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Tips for perfect English pronunciation – English lesson to improve communication skills

大家好 我是Ceema 今天的内容是关于正确发音的小技巧
Hi this is Ceema and I’m back with a new lesson on tips to pronounce correctly. Now for all
所有正在学习说英语和读英语的人 我很理解你们的沮丧
of you who are learning to speak English and read English, I can understand your frustration.
有时候你们会很烦躁 因为某个英语单词听起来并不像它们拼写的那样
Sometimes you may get upset because certain words in English don’t sound like the way
they are spelt, correct? So that’s where pronunciation comes into the picture. So I’m going to give
you a few tips to pronounce very often used words correctly, okay. So I’m sure this is
这些会对你有所帮助 所以快速看一遍 好吗?
gonna help you. So take a quick look, okay?
第一个 单词拼写是ous或者说以ous结尾的单词那么ous结尾的单词就不能
The first one is words spelt or words ending with ‘ous’. Now words ending with ‘ous’ won’t
被读作ous 而是要读成iss 好的 我重复一下 末尾拼写是ous的单词
be pronounced as ous. It will be pronounced as is, okay. I repeat words ending with ous
那么它的发音是iss 是的 这就是他的发音
as the spelling, the pronunciation becomes is. Okay this is the pronunciation. So, you
像famous various serious 对吗?还有读nervous nervous 对吗?(都读iss)
say famous, various, serious, okay? Is and you say nervous, nervous, okay? Now words
单词的末尾是tion的单词 这个字母tion要被读作shin 你不能读成tain
ending with the word tion, the letters tion are pronounced as shin. You don’t say tion
或者tien 你要读成shin 好的 definition的拼写有点错误 应该是这样的 好了
or tion. You say shin, okay. Definition, spelling is a little wrong here, it’s definition, okay.
tion读作shin relation promotion tion经常读作shin 因为很多人都会在这里犯错
Tion… shin, relation, promotion, tion always becomes a shin. Now this is very interesting,
所以接下来的这个很有趣 以ate结尾的单词 你吃了(ate)某个东西 里的ate
okay because a lot of people make mistakes over here. Words ending with ate, ate as in
但这并不包括所有的单词 所以ate有两种
you ate something. Okay but that’s not all the words that are there. So ate can be pronounced
不同的发音方式 你可以把它读成数字8的音所以你读ate(8)
in two different ways. Okay either you can pronounce it as the number 8. So you say ate,
因为数字8的发音就是这样 对么?以ate结尾的单词可以读作8
okay because the number 8 is pronounced as 8, right? So words ending with ate can be
也可以读作et或it 那么问题来了 分别都是什么时候
called 8 or it could be pronounced as et or it. Now the question is when do you pronounce
可以将单词中的ate读作8或者et或者it呢?很困惑 对吧?那么这里就是
words ending with ate as in or in et or it? Quite confusing, right? Okay here’s how you
你如何知道是否发音正确的方法 好的仔细听听这个
will know when to pronounce it the right way, okay. Listen to this very carefully, if your
word ending with the ate is a verb, then the pronunciation will always be 8. Here me very
下面我给出了一些单词让我们想想它们作为动词的时候 好吧
carefully we’ve got some words down here, okay. Let’s consider them as verbs, okay.
动词描述动作 动作的词语是动词 associate 如果我说你不要和Tim来往(associate)
Verbs are action, action words are verbs. Associate, so if I tell you do not associate
他是一个坏小子 这个例子中的associate就是我所说的动词 不要来往
with Tim, he is a very bad boy. Associate in this case becomes my verb, do not associate.
我正让你不要干什么事 不要来往(associate)这里ate发音为数字8的音
I’m telling you not to do something, not to associate. But here the ate is pronounced
因为它是个动词 对吧? 这是associate如果动词
as, the number because it’s a verb, right? So it’s associate. But if this verb became
变成名词或形容词了 如果我说 我是个银行职员(associate) 这不就变成名词了?
a noun or an adjective, so I can say I’m a bank associate, does that become a noun? Yes,
我不会说a bank associate(8)而会说 a bank associate(et或it) 因为在这个例子中
I don’t say I’m a bank associate. I’m a bank associate, because now this word becomes a
这个单词是名词 我会把它发音为et或it不要和Tim来往(associate)中它是个动词
noun and therefore in that case, I will pronounce it as an et or an it. Do not associate with
Tim because it’s a verb and now when it becomes a noun, I say I am a bank associate. So it
所以ate就发音为et或it 让我们看看其他例子有一个单词为 graduate(8)
becomes an et or an it. Let’s look at some more examples. We have a word called, graduate
或者graduate(et或it) 它的发音取决于它是动词 名词还是形容词
or graduate. But the pronunciation will depend on whether it is a verb or a noun or an adjective.
所以现在我就可以说 我将在这个秋天毕业(graduate) 我会毕业(graduate)我说
Okay so I can say that, I will graduate this fall. I will graduate, I say graduate because
graduate(8)是因为这里它是个动词 是我将要做的某事 因此这里的ate 就变成了ate(8)
now graduate is a verb. So it is something I’m going to do. So therefore the ate in this
但如果我说我是个科学研究生(graduate)它变成了名词 不是?
word becomes an ate. But if I say I’m a science graduate, it becomes a noun doesn’t
所以当它是个名词时 ate就发音为it我是个科学研究生(ate-it)
it? So when it becomes a noun, the ate becomes an it. I am a science graduate. I will graduate
我会在今年秋天毕业(ate-it) 有区别吧?好的 让我们看看下一个
this fall, see the difference? Okay, let’s move on the next one. The word alternate or
单词alternate(8)还是alternate(et或it)这取决于它是个动词还是名词 如果它是个动词
alternate, depending on whether it is a verb or a noun again. So if it is a verb, I will
我说 我们都轮流(alternate ate-8)来吧 如果是个名词 我会说3和5是备用(alternate ate-et/it)
say let us all alternate, okay. But if it is a noun I will say that three and five are
号码 我不会说a alternate(ate-8) number它们是备用(alternate)号码
alternate numbers. I will not say they are alternate numbers. They are alternate numbers
让我们每个月轮流(alternate) 这是个动词所以这是作为名词和动词的alternate
and let us alternate timings every month, that’s a verb. So it’s alternate and alternate
in case of a noun or an adjective. Okay the next example and the last example proving
this point is estimate or estimate. I estimate that it is going to rain today, right because
对 因为它是个动词 所以我说estimate(ate-8)如果它变成了名词或形容词
it is a verb, so I say estimate. But if it becomes an adjective or a noun I will say
that 9 o’ clock is a good estimate of time to be made. So estimate in this case becomes
a noun and therefor the pronunciation of the ate is not 8 but an it. Alright, let’s move
好的 让我们看看下一条 这个更简单以ance或ence结尾的单词的发音
on to the next and a more simpler way, is pronouncing words ending with a ance or a
这个很简单 要点都在这 它的拼写和发音是一致的
ence. Now this is quite simple because over here, the spelling or the pronunciation and
the spelling coincide. So words ending with an ance and an ence are also pronounced as
所以attendance evidence importance都是发音ence
an ence. Okay so you will say attendance, absence, evidence, importance. But there are
这个规律还有个例外 这个规律里特殊的单词是finance
exceptions to this rule, okay. So the exceptions to this rule would be a word like finance.
You don’t say finance, you say finance. Advance, do you wanna advance in life. Advance, you
advance(ance) 不要说advance(ence)然后是dance 让我们来段热舞(dance)
don’t say advance. Okay dance, let’s go for a quick dance. So you don’t say dence, you
say dance, okay. So that’s it on this lesson on tips to pronounce correctly. I am sure
you found them very useful and the next time you read or try to practise saying something,
you might wanna keep this in mind, so that you always pronounce correctly. Well I’ll
以后我会带来更多的课程现在要说 我们下次再见啦
see you back with some more lessons, until then this is me saying good bye.