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2017十大最强的军队 – 译学馆
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Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in 2017 - Military / Army Comparison

“We have the greatest military in the world!” is a refrain heard throughout many countries
从中国到朝鲜 从以色列到日本
all over the world, from China to North Korea, Israel to Japan.
Some of these countries even organize parades to showcase their military might in an attempt
to convince themselves and others of their great power.
但谁才是真正的10大最强大的军队 是什么使他们
But who are really the top 10 most powerful militaries and what makes them as strong as
they are?
我们认为 把世界上最强大的军事力量拿来做一个科研型的比较 将会是非常有趣的
We thought it would be fun to do a research-based comparison of the strongest militaries in
the world and to present you with just the facts in this episode of The Infographics
Show, Top 10 most powerful militaries in 2017.
第10名:意大利 意大利是欧洲国家 版图像靴子
Number 10: Italy Italy is a boot shaped country in Europe,
意大利位于地中海的中心位置 人口6千万
located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of 60 million people.
意大利的年度国防预算为340亿美元 占其国内生产总值的1.8%
Its annual defense budget is $34 billion, which 1.8% of its GDP.
They have a total of 320,000 active frontline personnel and 42,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
意大利的陆军系统包含586辆坦克 6972辆装甲战车 164门自行火炮 92门牵引火炮
The country’s Land Systems contain 586 tanks, 6,972 AFVs, 164 SPGs, 92 Towed-Artillery,
and 21 MLRSs.
意大利的空军由785架战斗机组成 最有名的是欧洲战机
Italy’s Air Force consists of 785 total aircrafts, the most popular being the Eurofighter
海军拥有2艘航母 13艘护卫舰 4艘驱逐舰 5艘小型护卫舰 6艘潜艇
Its Navy has 2 Aircraft Carriers, 13 Frigates, 4 Destroyers, 5 Corvettes, 6 Submarines, and
10 Coastal Defense Crafts.
尽管意大利的海军武器装备很出色 陆军装备
Despite its impressive naval capabilities, Italy’s land-based military is somewhat
有点缺乏 这也是为什么意大利位列榜单倒数第一的一大原因
lacking, which is a big part of why they fall at the bottom of this list.
第9名:德国 德国是一个位于欧洲中部的国家
Number 9: Germany Germany is a country located in Central Western
Europe, with a population of 81 million people.
德国的年度国防预算为360亿美元 比意大利多20亿美元
Its annual defense budget is $36 billion, which is $2 billion more than Italy, but only
但只占国内生产总值的1% 此项位列榜单倒数第一
1% of its GDP, one of the lowest on this list.
They have a total of 180,000 active frontline personnel and 145,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
德国拥有408架坦克 5869辆装甲战车 154门自行火炮 50个多管火箭发射系统
Germany has 408 Tanks, 5,869 AFVs, 154 SPGs, and 50 MLRSs in its military, along with 676
还有676架战斗机 最有名的也是欧洲战机 台风
aircrafts, the most popular also being the Eurofighter Typhoon.
相比之下 德国的海军力量要弱很多 它没有航母 只有5艘潜艇
Its Navy is quite small by comparison, with no aircraft carriers and only 5 submarines.
然而 德国拥有10艘护卫舰 5艘小型护卫舰 4艘海防船
It does, however, have 10 Frigates, 5 Corvettes, and 4 Coastal Defense Crafts.
与意大利不同的是 德国似乎更重视陆军
Unlike Italy, Germany seems to have focused more on its land based military, but the imbalance
of army and navy is what puts it close to the bottom of this list.
第8名: 土耳其 土耳其是位于
Number 8: Turkey Turkey is a transcontinental country that
falls between Anatolia in Western Asia and the Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe, with
a population of 75 million people.
土耳其的年度国防预算为180亿 占国民生产总值的2.4%
Its annual defense budget is just over $18 billion, which is 2.4% of its GDP.
They have a total of 410,500 active frontline personnel and 185,630 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
The country lays claim to an impressively large fleet of 3,778 tanks, as well as 1,007
1007架战斗机和武装性直升机 最有名的是美国洛克希德马丁航空航天公司生产的
aircraft and attack helicopters, the most popular being the U.S. made Lockheed Martin
F-16 Fighting Falcon.
土耳其也拥有7550辆装甲战车 1013门自行火炮 697门牵引火炮
They also have access to 7,550 AFVs, 1,013 Self-Propelled Guns, 697 Towed-Artillery,
and 811 MLRSs.
海军由16艘护卫舰 8艘小型护卫舰 29艘海防船组成
Their Navy consists of 16 Frigates, 8 Corvettes, and 29 Coastal Defense Crafts.
尽管没有航母 但土耳其以拥有13艘潜艇感到自豪
Although they lack an aircraft carrier, they do boast a total of 13 submarines; only five
在这一部门里 全世界只有5个国家可以打败土耳其
other countries in the world beat them in that department.
第7名:日本 日本是东亚的一个岛国
Number 7: Japan Japan is an island nation in East Asia, located
位于太平洋 人口1.26亿
in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of 126 million people.
日本的年度国防预算为403亿美元 占国内生产总值的0.9%
Its annual defense budget is $40.3 billion, which is 0.9% of its GDP.
从绝对值来看 日本军队相对来说规模较小
In absolute terms, the Japanese military is relatively small, with a total of 250,000
共有25万名现役一线人员 5.79万名现役预备役人员
active frontline personnel and 57,900 active reserve personnel.
尽管如此 日本装备精良
Nonetheless, the country is extremely well equipped.
陆基系统由678辆坦克 2850辆装甲战车 202门自行火炮 500门牵引火炮
Its land based systems consist of 678 Tanks, 2,850 AFVs, 202 SPGs, 500 Towed-Artillery,
99个多管火箭发射系统 和1590架战斗机组成
and 99 MLRSs, as well as a whopping 1,590 aircrafts, the most popular of which is the
Japanese made Mitsubishi F-15J.
日本海军在某些领域比较弱 这很令人奇怪
Their Naval forces are light in some areas, which is odd considering they are a group
of islands.
日本拥有3艘航母 43艘驱逐舰 6艘海防船
They have 3 Aircraft Carriers, 43 Destroyers, and 6 Coastal Defense Crafts.
尽管日本没有护卫舰和小型护卫舰 但日本拥有本榜单第四大
Although they have no Frigates or Corvettes, they do have the fourth largest submarine
的潜艇舰队 共有17艘潜艇
fleet in this list, with a total of 17 submarines.
第6名:英国 英国是位于西北欧的一个岛国
Number 6: The United Kingdom The United Kingdom is an island nation in
Northwestern Europe with a population of 65 million people (243,610 square km).
英国的年度国防预算为550亿美元 占国内生产总值的2%
It has an annual defense budget of $55 billion, which is 2% of its GDP and the third highest
defense budget on this list.
They have a total of 150,000 active frontline personnel and 182,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
英国拥有407辆坦克 5948辆装甲战车 89门自行火炮 138门牵引火炮和42个多管火箭发射系统
The UK has 407 Tanks, 5,948 AFVs, 89 SPGs, 138 Towed-Artillery, and 42 MLRSs.
空军共有879架战斗机 其中欧洲战机 台风
It’s air force has a combined total of 879 aircrafts, with the Eurofighter Typhoon being
their most popular.
海军由1艘航母 3艘护卫舰 6艘驱逐舰 10艘潜艇
Their Navy consists of 1 Aircraft Carrier, 13 Frigates, 6 Destroyers, 10 Submarines,
and 18 Coastal Defense Crafts.
英国还是榜单中最早拥有核武器的国家 共有核弹头215颗
.They are also the first on this list to have nuclear weapons, with a total of 215 warheads.
有那么一段时间 英国的军事实力是依靠他与欧盟的关系而确立的
For some time now, the UK’s armed forces has relied on its connection to the EU.
It remains to be seen whether its recent Brexit from Europe will grow or weaken its military.
第5名:法国 法国是西欧国家
Number 5: France France is a Western European country located
位于英吉利海峡和地中海中间 人口6500万
betwixt the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of 65 million people.
法国的年度国防预算为350亿美元 占国内生产总值的1.4%
Its annual defense budget is $35 billion, which is 1.4% of its GDP.
They have a total of 205,000 active frontline personnel and 195,770 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
法国军队共有423辆坦克 325门自行火炮 233门牵引火炮
France’s military has a total of 423 Tanks, 6,863 AFVs, 325 SPGs, 233 Towed-Artillery,
and 44 MLRSs.
空军包括1282架战斗机 其中的法国产阵风战斗机
Their Air force contains 1,282 total aircrafts, with the French-made Dassault Rafale B/C being
their most popular.
海军拥有11艘护卫舰 11艘驱逐舰 10艘潜艇和20艘海防船
Their Navy has 11 Frigates, 11 Destroyers, 10 Submarines, and 20 Coastal Defense Crafts.
法国还拥有4艘航母 是世界上拥有航母数量
They also have 4 aircraft carriers, which is the second largest number of aircraft carriers
in the world.
France beats the UK in total number of nuclear warheads, with 300 Nuclear weapons to their
第4名:印度 位于南亚的印度 是世界上人口第二多的国家
Number 4: India Located in South Asia, India is the 2nd most
populated country in the world with a population of 1.34 billion people.
印度的年度国防预算为400亿美元 占国内生产总值的1.8%
It has a defense budget of $40 billion, which is 1.8% of its GDP.
They have a total of 1,325,000 active frontline personnel and 2,143,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
印度的军事力量由6464辆坦克 6704辆装甲战车 290门自行火炮 7414门牵引火炮
Their military is comprised of 6,464 tanks, 6,704 AFVs, 290 SPGs, 7,414 Towed-Artillery,
and 292 MLRSs.
印度空军包含2086架战斗机 其中俄产苏霍伊 苏-30战机
Their air force contains 2,086 aircrafts with the Russian made Sukhoi Su-30MKI being their
most popular.
印度海军也非常庞大 拥有2艘航母 14艘护卫舰 10艘驱逐舰 26艘小型巡洋舰
Their navy is also quite large, with 2 aircraft carriers, 14 Frigates, 10 Destroyers, 26 Corvettes,
14 Submarines, and 135 Coastal Defense Crafts.
在这之外 印度拥有90—110颗的核弹头的核装备
On top of all this, India has a nuclear stockpile of between 90 and 110 warheads.
Although this number is smaller than all the other nuclear countries on this list,
it’s still nothing to sneeze at.
第3名:中国 位于东亚的中国 是世界上
Number 3: China Located in East Asia, China is the most populated
人口最多的国家 人口数量13.8亿
country in the world with a population of 1.38 billion people.
中国的年度国防预算为1470亿美元 占国内生产总值的2.1%
It has a defense budget of $147 billion, which is 2.1% of its GDP.
They have a total of 2,335,000 active frontline personnel and 2,300,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
中国拥有世界上第二大的坦克舰队 共有9150辆坦克 中国还有4788辆装甲战车
They have the world’s second largest tank fleet with 9,150 tanks, as well as 4,788 AFVs,
1710门自行火炮 6246门牵引火炮和177个多管火箭发射系统
1,710 SPGs, 6,246 Towed-Artillery, and 177 MLRSs.
中国空军包括2942架战斗机 其中中国产成都J7战机
Their air force contains 2,942 aircrafts with the Chinese made Chengdu J-7 being their most
中国还拥有世界上第二大潜艇舰队 数量为68艘
They also have the second largest submarine fleet with 68 submarines, as well as 1 aircraft
还有1艘航母 48艘护卫舰 32艘驱逐舰 26艘小型护卫舰和138海防船
carrier, 48 Frigates, 32 Destroyers, 26 Corvettes, and 138 Coastal Defense Crafts.
中国拥有可观的核武库 共有260颗核弹头
They have a sizable nuclear arsenal with a total of 260 nuclear warheads, rivaling the
UK’s stockpile.
第2名:俄罗斯 横跨亚欧大陆面积广阔的国家
Number 2: Russia A huge country in Eurasia, Russia has a total
population of 143 million people.
俄罗斯的年度国防预算为4.7亿美元 占国内生产总值的3.9%
It has a defense budget of $47 billion, which is 3.9% of its GDP.
They have a total of 766,000 active frontline personnel and 2.5 million active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
俄罗斯的陆基武装力量包括31300辆装甲战车 5972门自行火炮 4625门牵引火炮
Their land base forces consist of 31,300 AFVs, 5,972 SPGs, 4,625 Towed-Artillery, and 3,793
俄罗斯以拥有世界上最大的坦克舰队而闻名 坦克数量达到惊人的15400辆
Russia is known for having the world’s largest tank fleet with a staggering 15,400 tanks,
还有第二大战斗机舰队 共有战斗机3547架
as well as the second largest aircraft fleet with 3,547 aircrafts, the most popular being
the USSR made Sukhoi Su-27.
俄罗斯还拥有第三大潜艇舰队 共有60艘潜艇
They have the third biggest submarine fleet with 60 subs, along with 1 aircraft carrier,
还有1艘航母 4艘护卫舰 15艘驱逐舰 81艘小型护卫舰和14艘海防船
4 frigates, 15 destroyers, 81 corvettes, and 14 coastal defense craft.
最后 俄罗斯的核基地非常庞大 共有7000颗核弹头
Finally, Russia’s Nuclear program is phenomenally large with 7,000 warheads, the most of any
第1名:美国 美国位于北美洲
Number 1: The United States of America The U.S.A, located in North America between
在加拿大和墨西哥之间 人口总数为3.21亿
Canada and Mexico, has a total population of 321 million people.
美国经常被认为是世界上最强大的国家 而它的军事力量也
It is often referred to as the most powerful country in the world, and its military certainly
reflects that.
美国的国防预算非常庞大 达到6640亿美元 占国内生产总值的2.4%
America has a monumental $664 billion defense budget, which is 2.4% of its GDP, and about
14 times what Russia spends.
They have a total of 1,400,000 active frontline personnel and 1,100,000 active reserve personnel
in their armed forces.
美国的坦克舰队非常庞大 共有8848辆坦克 41000辆装甲战车 1934门自行火炮 1300门牵引火炮
The US has a massive fleet of 8,848 tanks, 41,000 AFVs, 1,934 SPGs, 1,300 Towed-Artillery,
and 1,331 MLRSs.
在空军方面 美国共有13444架战斗机 其中最有名的是
In terms of its air force, the U.S. has a total of 13,444 aircrafts, with its most popular
being the American made F-16 Fighting Falcon.
然而 美国海军是目前为止 该榜单中最引人注目的
But it is their naval force which is by far the most impressive of any country on this
美国海军包括19艘航母 这比俄罗斯多18艘
list: It consists of 19 aircraft carriers, which is 18 more than Russia, the 2nd most
powerful military on Earth.
美国还拥有6艘护卫舰 62艘驱逐舰 13艘海防船和75艘潜艇
It also has 6 Frigates, 62 Destroyers, 13 Coastal Defense Craft, and 75 Submarines,
making their submarine fleet the largest in the world.
对于核武器来说 美国把大多数的其他国家远远甩在身后(比俄罗斯少不了多少)
As for Nuclear weapons, they are miles ahead of most (though not too far behind Russia)
with 6,800 nuclear warheads.
尽管美国拥有世界上最强大的军事实力 这似乎是不言而喻的
Though it seems obvious that the US has the strongest military in the world, many would
很多人争论道 还有很多其他因素要考虑进来而不仅仅是赤裸裸的数字
argue that there are other things to consider other than the raw numbers.
Who do you think has the strongest military on Earth?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.
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