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两个绝招帮你找到人生使命 – 译学馆
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Two Brilliant Hacks for Finding Your Calling

So how do you find what you were meant to create and that’s extremely hard. I talked
如何找到你的人生使命 这的确是个难题
to a lot of folks who feel lost in understanding what that might be. There’s two things that
我与很多人讨论过这个问题 他们都对此感到迷茫
I found for me that were really helpful. The first is to say yes to all the things that
而我找到了两个相当有帮助的方法 第一个就是 对所有一般情况下你会说不的
you would normally say no to. And the more uncomfortable it makes you feel, the more
事情改说yes 越让你难受的事情
you should do it. So when I was struggling with this, I guess it was almost 15 years
你就越该去做 当我为此挣扎之时 大概是15年前
ago I said, "Okay, I’m just going to do anything ridiculous I could possibly do."
我那时说 OK 我去找那种对我来说最荒唐的事来做
So as you could imagine I’m an Internet geek so I don’t go outside all that much.
然后我就想 既然自己是个网瘾患者 平时不怎么出门
So I’m like, "Okay, I’m going to go to Alaska and I’m going to camping and I’m
那我就这样 OK 我去趟阿拉斯加 去野营
going to do it with a bunch of strangers." I could not think of anything sort of more
去和一堆陌生人在一起 我实在想不出还有比这个
terrifying than being around a bunch of people that I don’t know in the middle of the freezing
更让我恐惧的事情了 被一大群素未谋面的人围着
cold with nothing around. So I did that and it was amazing. It was so awesome. It was
那里什么也没有 还冷得要命 于是我去做了 那真的很棒
so great. I went dumpster diving with a bunch of anarchists. That was really awesome. Yeah,
我和一群无政府主义者一起去翻垃圾桶 那次真的很棒
I might have gotten sick, but it was totally fine. I modeled for like an entire week and
也许我那次会生病 但是结果却没事 我坚持了一周
that was horrifyingly awful. I learned very quickly that I hated that. But so that’s
过程真是爽 我非常快速的学会了一些之前痛恨的能力
one way.
The other way is not obvious at all. I found that in sharing your story with somebody else,
另一种方式看起来效果不那么明显 我发现与某人共享你的人生故事
someone who doesn’t necessarily have to know you very well or they can — it doesn’t
这人不用有多了解你 不重要
really matter. But if you reflect back with someone else the story of your life — and
而是 如果你给这人真实的讲述你的人生
it can go on for hours and hours and hours they can start to tell you the themes that
可能要花上好多好多时间 此时他们会为你提出
emerge that you would never sort of see yourself. One of the things that’s challenging when
你从来不曾想过的人生阶段主题 有件事
you’re extremely talented at something is that it’s really easy for you. And so you
当你绝对在做某件事上有非常天赋时 你会觉得它容易
generally don’t value it as much as that thing that’s really hard. And so somebody
else can see that in you frequently much better than you can. And what I found is just sharing
然而在吃力的不 我发现
your story with each other, reflecting back. Oh like in my life community and connection
给他人分享你的故事 就像我
and the Internet and how all that connects together was a really big part of my life
世界所连接到 这是我的人生调整
and that helped me understand who I was and what I was uniquely meant to create here.
帮助我理解之前他做了什么呢 特别是我的人生使命
So finding one other person to share that with — a good listener — is another great
所以找到一个可以分享故事的人 — 一个好的倾听者 这真的
way to find it.