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Top 40 Small Business Ideas in India for Starting Your Own Business

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现如今 年轻一代总是在寻找新新事物
nowadays the younger generation is always running to find something new and
especially wanting to become entrepreneurs. They have the power and
energy which is the key for them
从而打开通往成功的隐藏之门 在这里 我们给大家提供了40个
opening the hidden doors to success here we come with 40 best small business
印度最佳的小商业创意 可以在大家探索新事物时有所帮助
ideas in India that would help people to explore something new one
一 小礼品商店 开一家自己的小礼品商店可能会是最棒的创意之一了
a small gift store starting your own gift store can be one of the best small
如今 人们对于结婚礼物 生日礼物等方面的需求还是很大的
business ideas today there is a great demand for buying wedding gifts
二 室内规划师 每个人都想要一座自己的梦想之家
birthday gifts etc – interior planner today everyone wants to get their dream
home so interior designing is on high demand
如果你富有创造力 那你可以在众多的小企业创业构想中
if you have creative skills then you could pick up this one from the wide
选择室内设计这一行三 婚礼策划师/媒人
collection of best small business ideas in india three wedding planner
matchmaker wedding is the most special event for everyone’s life
so getting the perfect match is very important
作为一位媒人 能为他人的生活带来幸福一定会让你感到非常的自豪
being a matchmaker you can feel proud knowing that you can bring happiness to one’s life
四 课程培训 如果你有自信成为一位优秀的老师
four coaching classes are you confident as a good teacher
那么是时候开设属于自己的培训班了五 文具店
then it’s time to start your own coaching class 5 stationery shop buying
stationaries is a necessity
所以在印度 就探索最佳小企业的商业创意而言 开个文具店会是一个非常不错的主意
so a stationary shop can be a good idea to start with exploring the best small
六 杂货店 跟文具店有点类似
business ideas in India six grocery shop similar to buying stationaries grocery
is also a must to lead life
开一家新的杂货店还是挺简单的 然后还能获得不错的收益
you can easily begin a new grocery store earning some good money 7 mobile food
七 流动熟食当铺 如今 人们的生活节奏非常快 流动熟食当铺能让人们
stalls today everyone leads a fast life a mobile food stall will help people to
enjoy delicious foods
八 移动手机商店 在忙碌的现实生活中 手机成为了一种必需品
anytime anywhere. Eight mobile shop mobile is a must in today’s busy life
开一家手机充电商店 投入少但却能获得高收益
therefore a mobile recharging shop can help you to get some good earnings with
九 珠宝设计师 珠宝的需求一直居高不下
a small investment nine jewelry designer jewelry is at an all-time demand and
随着黄金的价格不断上涨 首饰制作对你来说也是个不错的选择
with increasing prices of gold jewelry making is a good option for you
十 开书店 爱书之人定会非常乐意在你的书店停留
ten bookstore book lovers would love to visit your store
that would be your great achievement 11
十一 瑜伽学院 如今瑜伽变得越来越流行
yoga institute Yoga is becoming popular nowadays starting a yoga institute with
开一所瑜伽学院 再请一些好的教练 会让你赚得巨额利润
good trainers would require a small investment but give you big profits
十二 自由摄影 在任何情况下 摄影都是唯一一种
well freelance photography at any event photography is the only way to captivate
the sweet moments
对于这种自由职业者的需求量很大 对你来说也是一个绝佳的机会
freelancers are on high demand and it can be a golden opportunity for you
十三 电脑商店 现在家庭电脑和办公电脑随处可见
13 computer store home or office computers are operated everywhere
所以为什么不开一家电脑商店呢 这简直是印度小企业商业创意里最智慧的选择了
so why not start a computer store that’s the smartest option among the best small
十四 安全侦探社
business ideas in India 14 security detective agency
getting the right security would make life more beautiful
so you can start a security or detective ages the at your ease
十五 房地产顾问 现如今房产买卖相当普遍了
15 real estate consultant buying or selling a home is a common thing today being a
real estate agent or consultant
你可以通过提供良好的服务大赚一笔十六 旅行社 谁不喜欢旅行呢
you can earn good money providing proper services 16 travel agency who doesn’t
如果你足够自信 能正式地把大家组织在一起去旅游
love to travel a travel agency would be a killer idea if you are confident
那开家旅行社会是一个绝妙的点子十七 临时保姆
enough to organize tours officially 17 babysitting today working moms face
上班族妈妈面临着上班无法兼顾小孩的难题 以一种更专业的方式来处理这些问题
problems to manage their tots handling it in a professional way would help you
to realize how good it works
十八 餐饮行业 你提供的菜品若是能让人食欲大开 人人都会变成美食家了
18 catering store people would always become foodie when you serve the
从长远来看 餐饮行业足以让你获得不错的收益
lip-smacking dishes a catering store can help you to make good profits in the long term
十九 影印和装订厂 学生们一直都在寻找影印商店
19 Xerox and bookbinders students are always in search of Xerox shops
开张很简单 一台影印机器 然后一些其他的必需品
we know that simple to start you need a Xerox machine and some other things to
start your business
二十 健身房
现如今 男性和女性都在寻找一些锻炼的空间
both men and women today are always looking out for some workout sessions
gyms are the best way to get good business for sure
二十一 自由职业者 你可能是一名网页设计师 也可能是一名网页开发又或者搜索引擎优化专家
21 freelancing you may be a web designer web developer or an SEO expert you can
easily start your freelancing business via the web sites a revealing the real
meaning of the best small business ideas in India
二十二 计算机培训学院 现如今家长们非常热衷于让他们的小孩
22 computer training institutes parents today have become crazy to get their
接受基础的计算机培训 一个组织健全的培训机构
kids basic computer training. An institute with the perfect setup can become
beneficial for you
二十三 游戏厅 现在的年轻人对于刺激游戏可以说是非常疯狂了
23 game parlor new generation today is really crazy to go for exciting games go
开家游戏店 定会让你获得巨大利润二十四 快递机构
with your game parlor earning good profits 24 courier agency today
people depend on courier agencies delivering personal items right to their addresses
你可以把你的公司跟市面上的公司合并 或者你可以自己单干
either you can merge your company with an existing one or you can get your own
二十五 人力资源咨询工作 每个人都希望找到一份好工作
25 HR consultancy everyone today wants to get a good job
你可以跟跨国公司合作 经营自己的人力中介公司
you can easily tie up with some MNCs running your recruitment firm
二十六 写博客 你是否有能力写出好的故事
26 blogging are you capable of generating good content
如果有 那你可以创建一个在线博客 然后赚得一笔不错的收入
then you can start an online blog earning a handsome income
二十七 广告公司
27 advertisement agency
广告行业一直经久不衰 一旦你开始从事这一行 就可以一直做下去了
it’s an evergreen business and once you start this you don’t have to look back
二十八 快餐店 为饥肠辘辘的人做一些妥善的安排
28 fast food shop make some good arrangements for hungry people
如今 人们很容易就购买到快餐食品
people today field it is easy to buy fast foods and you can run your
你可以经营一家自己的快餐店 然后赚取巨额利润
fast-food parlor getting huge profits
二十九 简历写作 我们都知道好的简历是你事业的一张脸
29 resume writing we all know a good resume is the face of your career
so right now providing professional resume writing services is on high demand
三十 搜索引擎优化顾问 作为一个商人 每个企业家都想要获得更多的在线访问量
30 SEO consultant as a business person every entrepreneur wants to get more
所以作为一名搜索引擎优化专家 你可以开始自己的事业了
traffic online so as an SEO expert you can begin your business
三十一 数据录入服务
31 data entry services
it’s a big opportunity to start your business with data entry services and
开张不难 而且收入也很丰厚三十二 古玩店 古玩需求量大
easy to do business with high earnings 32 curio shop and takes today are of high demand
开一家自己的古玩店 那就有了一个大赚一笔的好机会
you can have a great chance to earn a good income starting your own curiel
三十三 网页设计和虚拟主机
shope 33 web design and hosting
你们有曾经在IT公司工作过吗 那这一行对你来说就是最好的选择了
have you worked for an IT company then this one is the best option for you 34
三十四 二手汽车经销商 购买转手汽车这个概念已经很常见了
second hand auto dealer buying resale cars today comes out as a common concept
so you can open your own showroom with resale bikes and cars
三十五 励志演说家
35 motivational speaker
你的语言有感染力吗?如果有 那就去做一名励志演说家 可以获得相当可观的收入
can you speak well if yes then become a motivational speaker and earn a good
三十六 放松水疗店 在度过行程繁忙的一天后
income 36 relaxation spa parlor after a busy day scheduled
relaxation is quite a good option one needs
如果你在这方面技术熟练 那你可以选择这一行
if you are skilled enough you can go for this option
三十七 包装工和搬家公司
37 packers and movers
如果你有好的劳力 那你可以考虑一下
if you have good man power you can think about this one
三十八 保险顾问 如果你有良好的市场营销能力 那你可以开一家保险咨询机构
38 insurance consultant if you have good marketing skills you can easily convince
便能轻而易举地说服人们来买保险三十九 乳制品和糖果店
people by running a good insurance consultant agency 39 dairy and sweet shop
甜品对每个人都是不可或缺的 所以何不尝试一下
sweet is a must for any type of event so why not go for this excellent idea and
四十 活动管理 劳动力是是这一行最主要的要求 如果你具备这一条
forty event management manpower is the main requirement here if you have that
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