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旅行假日礼物指南 – 译学馆
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嘿!大家好 又到了一年一度的假期了
Hey guys, it’s that time of year again–it’s the holidays.
And this video is about getting gifts for travelers in 2015.
从简单的到实用的 从圣诞节礼物到更大的礼物 我们全都要介绍
From the simple to the practical, stocking stuffers to bigger gifts, we’re going to hit them all.
我们开始吧! 好的
Let’s do it. Alright.
所以首先 我们拿了些实用的礼物:一盏头灯和一条速干毛巾
So first off, we’ve got some practical gifts: a headlight and a quick-dry towel.
这是一条MSR速干毛巾 这些东西十分重要
So this one is made by MSR. These things are crucial.
各位可以带上“zing zang”毛巾到旅馆
You guys will get charged up the “zing zang” for towels in hostels
和海滩等地方 这东西很神奇
and you know beaches, etc. This thing is epic.
它盖起来足够大 你可以用它来擦干身体
It’s big enough to cover, you can towel change with it.
一点不夸张 它在10分钟内就能变干 而且打包时几乎不占地
It dries literally in like 10 minutes, and it packs up to nothing.
Now this is a headlamp.
如果你正在公交上 或者甚至正在飞机上用头灯看书
These are super super useful, if you’re reading on a bus,
or even on an airplane with overhead lamps, these are just really practical to have.
这些东西很重要 不要忘记这两件非常重要的装备
These things are crucial. Do not forget these two very important pieces of kit,
the quick-dry towel and the headlamp.
在旅行时 食物和饮料也很必要 各位 刀叉式旅行用勺
Food and drink are essential while traveling so, guys, travel spoon, fork-knife thing.
这也有益于环境 (这样)你就不会扔掉很多一次性的东西了
It’s also going to be good for the environment. You’re not throwing away a lot of disposable stuffs.
水瓶也是一样 这是我们的水瓶 它的牌子是Nalgenes
Same goes for the water bottle. These are our water bottles. They are Nalgenes.
像我们之前说的 坐飞机带上它们非常实用
Like we said before, these are really practical for taking on the airplane.
把这些挂在你座椅背后 或者公交 火车之类的
Just hook these on the back of your seat, or bus, train, whatever.
一旦过了安检 就灌满水 然后把它挂在飞机座椅背后
Once you make it through security, you fill this up with water and then our little hack.
在飞机上 如果飞行时间长 就到厨房去
On the airplane, if it’s a long flight, go back into the galley
请求飞机后面的乘务员将瓶子灌满水 而她们总会帮忙的
and ask the flight attendants in the back of the airplane to fill this up and they almost always do.
但各位 我的意思是 你必须变成一头骆驼 这是32oz再加100ml
But guys, I mean, you have to be a camel. This is 32 ounces and 100 ML.
而且它几乎不会坏 所以这是个很棒的投资
And it’s practically indestructible, so this is a great investment.
相比于水 如果你更喜欢烈性的饮料 我们有小型随身携带的鸡尾酒装备
If you prefer stronger things than water, we’ve got this little carry-on cocktail kit.
我是一位古典鸡尾酒爱好者 如果你坐过飞机 一定知道
Now, I’m a lover of an Old Fashioned and if you’ve been on the airplane you know
飞机上不能提供复杂的东西 它只是一瓶混有朗姆酒和可乐的烈酒
they can’t serve anything too complicated. It’s just a spirit and one mixer–rum and coke.
它的好处是其中混着苦味剂 糖和你所需的每样东西
The good thing about this is it comes with bitters, sugar and everything you need
to basically turn a whiskey drink into an Old Fashion.
而且你可以保持酒的醇香 包装盒里有一小张餐巾纸和一把银勺子
And you can keep it classy. It’s got a little napkin and a silver spoon.
对圣诞节礼物或其他小东西而言 这是个古典的小礼物
This is a classic little gift for a stocking stuffer or something just small.
好东西流行小包装 这是个时尚的点子
Good things come in small packages. Style points.
但说到真正的时尚点子 当在飞机上喝完鸡尾酒后
But talking about real style points, after you have your cocktail on the plane,
it’s time to pass out.
Yeaaah and why not do it as your favorite animal?
兄弟 你这次又是什么?我是一只猫头鹰
What are you again, Bro? I’m an owl.
很显然 这是我的灵兽 一只聪明 安静的夜猫子
This is obviously my spirit animal, wise and silent and a night owl.
Why am I a raccoon? Because I’m a curious thief, I guess? I don’t know.
它们产自爱沙尼亚 但在易集网上
These come from Estonia, but there’s a ton of them on Etsy
or where ever else you want to buy them.
但是各位 旅行不能缺少衣服 而最好的方法是
But guys, you can not travel without clothes and the best way to do that is
by bringing as little and as few clothing articles as possible.
So, some of these we’ve discussed before.
这是ExOfficio的旅行四角裤 显然是适合男士的
These are ExOfficio travel boxers. Obviously these are for guys.
也有女款 但我们没有(买)
There are equivalents for girls, but we don’t have them.
但是 速干四角裤非常重要
But, quick dry boxers are super important.
无论你去多久 每次带3条就足够了
We take 3 of these on every trip no matter how long you go, 3 is enough.
Although their slogan is like six weeks one pair of underwear.
真的吗?是的 OK 但不管怎样 我们三条能穿六个月
Really? Yeah. Ok. Anyways, we can do three for six months.
这是Smartwool羊毛袜 你知道有一双耐用的好袜子真的不错
These are smartwool socks. You know it’s really good to have a nice, durable pair of socks.
尤其是在冬季 因为是羊毛的 (可以保暖)
And especially in the winter time because these are wool,
而在夏季 它具有透气性 (穿着很舒服)
but also in the summer time, because it’s breathable.
Smartwool真的是个不错的品牌 我们一直力挺这些东西
Smartwool is a really, really good brand. We rock these things all the time.
And you know what?
实际上 它没什么味道 所以你能穿好几天 而且不会有脚臭味
It actually wicks odor, so you can wear these for multiple days, and you don’t have the stinky foot.
Can we talk about our obsession now?
Because we used to be all about getting really light weight pants.
We recommended Patagonia pants before,
但是现在我们推荐旅行者的商品 它们产自香蕉共和国
but now, we switched to these things called the Traveler. These are from Banana Republic.
它们非常重要 主要是牛仔裤 弹性大且透气性好
These are super crucial. They are basically very stretchy and breathable jeans.
It’s a microfiber, it’s super comfortable. They’re super comfortable.
裤子透气性好 气候凉爽时穿很暖和
They breath well but they’re warm in cooler climates as well.
So, this is kind of like our one-stop pant right now.
缺点是 如果你在香蕉共和国官网上买的话 它们很贵
Downside is that they are expensive if you buy them off the rack at Banana Republic.
价格是120美元 但是它们一直在搞促销
It’s 120 bucks, but they go on sale all the time.
Although right now they are probably not going to go on sale,
但你如果一直等到假期之后 那也行
if you wait until after the holidays, it’s still really a good idea.
我们花60美元给自己买了件流行款 我认为这个价格更合理
We bought ours for $60 a pop, which I think is more reasonable,
而且我们天天都穿 一直在穿 所以不要评判了! 它们穿着很舒服 哈哈!
and we’re wearing them everyday, all the time, so don’t judge! They’re comfortable. Ha ha!
接下来 各位 在旅行时 你会有很多自由的时间
Next up, guys, when you’re traveling, you have a lot of free time,
在你等待时 Kindle 记得给它充电
when you’re waiting for stuff, Kindle. Just remember to charge it.
它不是最新颖的礼物 但非常实用
It’s not the most original gift, but it’s super practical.
如果一个你认识的人 他还没有Kindle 那他该有一个了
If the person that you know does not already have Kindle, he should get one,
because you can fit thousands of books in here.
You can share books between Kindles.
So, if you’re traveling with a friend or your significant other,
各位 你们可以在Kindle上共享图书
you guys can share books between each other on Kindle.
And this is the basic version which I think works totally well.
它是最便宜的 而且不会让你分心 这就是你不想要的那个
It’s the cheapest, and it’s not distracting. That’s thing that you don’t really want.
As I personally don’t want a smart Kindle or an ipad.
因为我会分心 浏览ins而不去阅读
Because I’ll just get distracted and end up scrolling Instagram, and not reading.
所以这是个很好的投资 而且待机时间也很长
So, this one is a good investment. And it lasts a long time as well.
但电池如果没电了 我们也推荐这件东西
But if you run out of battery, we also recommend getting something like this.
Now, this is one that we got for free at a trade show.
但是还有像Goal Zero等制造电池充电器的其他品牌
But there are other brands like Goal Zero, which make battery chargers.
如果你的朋友没有的话 它们还是非常实用的
If your friend doesn’t have one, these are super-practical.
而且不贵 这是个很棒的圣诞节礼物
And they’re not expensive. This is a great stocking-stuffer as well. Yeah.
如果你想要更耐用点的 我也喜欢读些纸质书
If you want something a bit more durable, like, I also like to read actual books.
Here’s our recommendation for a coffee table book.
它由国家地理杂志社出版 书名是《世界民族之书》
This one here is by National Geographic. It’s called The Book of the Peoples of the World.
书中的想法都和世界民族文化有关 就像生物圈
It’s all about the idea of the “ethnosphere”, like the biosphere,
但是关于种族划分 不同的文化和人类的多样性让这颗行星如此独特
but of ethnicities, the diversity of different cultures and people that make the planet so unique.
The intro is written by Wade Davis, the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence
and generally an awesome dude.
On that note, about documenting different travels and different peoples of the world.
We recommand using a low point and shoot–vlog cam.
这是索尼RX1004 这是我们最近使用的相机 啊哈!
This is a Sony RX 1004. We were using recently. Uh ha!
这是个非常实用的小附件 它叫Joby迷你三脚架
And this is a really nice little addition to it. It’s called the Joby Mini Tripod.
差不多就变成了个三脚架 而且紧紧夹在这里
Uh, pretty much, it’s just turns into a tripod, and it clips in right there,
接下来 你知道的 这就是你的摄影机
Next thing, you know, here’s your camera.
现在索尼售价约1000美元 所以如果你很慷慨 它的确是个不错的礼物
Now, the Sony runs about 1000 bucks, so if you feel very generous, it’s a good gift.
否则另一个选择是索尼S120 不 那实际上是我们之前用过的佳能S120
Otherwise, another option is the Sony S120 camera. No, that’s actually Canon S120,
which we were using before that and you can still buy on EV for a very cheap second-hand
如果你有台更大的摄像机 也可以用像大猩猩三脚架这样的
And if you have a bigger camera, you can also use a tripod like this, the Gorilla Tripod,
而且我们之前也用过一段时间 它相当坚固而且功能多样
which we’ve been using for a while. And it’s just a pretty sturdy and versatile tripod.
最后但并不是最不重要的 各位 卖T恤咯 我们有vagabond lifestyle
And last but not least, guys, shirt flog–T-shirts, we’ve got vagabond lifestyle,
这款是旅行者 探索 交流和鼓舞
This one’s the Traveler, explore, connect and inspire
另一款是Vagabond Lifestyle的T恤
and the other T-shirt, the Vagabond Lifestyle T-shirt.
请各位确保一定要结账付款 我们会在信息框链接有关的所有事情
make sure you guys go check those out, we’ll link everything in the info box.
我们完全感激你的支持 不论是通过这个
We definately appreciate your support, um, either through this
or if you click on those links below that are going to Amazon and filling links.
The way that works is you get charged same prices anything you buy on Amazon,
but it gives us a finder’s fee like a few percent.
总之 它帮助我们最大程度地满足了各位的旅行所需
And that adds up and helps us make more travel content for you guys to enjoy.
同时 好好享受你的假期吧!假期快乐!好运购物!
In the meantime, enjoy your holidays. Happy holidays. Good luck shopping.
与此同时 保持好奇心 不断探索 我们旅途上见
And in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road.
拜拜 吼吼吼
Peace. Ho Ho Ho
[Outro music]