.
So I want to investigate that.
But what I can gather is that they seem to be mostly middle aged or senior males.
即使这是新宿主要的一块区域 但这些流浪汉却并不住在这
Even though this is a major district, Shinjuku, they’re not in the busiest parts of Shinjuku.
你会发现这里有几块相当繁华的区域 是人们每天都路过的
So here you’ll see here is some pretty busy major areas, and there’s the every day people walking on about.
So you don’t really see homeless set up amongst these streets.
但如果你去新宿相对安静的区域 你就能在那儿看到流浪汉聚集
But if you go over to a quieter part of Shinjuku, then this is where you see the homeless congregate.
对此我能想到的一个好理由就是 流浪汉聚集在这些公园或绿地里
One of the good reasons I could think of, for the homeless to congregate in the parks or green spaces,
is because these places tend to have both running water and bathroom facilities.
While the public bathrooms aren’t as nice as the ones found in private homes,
I find most of them are clean and orderly.
I found that the public bathrooms in Shinjuku are relatively cleaner than most.
So that’s just a brief view of what the visible homeless look like on the streets of Shinjuku,
just a small area in Tokyo.
关于这个现象我还要做更多的研究 所以我期待能给你们带来更多的视频
I have to do a lot more research on this, so I look forward to bringing you some more videos.
But what I would like to know right now is:
What does the homelessness on the streets look like where you’re from?
最后像往常一样 很感谢您的收看 另一方面我也会关注你的
And as always, thank you very much for watching. And I’ll catch you on the flip side.