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Things Not To Say To Someone With Schizophrenia

“Is it because you smoked too much weed?”
“So does that mean you have a split personality?”
“Are you dangerous?”
“Do the voices tell you to hurt people then?”
Yeah, all the time.
是的 总是这样
Things Not To Say To Someone With Schizophrenia
All the contributors to this film have schizophrenia, apart from Paul’s sister, Sophie, who took apart withe him.
除了陪同Paul一起来的妹妹 Sophie 参与本片的所有人均患有精神分裂症
“So does that mean you have a split personality?”
-I hate, hate that with a passion. I hate that. -But it doesn’t even mean that…
-我恨得要死 我讨厌那套说辞 -但它不是那个意思……
It is a myth
the sort of old Jekyll and Hyde sort of stereotype.
The actual meaning is… it’s split mind,Right? It’s not personality.
真正的含义是…… 精神分裂 对吗?而不是人格分裂
You have one reality here and you kind of know that there’s another reality out here…
你身处现实之中 笃定现实之外还有现实
You feel like everything is porous and then your skin is porous
你感觉一切都是多孔的 你的皮肤是多孔的
and your inside and outside are almost in the same zone.
Sometimes they get mixed up and sometimes they’re totally separate but they’re both still going on.
有时它们合二为一 有时它们完全分开却又都在继续
I am Sammy I’ll always be Sammy and
我是萨米 我一直是萨米
I just have moments of…you know? Wonder.
“Shouldn’t you be in an institution?”
“Shouldn’t you be in an institution?”
-Just rip that one up and threw it. -Woops, bye!
-把它撕碎扔了吧 -哎呦 再见
-Been there done that. -Yeah exactly.
-去过了 -没错
They expect everyone who has schizophrenia to be put into a straightjacket,
他们希望每个精神分裂症患者 被套上紧身衣
thrown into a white van.
It’s not as easy as just go like “shouldn’t y ou be institutionalised?” It’s not that easy.
这并非一句“你不是应该被关在精神病院吗?”那么简单 这绝非易事
-We should, er, be involved in the community more …and linked with people. -Absolutely.
-我们应该积极参与社会活动……和人们多沟通 -没错
-Some people need to be in a hospital -Yeah.
-有些人需要住院 -是的
and that’s fine. If you need to be in a hospital that’s what you need.
这没什么 如果你需要住院 就去吧
-I’d rather not I’d rather be… out on road like you are like… -Exactly.
-我不愿去 我宁愿像你那样出门 -对极了
I’d rather be…you know? I want to go to the pub on a Sunday.
我宁愿……你懂吗 我想在星期天去酒吧
“Remember it’s all in your head”
-“Remember, it’s all in your head.” -Ah thanks.
-“记住 这都是你想象出来的” -啊 谢谢
You know if only you could get in here and see what it’s really like.
你知道 要是你能进来看看是什么样子就好了
My schizophrenia kind of undulates all the time.
You can’t just switch it off,can you?
你没法就这么把它关掉 不是吗?
I know what it’s like to just shut down.
It’s kind of like a dam breaking and it triggers all these symptoms.
这有点像大坝决堤 它会触发所有症状
For me it’s so consuming it consumes your world it’s not just your head.
对我来说它太耗精力了 它消耗你的一切 不仅仅是大脑
I get psychosomatic pains…
I feel like half of it is also physical.
But when I go to the doctor and get it checked out there’s nothing wrong with me.
但我去看医生做检查时 又没事了
You can have touch hallucinations, you can feel like someone’s just punched you in the face, sitting there.
你可能会产生触觉幻觉 你只是坐着 却感觉被人打了脸
“Do the vioces tell you to hurt people?”
“Do the voices tell you to hurt people?”
Some people do hear voices and sometimes those voices are not very nice.
有些人确实听到了声音 有时这些声音不太悦耳
I also hear other sounds, like my one of my most common sounds I hear rats scratching.
我还听到了别的 比如我最常听到的老鼠抓挠的声音
I know someone who, who hears voices, but it’s really positive.
我认识一个能听到声音的人 他听到的声音很积极
so they’re like “You’re doing great today” or you know “Today’s a nice day.
它们说“你今天做得很好” 或者你知道的 “今天很棒”
Other times the voices can sort of say to you
其他时候 这些声音可能会对你说
“Don’t talk about me. Why are you talking about me?” Abit
“不要谈论我 你为什么要谈论我呢?‘’诸如此类
that’s what’s kind of happening a lot at the moment actually.
“Are you dangerous?”
“Are you dangerous?” I can be. -Ohh…
-“你危险吗?” 我可能会 -哦……

The first thing they think of is like horror films.
Especially in the media when someone does something bad
特别是在媒体上 当某人做了坏事
it’s always “He has mental illness.”
There was a Halloween costume being sold on Amazon called “Schizo”,
亚马逊上售卖过一件名为“精神分裂症” 的衣服
Amm… and basically it was a guy in an orange jumpsuit with a muzzle.
嗯…… 基本上是一个穿着橙色连体裤 戴着口罩的家伙
I may be dangerous to myself but not, not anybody else.
我可能对我自己有危险 而不是别人
If I’ve been really bad like I’ve wanted to hurt myself or like self-harming or stuff like that.
如果我真的很坏 曾想伤害自己或做自残一类的事
And most people don’t forget about that they just see all this sort of crap on,
you konw, in the news or whatever about how people are like dangerous or whatever.
but actually most of the time we just live normal day to day lives.
但事实上 很多时候我们只是过着正常的生活
“Is it because you smoked too much weed?”
Ahh… “Is it because you smoked too much weed?”
Ahh well I did.
啊 好吧 我抽了
-I don’t smoke. I’ve never smoked. -No neither do I, no.
-我不抽 我从没抽过 -我也不抽
They put down that my psychosis at uni was drug induced
-when I wasn’t even smoking drugs at the time. Ever. -Are you serious?
-当时我甚至没有吸食毒品 从来没有 -你是认真的吗?
Um if I hadn’t smoked weed I don’t believe I would have my illness
嗯……要是我没有抽大麻的话 我不相信我还会得病
and I wish I could go back to my eleven-year-old self and say
我希望我能回到11岁的时候 对自己说
“Don’t smoke it.”
“So you must be really creative right?”
“所以你一定很有创意 对吧?”
Oh this is quite a funny one “So you mustbe really creative right?”
哦 这绝对是最滑稽的一个 “所以你一定很有创意 对吧?”
Yeah I am! …haha
是的 我是!……哈哈
“Oh that’s why you’re creative,
“哦 这就是你有创造力的原因
you know you’ve got the extra couple of people in your head.”
I wouldn’t relate the two. I would say it’s who I am.
我不会把这两者联系起来 我会说这就是我
I’m never creative when I’m really unwell.
在我真的不舒服的时候 我就没有创造力
Do you think that’s true that we are pretty creative?
-Yeah I guess it, yeah.. -I guess so innit..
-是 我想是的 是的…… -我想是的
I’m going to take that one, that’s a good one
我接受这条 它很棒
“Will you ever be able to live a normal life?”
“Will you ever be able to live a normal life?”
There is no such thing as normal.
My experiences are where they’ve got me today
and I feel quite proud of where I’ve got today.
Ever since I’ve been diagnosed
I’ve been more happy with myself I’ve been more accepting of myself.
我对自己更满意了 更能接受自己了
I think people think you can’t do normal things like go to the pub on a Sunday.
我想人们认为你不能做一些普通的事 比如星期天去酒吧
-I can lead a, lead a good life, -Yeah.
-我能过上好日子 -是的
and we both lead a good life, don’t we? Yeah we do, yeah.
-我们都过着好日子 不是吗? -对 我们是的
-We’re just like you. -Yeah, we’re just like you.
-我们就像你们一样 -对 我们和你们一样







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