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Top 10 Worlds Tallest Buildings

Many of you have probably seen recent news coverage of the u-shaped, curved skyscraper
currently being proposed by a New York City architectural firm.
尽管它看起来违反了力学和科学定律 但它可能即将成为
Although it seems to defy the laws of gravity and science, it may soon become a permanent
fixture of the NYC skyline.
这栋被人们称为“大弯楼”的建筑 使我们联想到
The “Big Bend” – as it is already being called – got us to thinking about the other
散布世界的其他建筑奇迹 因此我们决定在这集信息图像秀中
architectural marvels scattered across the planet, so we decided to do a little more investigating
in this Episode of the Infographics Show; The World’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings.
Number 10: International Commerce Center
The International Commerce Center is a 1,588 ft. (484 m) skyscraper, complete with 108
配备了83座电梯 坐落在香港的金沙嘴
floors and 83 elevators, in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
The building was originally designed to tower close to 1,900 ft. (574 m) but there were
regulations that required no building be taller than the surrounding mountains.
由Sanfield建筑有限公司承建 该大楼主要用于商业办公和宾馆用地
Primarily for commercial offices and hotel space, construction by Sanfield Building Contractors
2002年开始建造 2010年完工 用时8年
Limited began in 2002 and ended 8 years later in 2010.
由于高度降低 该建筑本应用更少的时间去建造
With the reduction in height, the building might have taken less time to construct if
但不幸的是2009年发生了电梯井事故 致六人死亡
it weren’t for a halt in production in 2009 due to an elevator shaft accident that killed
six workers.
第9名:上海全球贸易中心 高1614英尺(492米)
Number 9: Shanghai World Financial Center.The Shanghai World Financial Center is a 1,614
ft. (492 m) tall skyscraper located in Pudong, Shanghai, China.
受上海全球贸易中心公司委托 中建局
Commissioned by the Shanghai World Financial Center Company, the China State Construction
工程公司花费了十年多才建成这个建筑 从1997年
Engineering Corp took a little over ten years to build the structure, spanning from 1997
直到2008年 一共花费了12亿美金
to 2008, and costed $1.2 billion dollars.
这个新型未来派的建筑 有101层 91部电梯 被用作办公楼 宾馆
With 101 floors and 91 elevators, the neo-futuristic structure is used for office and hotel space,
零售业 观景台 娱乐和博物馆
but also features retail locations, observation and recreation spaces, and a museum.
This building isn’t the only towering structure in Shanghai.
之后 这个古老的中国城市会再度出现前十名的建筑
The ancient chinese city will be featured again later on in this top 10 list!
Number 8: Taipei 101 Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World
Financial Center, used to be the world’s tallest building in 2004.
大楼于1999年开工 5年建成 花费不到20亿美元
Construction began in 1999 and ended five years later, costing just under $2 billion dollars.
The postmodern architectural structure was built by Samsung C&T and KTRT Joint Venture,
它高达1671英尺 (509.2米)有101层 配有61部电梯
towering at 1,671 ft. (509.2 m.) with 101 floors and 61 elevators.
它是严格意义上的办公大楼 却以除夕的烟花表演
Taipei 101 is strictly an office building but is renowned for holding New Year’s Eve
firework shows.
“101”意在与时俱进 即已经到来的新纪元
The ‘101’ is meant to symbolize the renewal of time: the new century that has arrived
and all of the new years that will follow.
第7名:CTF金融中心 因为发音问题 以及为避免产生误会
Number 7: CTF Finance Center For the sake of pronunciation and the fear
of slipping up on it, we’ll call the Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre the CTF Finance
Centre or the East Tower.
它由周大福委托建设 于2009年9月开始施工
Commissioned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, construction began in September 2009 and ended
7 years later.
它高1749英尺(530米) 有111层 95部电梯 占地500万
Coming in at 1,739 ft tall (530 m), with 111 floors and 95 elevators, it spans over 5 million
平方英尺 包括355座公寓 251座宾馆房间及1705个车位
square feet, and contains 355 apartments, 251 hotel rooms, and 1,705 parking spaces.
天啊 真是大到无以复加
Holy fook, that’s an enormous building!
第6名:新世贸大厦 它有许多名字
Number 6: One World Trade Center The One World Trade Center has many alternative
names including: 1 WTC or the Freedom Tower.
它基于自由的设计理念 是美国第一个也是唯一一个
Building on the concept of Freedom, it’s the first and only building on our list that
名列榜单的建筑 而且它坐落在纽约的下曼哈顿区
is in the United States of America, specifically in Lower Manhattan, New York City.
A rebuild of the original World Trade Center, destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001,
它是西半球最高建筑 高1776英尺 (541.3米)
it is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, towering at 1,776 ft. (541.3 m),
凑巧的是 1776也是签署《独立宣言》的年份
which is, coincidentally, the very year the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Tishman建造公司在2006年4月开始动工 在2013年6月完工
Tishman Construction began building in April 2006 and completed the structure in July 2013.
它总共有104层 73部电梯 包含办公 观景
There are 104 floors and 73 elevators, as well as office, observation, and communication
spaces throughout.
第5名:乐天世界大厦 共计123层
Number 5: Lotte World Tower The Lotte World Tower is a 123-floor, 1,819
高1819英尺(554.5米) 这个超级高的摩天楼新近竣工于
ft (554.5 m) “supertall” skyscraper that recently finished construction during March
of 2016.
It is currently the tallest building in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development (OECD).
它位于韩国首尔 主要用于宾馆和民用大楼 它打地基于2009年5月
Located in Seoul, South Korea, the hotel and residential building broke ground in May 2009
and construction began in February of 2011.
当它还没建好的时候 有名的YouTube频道闯入这个建筑
Famous YouTube channel broke into the building as it was still being constructed, climbed
上到楼顶 报道了这一切
to the top of it and published the whole thing on their YouTube.
Number 4: Ping An Finance Centre The Ping An International Finance Center was
由平安保险委托 中建第一局建造
commissioned by Ping An Insurance and built by the China Construction First Building Group.
它坐落在广东深圳 耗时6年建造:从2010到2016年
Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, this building took 6 years to complete, from 2010-2016.
该商业楼主用于办公和零售 总共有115层
Used for office and retail space, the Business District building contains 115 floors and
含80部电梯 高1969英尺(600米)
80 elevators to take you up 1,969 ft. (600 m).
耗资6.78亿 占地400万平方英尺
The building cost $678 million to build, and covers over 4 million sq. ft. (386k+ meters
很显然 一些人把它和山搞混 因为来自各国的冒险者
Apparently, some people have confused this building with a mountain, as several daredevils
曾尝试爬到楼顶 一些人甚至在其尚未完工时
from around the world have made attempts to climb to the top; some even used a crane to
access it while it was still under construction.
第三名:麦加皇家钟塔 Abraj AI-Bait意为议院的塔
Number 3: Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower The Abral Al-Bait, translated as “The Towers
由政府所有 它并非一两座 而是七座
of the House” is a government owned complex of not one, not two, but seven skyscraper
hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
这个钟楼不是世界最高的建筑 却有着世上最大的
The clock tower is not the tallest building but it does contain the world’s largest
clock face.
这栋建筑物高1972英尺(601米) 占地300万平方英尺
The skyscraper rings in – or chimes in – at 1,972 ft (601 m) and covers over 3 million
square feet (300k+ meters sq.).
这栋由钢铁 混凝土 玻璃 石头和大理石建造的后现代主义高楼
This $15 billion building is a postmodern skyscraper made of steel, concrete, glass,
natural stone, and marble.
它由沙特本拉登集团建造 有120层 96部电梯
The clock tower was built by the Saudi Binladin Group and contains 120 floors and 96 elevators.
第2名:上海塔 之前是上海中心
Number 2: Shanghai Tower The Shanghai Tower, formerly the Shanghai
Center, is a 2,073 ft. (632 m) skyscraper located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
尽管它只在2015年是世界最高建筑 但现在它仍然有着世界上
Even though it was once the world’s tallest building in 2015, it still has the world’s
最高的露天平台和最快的电梯 速度是每小时46英里
highest observation deck and the world’s fastest elevators, with a speed of 46 mph
(74 km/h or 20.5 m/s).
如此快速的电梯共106座 也不知道穿过全部128层耗时多久
With 106 elevators, it’s a wonder how long it would take to visit all 128 floors.
上海塔属于市政府 用于办公 零售和娱乐
The Shanghai Tower is owned by the city government and is utilized for office, retail, and leisure.
由上海建工集团建造 始于2008年11月
Construction by the Shanghai Construction Group began in November of 2008 and ended
in February of 2015.
This building cost 15.7 billion….
换算成美元 大概是24亿美金
Yuan; in US currency, that’s about $2.4 billion.
第一名:布尔吉哈利法塔 也称作布尔吉迪拜
Number 1: Burj Khalifa The Burj Khalifa, also known as the Burj Dubai,
is Arabic for “Khalifa Tower.”
它是一栋很有名的超级摩天大楼 坐落于阿联酋的迪拜
It is known as a “megatall” skyscraper, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
楼高2722英尺 (829.8米)是世界上
It stands at a staggering 2,722 ft. (829.8 m), making it the tallest building in the
whole wide world.
它耗资15亿 花费建筑师Adrian Smith 其他开发商和
It cost $1.5 billion to build, and took architect Adrian Smith and the rest of the developers
承包商5年时间完成 从2004直到2009年
and contractors, 5 years to complete, from 2004 to 2009.
总共163层 其中154层可用 2层地下停车场
The building features 163 floors, of which 154 are usable, 2 below-ground parking levels,
and it is optimally used for hotel and residential space.
Wondering how to get to the top?
多亏了Otis 电梯公司 有57部电梯可供你选择
Thanks to the Otis Elevator Company, you can choose from 57 elevators.
哈利法塔的主要原材料为钢铁 玻璃和用混凝土
The Burj Khalifa is primarily made of steel, glass, and aluminum with a primary reinforced
structure of concrete.
The World’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings are some of the greatest tourist attractions and
busiest areas in their respective cities.
尽管其中一些最高的建筑存在很多年了 但是许多
Even though some of the tallest buildings have been around for years, many of the buildings
that made the top 10 were completed within the last few years.
Have you ever been to any of the buildings on this list?
如果去过 是哪一个呢 在楼顶感觉如何呢
If so, which ones and how did it feel being on the roof?
Let us know in the comments.
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