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旅行入门——旅行预算:节省旅行费用 – 译学馆
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Travel Budgets: Saving up for Travel

各位 大家好! 欢迎回到我的“旅行入门” 旅行预算的第二部分
Hello, guys! And welcome back to my “How-To-Travel” Guide budgets edition, part 2.
上一集我讲了对于一次旅行 我们需要多少东西
So last episode, I covered how much we’re going to need for a trip.
而在这集 我要给大家一些有助于旅行攒钱的建议和技巧
And in this episode, I’m gonna give you a bunch of advice and tips to help you save up for that trip.
在此 我要告诉大家 旅行并不是负担不起的 但需要大家为此制订计划
I’m here to tell you that travel can be affordable, but you need to plan for it,
你需要做旅行预算 而且需要安排好自己的生活
you need to budget it, and you need to prioritize it in your life.
你可能听过这个故事 或类似的故事
Now, you might have heard this story, or a similar story before,
有人变卖所有资产 然后背上包
of somebody who sold all their possessions, and then took a backpack
好几年都在周游世界 那些人想旅行
and backpack the world for several years. Those people wanted to travel.
当然 我不是说你必须要做这些
Of course, I’m not saying that this is what you have to do,
but you need to constantly be thinking of how you spend your money in your day to day lives.
And all the various ways that you can cut back
to prioritize travel and trips that you want to take.
How can you save money for your travels?
当然 对于每个人来说 每种省钱方式的效果都不一样
Of course, each saving method will work differently for each person.
所以 你需要彻底检验一下 想出哪种方式适合你
So, you need to kind of test it out and figure out which best suits you,
适合你的生活方式 而且经济可行
and your lifestyle and what you can financially do.
现在 这里有两类主要的方式能为我们的旅行省钱
Now, there are two main categories of ways that we can save money for our travels.
So, the first is to try and optimize the current amount of money that we earn.
And the second is to increase the amount of money that we earn.
Quick tips for saving money.
所以 如果你挣的工资十分稳定 那就尝试着把每次的薪水
So, if you earn a steady income, try and set aside a certain amount
from each paycheck and deposit it into a saving’s account.
然后不要动那些钱 我的意思是真的不要动那些钱
And then don’t touch that money, I mean seriously don’t touch it.
例如 一个月存进200 一年你就会省下2400
For example, putting aside 200 a month will save you 2,400 in a year.
That’s a vacation.
一个月存进500 一年你就会省下6000美元
Putting aside 500 a month will save you $6,000 in a year.
那就是一次1到3个月的旅游费用了 取决于你的预算是怎样的
That’s a 1 to 3 month long trip, depending on how budgets that of you are.
不要出去吃 说实在的 各位 如果你总是出去吃
Eating out, mmm-hmm, seriously guys, if you eat out a lot,
那就试着在你去工作时打包午饭 不用省许多钱 三明治很便宜的
try and pack a lunch when you go to work. Don’t save a lot of money, sandwiches are cheap.
对于聚会的人来说 饮料和酒水可能会
Drinks and drinking, now this one might be a little bit challenging
有些挑战性 但在城镇上外出一夜
for you party at people, but a night out on the town
or a few drinks every other day at the bar,
这些加起来花销也不少 因为酒水贵得可笑
it adds up a lot, because drinks are ridiculously expensive.
实际上 如果你考虑一下 一般你在任何地方
If you actually think about it, normally you’ll pay anywhere between
像在美国 加拿大这些地方消费 一杯饮料大都是4到10美元
well, in like America, Canada, is like 4 to 10 dollars a drink.
当你外出时 通常不是仅能选择一种饮料 而是有多种可供选择
You usually don’t just have one drinking, you have multiple drinks, when you go out. That adds up.
别忘了驾车出行或是打出租 不 不 不
Let’s not forget about the cab rides or taxis, no no no.
因此 它也需要被纳入考虑范围内 所以 在旅行冒险之前
So that, it also needs to be taken into account. So if you can try to cut back on your drinking
or night out in the months, leading up to your travel adventures.
那相当不错 你会省下钱的
That’s good, you’ll save money.
Then you can put that towards, drinking on your travels.
星巴克 加糖咖啡 那花的钱太多了
Starbucks, that sweet sugary coffee money pits.
一杯咖啡花5美元 这不是个好主意 那是真的不懂预算
Spending five dollars on a coffee, not a very good idea, not really budget savvy.
所以 很遗憾 我不得不建议你切断
So unfortunately, I would have to recommend cutting those out of
你每日或每周 或者每月的津贴来源
your, um, daily or weekly, or monthly allowances.
现在 我不是一个漂亮的女生 那你知道是为什么吗?
Now, I am NOT a beauty girl, and you know why?
因为化妆和时尚需要花钱 需要花很多钱
Because makeup and fashion cost money, it costs a lot of money.
这就是我为什么总是穿相同的衣服 是的
It’s why I’m wearing the same clothing a lot of times, yes.
各位女士 我正在讨论的这个会花费成千上万美元
I’m talking about hundreds and thousands of dollars you ladies.
我的意思是男人也会买蛋白质 但一般很少有女士在这上面花钱
Protein I mean, men too, but generally less lady spends on these items.
如果我们想在旅行上省点钱 就必须缩减在那上的花销
Gotta kind of cut that down, if we want to save for travel.
想一想 你在时尚和化妆以及美妆产品上花了多少钱?
Think about it, how much do you spend on fashion and makeup and beauty products?
重新评估你的生活状况 你要在房租上花多少钱?
Reevaluate your living situation, how much are you paying for your rent?
你有什么方法可以减少在房租上的花销吗? 你能从这里搬走再搬进一个小一点的地方吗?
Is there anyway that you can reduce that? Can you move out and move into a smaller place?
你能搬去和你的父母或朋友一起住吗? 你能忍受多一个室友吗?
Can you move in with your parents or a friend? Can you get extra roommates?
真的 重新评估一下你的生活状况以及你能为它花多少钱
Really, reevaluate to your living situation and how much you’re paying for it.
打包午饭/多做饭 不要出去吃
现在 这里有一些方法可以提高我们所挣的钱数
So now, here are some ways that we can increase the amount of money that we earn.
学习易趣网 克雷格列表 或者加姆特里网的方式
Learn the way of eBay, or Craigslist, or Gumtree,
或者trade me网 实际上 也可以向其他任何一种分类广告
or trade me, or realistically any other kind of classifieds,
or marketplace that you have available to you in your local area.
然后利用那个市场卖 卖 卖
Then use that marketplace and sell sell sell.
There are hundreds of items in your home
that you can sell for money.
真的 即使是你认为事实上已经没有价值了的东西
Seriously, even the things that you don’t actually believe are worth something.
有时候 你也可以卖了它 你可以办一个大型的车库售卖 人们仍然会买的
Sometimes, you can sell it, you can have a garage sale and people still buy it.
所以 回家搜罗一下 看看有什么你现在不用的东西
So, go through your home and just do a scout, is there anything that you’re not using?
你有储物间吗? 一个可以放多余的家具
Do you have a storage space, a locker that you’re storing extra furniture,
或者不穿的多余的衣服的储物间 找到你可以尝试的方法
or extra clothing that you’re not using? Find ways that you can try
并通过卖掉它们来挣钱 真的各位 电子设备 电子设备
and sell that make money from it. Seriously guys, electronics electronics.
You can make a lot of money from those.
登机设备 哦 天哪!如果你的运动装备满地都是 那就卖了它
Boarding equipment, oh my goodness! If you’ve got sporting equipment lying around, sell it.
无论什么 你家里有许多值钱的东西
Anything, there are a lot of things worth money in your house,
而且我已经通过卖东西 卖礼品挣了好多钱了
and I’ve made hundreds of dollars from selling things, gifts.
现在 这一点是许多人无需考虑的 但人人都有生日
Now, this is one a lot of people don’t necessarily think of, but everybody’s got birthdays.
一般有圣诞节 或复活节 万圣节
There’s generally Christmas, or Easter, Halloween,
周年纪念 在你的生活中
anniversaries. There are times in your life that you
会有收到来自别人礼物的时候 要些和旅行有关的礼物
recevice gifts from people. Ask for travel related gifts, so ask for money
要些钱用在旅行上 这些能加起来 你是有许多亲戚的
to put toward your travels. This can add up. You got a lot of relatives.
You could easily fund a good portion of your trip,
just by putting your Christmas and birthday gifts together.
做份额外的工作 根据你现在的工作
Pick up extra work. Depending on your current work, situations
情况有时会变化无常 你可以做兼职 你可以寻找促销的工作
can be a variety of things. You can get a part-time job. You can look for promotional work.
可能是几小时 在这和在那 一个当地的咖啡馆
Maybe a couple hours, here and there, a local cafe.
你可以成为一位报刊作家 外面有许多随机的 兼职性的 灵活的
You can become a newspaper writer. There are a lot of random, part-time, flexible,
比较容易找到的工作 出去找工作吧
kind of easily pickable jobs out there. Go look for them.
优惠 优惠 优惠 优惠 所以不要放过任何一个旅馆
Deals, deals, deals, deals, so keep an eye out on any of the hotel,
旅行社 旅社 航空公司 活动供应商
the tour operators, the hostel, the airlines, the activity providers.
他们会在一年内的不同时间提供折扣 优惠和促销
All of them offer discounts and deals and packages
用以推广宣传 如果你看到不错的优惠活动 那就抓住它
at various times during the years for promotional purposes. If you see a good deal, grab it.
你旅行计划的时间越长 你能得到的优惠就越好
The more time you have to plan your trip, the better the deals that you can kind of get.
如果你要出门 可以考虑一下你家里
If you’re going away, think about all the costs of the items back home
that you’re still going to be paying for.
Now this is more relevant to longer trips.
但是 如果你有一辆车 那就考虑不要给它上保险
But, if you have a car, think about taking the insurance off it.
如果你有一间屋子 或者一座房子 那就考虑把它转租了
If you have a room, or a house, think about subletting it,
或者让它空着 一定要拔掉插头
or air being being it. Make sure that you unplug
保管好房子的全部费用 还有你的电话
and keep all of the costs of your house, and your phone
and any other things that you might be paying for
像健身房的会员资格等 试着暂停使用
like gym memberships. Try to put those on hold anything.
所以 当你外出时 不必为现在用不着的东西花钱
So, you’re not paying for stuff that you’re not using, while you’re away.
最后 总是有贷款
And at last, there is always credits.
我们的确生活在一个有信用卡的世界里 而且他们允许我们
We do live in a world where credit cards exist. And they allow us to have
extra cash.
我们可以很容易地买东西 例如旅行
Very easily, that we can use to pay for things, such as travel.
然后 可以在假期结束后回到家时付账
And then, pay it back at a later date, When we are at home,
after our vacation is over, but I don’t recommend this option,
而我不能告诉各位关于它的事情 因为它是
but I can’t not tell you guys about it. Because it is a option
that a lot of people use.
现在 我个人已经使用了所有省钱和
Now, I have personally used all of these money-saving
and money-making techniques to help fund my various travels throughout the years.
而现在 我很幸运能在这种情况下拥有额外的支持
And now, I’m lucky enough to be in the position where I have additional support,
in terms of sponsors and companies that I work for
他们助资了我更多的旅行 因此 我能够
to help me fund even more of my travels. So, I can keep producing videos
以一种……与旅行相关的 始终如一的速度为各位
at a…pretty consistent travel-related rate
for you guys.
You will of course always know, if I am receiving any kind of sponsored help
那你当然会知道 因为 在对我众多优秀助资者的描述中
for any of my travel videos. Because, there will be a link in the description
for one of my various amazing sponsors
他们帮助我 让我能够做我喜欢的事 让我能够和各位分享
that have helped me be able to do what I love to do and to share it with you guys.
As always, I really hope that you’ve picked up on some tips and advice on
how you can start earning or saving money toward your trip or travels.
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我很快就会出下一集视频 那个是关于你在旅途上
I have my next episode coming up very soon. And that’s gonna be tips and advice on
how you can save money, while you’re on the road and traveling.
感谢观看 拜!
Thanks for watching, bye!
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这就是你们来这的原因 对吧?
That’s what you all came here for right.
欢迎来到我的“旅行入门” 旅行预算的第一部分
And welcome to my “How-To-Travel” Guide budgets edition, part 1.