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Tips on How to Start a Bullet Journal

即便这看起来是件小事 我还是建议你先想好
Although this seems like a basic thing, my first tip is to really think of the size of
your future bullet jornal.
你需要选一个笔记本 这样就可以记下整年的规划了 这种选择
You need to chose a notebook that you will be able to carry all year round so this choice
can make or break your bullet journaling habit.
当我第一次开始记子弹日记时 用的是中型molekine笔记本
When I first started bullet journaling I used the medium sized molekine notebook, which
你可以在屏幕右侧看到 但不久我发现自己更喜欢大号的纸
you can see on the right but I soon found out that I preferred larger pages so I could
have more room to draw calendars and timetables.
除了纸张大小 你也应该考虑自己是否偏好圆点纸 线条纸
Besides the size, you should also think about if you prefer to write with dots, lines, a
grid or just plain paper.
我正在用的是一种圆点型molekine子弹笔记本 而且我也不会再换回去
I am currently using a dotted moleskine bullet journal and I think I will never go back.
圆点纸因可以进行个性化设计 故能给你一个完美的布局 但又不像
Dotted paper gives you the perfect layout for customizable spreads but it isn’t as
harsh as lines or grid paper.
开始记子弹日记前 我强烈建议你在网上搜集一些别人的
Before starting to work on your bullet journal I really recommend searching for other bullet
子弹日记 看看他们是怎样制作笔记本的
journals on the web and seeing what people are doing with their notebooks.
你可以在微博或是youtube网站上找到许多灵感 并在自己的日记上
You can find tons of inspiration on tumblr and youtube and incorporate [a few of the
things you find in your own journal.
有多种布局可供选择 包括日制 周制和月制的布局 以及
You have tons of layouts to chose from, including daily, weekly and monthly spreads, as well
跟进型 时间表型 时间轴型 任务列表型 你说了算
as habit trackers, timetables, timelines, task lists, you name it.
如果要我推荐个人给你 我一定会推荐Boho Berry
If I could choose one person to recommend to you, I would definitely check out Boho
Berry because she has the most beautiful bullet journal I’ve ever seen.
另一件我认为重要的事 就是从简单着手
Another thing I think is so important is just to start simple.
我了解的那些已放弃子弹日记的人 大多是完美主义者
Most people I know that have quit bullet journaling are mostly perfectionist people, that ended
他们对自己的进度不再感兴趣 因为他们试图把任务复杂化
up not enjoying how their spreads were looking because they were trying to over-complicate the task.
要记住 子弹系统在变革日志世界中被寄予厚望
Remember that the thing that the bullet system was supposed to revolutionize the journaling
这是一个事实 与传统的日记记录方法相比 子弹系统如此简单
world is the fact that it is such a simple system in comparison to traditional journaling methods.
正因为你在网上找到了完美的子弹日记 但那并不意味着
Just because you find wonderful bullet journals on the internet, it doesn’t mean you have
to commit to that aesthetic.
将你的日记视作制定计划的工具 而不单单是追求创新的摆设
Just face your journal as a tool for productivity and not merely as a creative outlet.
同时 我建议你花一个星期来准备你的子弹日记
As such, I would recommend you to spend a week or so preparing your bullet journal,
画些进度或编些页码 以此来熟悉它
drawing a few spreads or numbering a few pages, just to get the hang of it.
I especially like to do this the week before the new year.
不管怎样 一旦正式开始子弹日记的记录 就不要担心你的笔迹
However, as soon as you officially start bullet journaling, don’t worry if your handwriting
潦草或有污迹 因为日记是属于你的 没人有必要看
is messy or smudged – your journal is yours and nobody needs to see it.
一直记下去 试试看 一年后日记上的记录会怎样
Just keep writing and try to see how the journal develops through the year.
也许你会惊喜的发现 随着时间的推移 你的记录技巧提升了
Maybe you will be surprised to find out that your journaling skills improve as the months go by.
既然我们聊的是关于“保证”的话题 那么我建议你每天安排某段时间
Since we are on the topic of committing, I also recommend for you to schedule a certain
time each day to write in your bullet journal.
人们放弃子弹日记的其中一个原因是 他们发现在开始的几个星期
One of the things that makes people quit bullet journaling is just finding out a few weeks
after they started that they haven’t written almost anything down.
I like to spend 10 minutes each day just sitting in front of that empty page and just trying
to remember of things that I need to do, or I need to accomplish.
如果所有那些要做的事都已被记下 结尾处我会写下
If all of those productive things are already written down, I end up writing about things
一些心存感激的事 想读的书或想去游玩的国家
that I am grateful for, or books that I want to read, or countries where I want to travel.
总有些事情要记下来 并且当你明白自己热衷于此时
There is always something to write about and the task of writing every day becomes addictive
and that is when you understand that you are committed to journaling.
最后 有用的方法 我记得已经把它录入去年的
For a final, very functional tip, and I think I’ve mentioned this in my last year’s
子弹日记计划视频里了 建议你在自己的子弹日记背面画出并写下你的长期计划
bullet journal setup video, I recommend you to draw and write your permanent spreads in
the back of your bullet journal so you can quickly access them without having to check
your table of contents.
我通常用这个方法使用我的时间表 年历 youtube申请
[I normally use this method to access my timetable, a year calendar, youtube requests, the contacts
我所在公司的通讯录 基本信息 财务信息等等
of companies I’m working with, general contacts, financial information and so on.
我也喜欢将一揽子清单记在日记后面 这样就不会
I also like to keep my bucket list in the back of my journal so it doesn’t get lost
between all the weekly spreads in between.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this video!
如果你想获取更多关于子弹日记的信息 搜索我去年的子弹日记101视频
If you want more information about bullet journaling, check out my Bullet Journal 101
video, as well as my bullet journal setup for the last year.
我确定会在1月上传2017的计划 请拭目以待 再见
I will be sure to upload a 2017 setup in January so keep an eye out for that. Bye!