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猫咪的十大怪异行为 – 译学馆
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Top 10 Weird CAT BEHAVIORS Explained

Welcome to Top10Archive!
Anybody that’s browsed the internet long enough can attest that
cats can be some purrty strange creatures.
In an effort to get to know our feline friends a litter better,
we sunk our claws into some of their positively odd behaviors
and threw our findings into this cat-destrophic installment!
10 需要独处
10.Some Alone Time
Ever just want to snuggle up to or play with
your cat only to be met with the cold shoulder?
虽然最初你可能会认为 你的猫只是没有留神周围的人和事
While you may initially think your feline is simply oblivious to its surroundings, researchers
东京大学的研究人员却发现 实际情况比“没留神”要无礼得多了
at the University of Tokyo have found that there’s something a bit ruder going on.
在一项对20只家猫的研究中 研究人员确定 其中30%
In a study of 20 domesticated cats, researchers determined that about 30% of the felines sampled
essentially ignored those who called out to them.
所以别担心 你的猫可能不是一个彻头彻尾的坏蛋
So don’t worry, your cat probably isn’t a complete jerk and may just be suffering from
behavior deeply rooted in its evolution.
9 寻求关注
当然 每次你的猫不理你时
Of course, for every time your cat decides
to ignore you, there is probably many instances where it decides to plop its furry overgrown
body right in the middle of your laptop.
确实 你的电脑很温暖也很适合猫咪的身体 但或许
Sure, your computer is warm and fits your kitty’s body perfectly, but perhaps there’s
another reason it chose that exact spot.
这种侵入行为的一个更普遍的原因是 你的小家伙
One of the more popular reasons for this intrusive behavior is that your tiny family member is
looking for attention.
它看见你围着什么忙成一团 它就会坐在什么上面
There’s a good possibility your cat will sit on anything it sees you messing with, even
something as small as a piece of paper.
8 短距冲刺
8.The Kitty Sprint
Unless you’re new to the interwebs,
you’ve probably seen a video or two of cats
里面的猫咪随意奔跑 没有明确的目的地
randomly sprinting to no specific destination.
Well, while you’re sitting there judging their mental state,
you may actually want to take a cue from that four-legged speeding fluff-ball.
One of the most common reasons for a random outburst is a need to release energy.
Instinctively, cats are programmed to hunt and chase down their meals, and since the
但家猫饭来张口 能量储存得很充足
domesticated house cat is hand delivered its meals, it has this built-up store of energy
and no smaller critters to expel it on.
不过 如果你的猫还伴有强迫性抓挠和梳毛
If your cat also exhibits obsessive scratching and grooming,
it could be showing signs of hyperesthesia syndrome.
7 什么都吃
7.Everything is Food
Should you start to find inedible items around
上面如果留有猫咪的牙印 说明它可能正在遭受
your house showing up with kitten teeth marks on them, it may actually be experiencing what’s
异食癖 即啃食不可食用物品的欲望
known as pica, or the urge to eat non-food items.
尽管异食癖对猫来说不一定危险 但当你看到你的猫大嚼一些
While pica is not necessarily dangerous to cats, if you observe yours chewing on unexpected
不能食用的东西时 最好先带它去看看兽医
items, it’s always best to start with a visit to the vet.
造成这一怪异举动的其他原因包括 营养不良 强迫性障碍
Additional causes for this strange behavior can include dietary deficiencies, a compulsive
disorder, and even feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus.
然而 如果只是异食癖 只需移开它啃食的东西
If it is just a case of pica, however, removing what your cat is chewing on and giving it
more attention may be the simple fix.
6 不速之“礼”
6.Unwanted Gifts
When a friend of yours brings a dead mouse
带到你门前 你是立马叫警察 亦或是拿来刀叉和黄油
to your door, you immediately call the police… or grab 2 forks and some butter, depending
on what kind of friends you have.
但是 如果带来奇怪礼物的是你的猫 你在反胃的同时也应该感到一丝受宠若惊
BUT, when your cat does it, you’re disgusted but also should feel a little flattered.
要知道 猫咪可不是随随便便送别人动物尸体的
You see, cats don’t deliver dead animals to just any person.
They’re instinctual creatures still acting out on a natural-born need to hunt and when
当晚餐摆在面前 不和家人分享 和谁分享呢?
there’s dinner to be had, who better to share it with than family?
是的 如果你的猫给你送来死老鼠或鸟儿 它只是在
That’s right, if your cat brings you a deceased rodent or bird, it’s simply providing its
family with the nutrition it needs to survive.
至于你要不要吃下这食物 随你便咯
Whether or not you decide to eat said nutrition… well, tat’s totally up to you.
5 用头撞人
5.Kitty Headbutt!
There are a couple of reasons why your cat may have the tendency to smash its head against
你的头 谢天谢地 它并不是为了自卫
yours and, thankfully, self-defense is not one of them.
当猫咪轻轻用头撞你时 不管是撞在脸颊 下巴 还是头骨
When your cat engages you in some light headbutting, either against your cheek, chin, or the thick
最坚硬的地方 这种行为都叫做“互顶”“互蹭”
of your own skull, it’s doing what’s known as bunting and allorubbing.
作为一种社交回应 猫咪“顶头”能够把它们大量的气味腺体
Known for being a social response, cat bunting is a means of spreading the scent from their
所分泌的气味传给你 从而进一步巩固你作为好友或家人的地位
many scent glands to you, further solidifying your place as a close friend or family member.
同时 也有较小的可能性是你的猫在寻求关注 或者只是
Then again, there’s always the small possibility that your cat craves attention or is simply
把你当成一块临时猫抓板 但总的来说 它多半是在建立
using you as a makeshift scratching post, but chances are that it’s creating a bond
with you.
4 猫咪之吻
4.Kitty Kisses
Did our writers just make me say “kitty kisses”?
稍等一下 我马上回来
One second, I’ll be right back.
啊 好多了…
Much better…
不同于蝴蝶之吻(轻吻)爱斯基摩式吻(碰鼻尖)和法式热吻 猫咪之吻
Not to be confused with butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, or French kisses, cat kisses
are really just another means for that adorable fluff to tell you that they love you.
但猫咪之吻和你想象的并不一样 它实际上还包括猫的眼睛
Kitty kisses aren’t what you think, however, and actually, involve the cat’s eyes.
没错 那迷人的 可爱的… 瘆人的 死气沉沉的眼睛有助于你的猫
Yes, those adorable, lovable… creepy, lifeless eyes are believed to help your cat express
缓慢的眨眼和放松的面部似乎表明 你的猫打算昏昏沉沉地
While a slow blink and very relaxed face may look like your cat is about ready to zonk
瘫一整天 实际上 人家是在向你示爱呢
out for the day, what may really be happening is that your fluff is showing you affection.
These cat kisses are a common sign of love between a feline and its family.
3 热衷谈话
3.Cat Chat Fever
一天 你悠闲地在屋子里晃来晃去 享受着宁静
You’re lounging around one day enjoying your
突然 你听到房间的角落传来一阵奇怪的谈话声
silence when suddenly, from a corner of your house, you hear this strange chattering.
家里不会有什么怪力乱神吧 比如另一个世界来的恐怖生物
Your mind may wander to something sinister in your home, like a being from another world,
but you can just tuck that silliness back into the deepest recesses of your brain.
你听到的其实是你的猫发出的声音 专家认为
What you’re actually hearing is your cat who, experts believe, could be making noises of
frustration at its inability to hunt viewable prey.
另一种比较吓人的理论则认为 猫的谈话声是一种本能反射
Another far more gruesome theory points to the chattering being a reflex motion linked
to your cat’s instinct to bite down on its prey’s neck.
2 搞恶作剧
2.Cat Mischief
承认吧 你的猫有时可是个难缠的主儿
Let’s face it, your cat can be a handful,
especially when it decides to just randomly knock over your finest possessions.
不过 它并非只是想当个猫型大坏蛋
It’s not just being a big feline jerk, however.
事实上 你的猫咪是在练习捕食策略 具体来说
In fact, it’s believed that your furry friend is practicing its hunting strategies, specifically
when it toys with its prey before murdering it.
随着对周边环境的了解 猫可能会开始试探一些你非常喜爱的物品
As your cat learns its surroundings, it is likely to test out some of your favorite inanimate
objects to see if it’ll try to scamper off and give a good hunt.
虽然最后猫认识到不是这么回事儿 它却也发现 打翻东西
Though cats eventually learn this isn’t the case, they also realize that knocking over
能带来另一种反应 即召唤出它的人类伙伴
items produces a different reaction – the presence of its human companion.
如果你注意到 你的猫频繁地打翻大量东西 试着多给它
If you notice your feline knocking over a lot of your stuff frequently, try giving it
a little attention.
要么是这样 要么就是它很不喜欢你的东西占据它的私人地盘
It’s either that or it just really doesn’t like your stuff in its personal space.
1 爱钻盒子
1.Box Love
Our cats are some pretty strange creatures,
但是 喜欢坐在狭小的空间里 绝对是猫咪群体中流传最广的奇怪行为之一
but one of their most meme-worthy traits is their desire to sit inside of small spaces,
确切地说 是坐在硬纸箱里
most specifically cardboard boxes.
尽管我们觉得这样萌萌哒 但你的猫咪可不只是为了卖萌
While we think it’s adorable, to your feline friend it’s about more than just being cute.
同我们一样 荷兰乌得勒支大学的学者对猫咪的这一癖好
Researchers at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands were just as perplexed as the
也困惑不已 于是 他们决定 暂时搁下对那些最棘手的病症的治疗
rest of us and, taking a day off from curing the nastiest of diseases, decided to set their
sights on cats.
他们可以确定的是 当猫蜷缩在一块狭小的空间里时 它可能是在
What they determined is that when a cat clumps itself into a small space, it may be coping
with stress.
把自己装在四面不透风的盒子中 猫咪可以获得安全感和温暖
Being encased in its 4 walls, a cat can tend to feel a sense of security and warmth that
helps calm them.







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