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我们要去库斯科了,最终在利马会和! – 译学馆
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Trip Update: We're off to Cuzco & future meetup in Lima

Trip update! Trip update!
我们又到了机场 而且我们要去一个新的地方 我们要去哪里呢
We are at the airport yet again and we’re off to a new destination. Where are we going?
我们要去库斯科 而且我觉得我们有点早 因为这里一个人都没有
We’re going to Cuzco and I think we’re a little bit early because there is no one here. We
我们是第一名 这里是我们私人的候车室
are the first people. We have our little private waiting room here. I hope our gate hasn’t
我希望我们的门没有变 而我们没有注意到 无论如何 去库斯科 我们要查看整座城市
changed and we haven’t noticed. Anyways, by going to Cusco we are going to be checking
out the city but the main reason we are going there is to visit Machu Picchu. And we’ve
我们之前都去过马丘比丘 但是从没有一起去过 所以这对我们来说真的很兴奋
both been to Machu Picchu before but never together so this is like really exciting for
我们还要走一部分的印加古道 不是全程
us. And we’re going to be walking part of the Inca trail. Not the full thing. A shorter
更短一点 所以会有趣的 耶
version so it should be fun. Yeah.
好 所以稍微讲讲我们在利马的日子
Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about our time in Lima.
耶 我们在那里只呆了四整天 而且我们遇到了好多家亲戚和家庭成员
Yeah, we only had four full days there and we were meeting up with a lot of relatives
所以我们的时间不多 但是我们完全被
and family members so we didn’t have a lot of time but we were totally blown away with
is the amount of support and comments we’ve received on the few videos that we’ve already
我们阅读了所有的评论 我们没法回复全部
got up. We’ve read through all of the comments. We haven’t had a chance to respond to all
但是我们确实很享受 我们有许多关于要去的地方 要吃的东西
of them but we really appreciate it. We’ve had so many awesome suggestions of places
to go, where to eat and all this other kind of stuff. And also we’re blown away by the
搞一次粉丝见面会的建议惊呆了 我们从未那样做过 去肯尼迪公园的建议太赞了
suggestion of having a fan meetup. We’ve never done that before and the suggestions of Park
Kennedy sounds awesome. Kennedy Park would be a great location. We’re actually going
我们实际上会在5月的某个时候回到利马 停顿很长时间 而且毫无疑问我们会搞点什么
to be back in Lima sometime in May for a longer stint. And we’ll set something up then for
我们可以喂喂猫咪 出去闲逛 是的 喂猫 吃地道美食
sure. And we can all go feed cats and hang out. Yes, feed cats, eat street food and maybe
我们会试着搞一些从加拿大飞过来的饼干 哦!
we’ll try to get some cookies flown in from Canada. Oh!
好我们着陆了 我们着陆了 是时候拿我们的行李啦
Well, we’ve arrived. We have arrived. It is time to pickup our luggage. We actually sat
我们其实坐在飞机的左边 因为有些人说那里的风景很好 所以我们照做了
on the left side of the plane because someone said you get some really nice views and we
did so I’m not sure if we were missing out on anything on the right side but it is something
to consider when you’re choosing your seat.
我们到库斯科了 我们好饿 我们好困 我们有个很酷的房间
We’ve arrived in Cuzco, we’re hungry, we’re tired, we have a pretty cool room. I think
我觉得我们该搞点吃的 所以这意味着我们要在这儿忙起来了
we’re going to get something to eat and that means we’re going to wrap it up right here.
See you all soon.
嗒 嗒 跟这个屋子里酷酷的镜子、植物和艺术品说再见
Ta ta! Say bye to the room with all of these cool mirrors and plants and art.
现在该吃饭啦 吃饭时间
And now food time! Food time.