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智利阿塔卡马沙漠:颠覆你对沙漠的认识 – 译学馆
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Travel Adventures in the Atacama Desert: Altiplano Lagoons & Flamingo Reserve

大家早上好 今天你们会注意到奥黛丽和我的父母没有陪我一起来
Good morning everyone. Today you’ll notice I’m not traveling with Audrey or my parents.
Yesterday we did a marathon session of 13 hours of tours. So understandably they are
在家休息了 不过我今天要出去带大家看看
back at home resting. But today I’m going to go out and show some different areas in
and around San Pedro de Atacama. And these are different from what we did before. We’re
这次我们主要去看咸水湖和高原 还有盐滩
going to be focusing on lagoons and the altiplano and we’re also going to be visiting a Salt
Flat. So lots of cool stuff planned for today.
Something else I’ve really enjoyed about the tours here is the fact they’ve all left really
早上的光线很柔和 非常适合摄影
early in the morning. That’s been awesome for photography because of the nice soft light
in the morning and also great for spotting wildlife.
饱啦 早餐太棒了 肚子里都塞不下了 今天的早餐有煎蛋卷
Ah, estoy llena. Breakfast was awesome. I’m totally stuffed. Today we had omelettes and
还有面包 而且我们又吃了Carlitos(餐厅品牌)这顿饭真的很棒
we also had bread and we had Carlitos again so it was a really good meal and now we’re
ready to move on.
这两天我们出行选择的交通工具都是Grado diez – Grado 10
On both days of our tour we decided to go with a company called Grado diez – Grado 10.
And I thought I’d share the thought process behind that.
首先 这种车要比在这边行驶的标准型车辆大的多
So number one the vehicles are a lot bigger than the typical ones plying these roads.
你们会发现 这边的许多车都是小型货车
A lot of the vehicles that you’ll see on these tours are little minivans and they tend to
have problems sometimes on these off-roads. So taking a big truck was really good. And
the other reason we decided to go with this company too was because of the awesome windows
和越野车有点像 所以这趟旅行的花销确实比较多
on this vehicle. This is like a safari truck so you know the tour cost a little bit more
我们也额外多添置了一些东西 比如丰盛的早餐
and we did get a few extra things. Like we had a really nice breakfast, we had on the
第一天我们吃了薄煎饼 非常美味的果汁 咖啡 面包 今天又吃了煎蛋卷
first day we had pancakes, we had really nice juice, coffee, bread. And today we had omelets.
我注意过那种成本比较低的旅行 早餐多数都比较简单
I’ve noticed on other cheaper tours you get a lot more of a simple breakfast. It is just
一般就只是面包 或者加点果汁 没有其他的了对我们来说这样的选择还是挺好的
like bread and maybe juice and that is it. So this was a really good choice for us. It
只需要多花一点钱 但能换来额外的舒适 其实很值得
cost a little bit more but you know sometimes the extra comfort is worth paying for.
Next up is the flamingo reserve. Time to go spot some flamingos.
关于今天的旅行 需要记住的一点是:这里的海拔高度
Something about the tour today to really keep in mind is that the elevation does go above
在4000米以上 所以高原反应会比较明显
4000 meters above sea level. So that means that altitude sickness can be an issue and
also getting a sunburn is very common in this type of weather because you’re up so high,
so you really really need to slather on that sunscreen.
好啦 这次旅行要告一段落啦今天的重头戏绝对是火烈鸟

Alright, so that marks the end of the tour. The highlight was definitely the flamingo
保护区 还有盐滩
reserve and the salt flats.