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Trucha: Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia

当你参观科帕卡巴纳海滩时 有一种食物你一定要去尝一下
So there is one meal that you absolutely must try when you visit Copacabana and that is
rainbow trout fished straight out of Lake Titicaca over there.
So you could choose an ordinary restaurant to have trout but where are we instead? Yeah,
沿着木板路走 会有很多餐馆一列一列的排着
we’re along the boardwalk and there are a gazillion restaurants literally lined along
他们甚至都谈不上是餐馆 他们更像是小摊子
here. They are actually not even restaurants. They are more like little stands. Yeah, exactly.
的确是 就像你眼前所看见的一样 防水布做的墙 老实说我其实并不清楚该选哪一家
Just like what you’re seeing here. Tarp walls. And honestly we don’t know where to go we
我们只是走过很多像这样的餐馆 然后选择了最后一个
just walked by a whole bunch of them and decided okay let’s pick the last one why don’t we
为什么不去呢 耶
go there. Yeah.
食物来了 所以如果你向下看这个盘子里就是我们虹鳟鱼
The food has arrived. So if you look down at our plate here is our rainbow trout. And
我们有薯条 沙拉 然后这边上还有一些米饭
we have some French Fries, we have a bit of salad and over on this side there is some
看上去这是个营养均衡的食物 对吧?是的 鳟鱼看起来特别好吃
rice. So it seems like a well balanced meal, right? Yeah, the trout looks good. I’m ready
to dig into that. Yeah.
这是第一口 所以这个在当地叫什么呢? “trucha(鳟鱼)”
So this is the first bite. So what is this called locally? Trucha. Trucha. Trucha.
你知道 南美的鳟鱼让我想起了鲑鱼 它们有着相同的颜色
You know South American trout reminds me a lot of salmon. It’s like the same color. It
味道也非常相似 它就是比鲑鱼小一点 但是也还是很美味啦
has a really similar flavor. It is just a smaller fish but it is really nice. You know
你知道 就仅仅烤一下 非常简单的烹饪方法 再撒一点柠檬在上面就非常完美了
just grilled, very simple recipe, a little bit of lemon drizzled on top and it is perfect.
Perfecto! Hmmm.
在科帕卡巴纳的餐馆真的是随意的 他们中的一些就是为了满足
So some of the restaurants in Copacabana are really hit and miss. Some of them really cater
背包客 说真的 我们已经很长时间在这里没吃过什么好东西了
towards backpackers. We’ve honestly had some of our worst meals in a long time here. You
你吃过水放多了的意大利面! 噢 对的! 但是鳟鱼属于做的不错的
had that what the runny spaghetti. Oh, yes. But you know what trout is one dish that has
没错 每个地方的鳟鱼都是很棒的
not been messed up. That is the exact point I wanted to make. Trout has been awesome everywhere
我们吃过鳟鱼 所以对这边的有很高的期望 记住 应该点招牌菜
we’ve had it so I have high expectations for my trout over here. Always order the specialty.
对的 点当地的招牌菜 这是我们今天的旅行贴士
Yes, order the local specialty. That is our travel tip of the day.
真好 真的太好了! 入口即化 真的真的太美味了!
That is good. That is so good. Melt in your mouth good. Really really tasty.
我在是温哥华岛长大的 吃了很多鱼 所以我知道好的鱼尝起来是什么样的
I grew up on Vancouver Island eating a lot of fish so I know what good quality fish tastes
这真的太好吃了! 噢! 他突然变成一个行家了!
like and this is excellent. Oh, so he’s a connoisseur all of a sudden. A little bit
of a fish snob.
所以这是一个非常不寻常的吃饭点 不是吗? 是的 我们已经给流浪狗打包了
So this is a very unusual dining location, is it not? Yeah, we’ve got packs of stray
dogs. Unha, teenagers hanging out on their motorbikes and trying to act cool. Yes,
我们正在吸进他们车的所有废气 那儿 那儿!
and we’re breathing all of the fumes from their bikes. Over there. Over there. That’s
our side dish.
好吧 小狗狗 你想要吃鱼? 鱼皮?这只狗狗不感兴趣 这只狗狗似乎不喜欢鱼皮
Alright, pup. You want fish? Fish skin? This one is not interested. This one doesn’t like
你的朋友呢? 你喜欢鱼吗?鱼 对 好孩子 好孩子
fish skin. How about you friend? Do you like fish? Fish. Yes, good boy. Good boy.
结语?结语 好的 这里的鱼相当好
Final thoughts? Final thoughts. Well, you know what. The fish was pretty good. I have
但不得不说这个米饭有一点点平淡无味 它不像是真的调过味的 沙拉还好
to say the rice was a little bit bland. It wasn’t really seasoned. The salad was okay.
它仅仅是一些生菜和土豆 然后我们吃了一些油腻的薯条 但是我想说
It was just lettuce and tomatoes and then we had some greasy fries. But I’d say the
鱼在这顿饭里算是最好的了 也是非常划算的一顿午餐 我们只需要支付25玻利维亚元
fish was the star of the meal and it is very budget friendly lunch. We only paid 25 Bolivianos
差不多3美元 超过3美元 差不多 反正不差哦
which you do the conversion. That’s just like over three dollars. Over three dollars. Thereyou go. Not bad at all.