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The Truth About Toilet Swirl - Southern Hemisphere

今天 我们来做点从未有人做过的事
Today, we’re trying something that’s never been done before.
我做了这个视频 德斯坦在每天都更聪明一些(栏目名称)
I’ve made this video and Destin has made a video on Smarter Everyday. And we want you to
也做了个视频 我们希望你们在同时播放它们
play them both at the same time.
在这个视频下方的介绍里 有一个他视频的链接 想办法把
So there’s a link to his video down in this description, find a way to load both of these
这两个视频都下载下来 然后将它们按照我的口号同时播放 5 4 3 2 1
videos, and synchronize them on my mark. In 5 4 3 2 1.
在澳大利亚的悉尼 我们在南纬34度
In Sydney Australia, we are at 34 degrees south latitude.
Which is the opposite side of the world from Huntsville, Alabama.
那么 马桶在冲水时 冲向哪个方向呢?
So, which way does the toilet flush?
That is the question.
辛普森一家中的一集就是基于 马桶在澳大利亚冲水的方向是相反的
The Simpsons did a whole episode based on toilets flushing the opposite direction in Australia
另外 其他的节目可能也演示了这一效果
Plus, other shows have supposedly demonstrated this effect.
那么 这个现象到底是真是假?
So, is this a real effect or not? ”The application of this principle to draining
water in earth’s two hemisphere is just bunk.”
如果你自己尝试一下 你就会发现一个前后矛盾的结果
If you try it yourself, you’ll find inconsistent results.
这个水槽有时候这个方向排水 有时候又是另一个方向
This sink sometimes drains one way, and sometimes the other way.
在任何装水的容器里面 都总会有一个循环
In any container of water, there’s always gonna be some rotation, the water is not perfectly still.
水不是完全静止的 原因正是在此 而不是半球决定的
And it is this, rather than the hemisphere that determains which
way the water will swirl down the drain.
But if we could eliminate all motion from the water?
I have here a five foot wide kid pool.
其实我按着逆时针的方向用水填满了游泳池 以此确保
I actually filled the pool in an anticlockwise direction to be sure that any clockwise motion
我们所见到的现象 不是由于我如何往泳池里装水造成的
we see is not due to the way I fill the pool.
我把这些水放在这里24小时 我似乎已经
I’ve left these water sitting here for twenty-four hours. So it seems like I’ve damped all of the
减少了由于填满泳池 而产生的所有水的运动
motions from the filling.
我很希望这有用 德斯坦 祝我好运吧!
I really hope this works. Destin, wish me luck!
我正准备要把塞子拔开 3… … 2… … 1… …现在泳池正在排水了
I’m about to pull out the plug. Three, two, one. And the pool is draining.
But you can’t see any motion of the water just yet.
为了看清楚水是往哪个方向流动的 我要把一些食物色素
To help us see where the water is flowing, I’m gonna put some food colour in
on the four directions around the pool.
你可以清楚的看到水正在顺时针流动 这个是很有道理的
You can clearly see that the water is flowing clockwise in this direction. And that makes sense because
由于地球的自转 水流在南半球
that’s how it should flow in the Southern Hemisphere.
due to the earth rotation.
But you can see what a tiny little effect it is and
同时也可以看到 我为这现象付出了多么艰辛的努力
what extraordinaire length I had
说真的 你不会在浴缸 下水槽
to go to to see this effect. So really you’re not going to see it in a bathtub or in a sink
或是马桶里见到这种现象 因为有其他来源的角动量
or in a toilet because there are other sources of angular momentum that
totally wash out this effect.
科里奥利效应 就是它 成功了!
The Coriolis effect. There you have it… It works!
想要理解它是如何运作的 想象一个边缘触碰了南极的游泳池
To understand how it works, imagine a pool with one edge touching the south pole.
这个游泳池相对于地球是静止的 但实际上 它每天
The pool is stationary relative to Earth, but every day it’s actually
completing one full revolution.
There you can see the side of the pool furthest
离南极最远的那个点 每天
from the pole travels much farther every day
than the side right next to the pole.
所以泳池的外缘朝着东方快速移动 随着接近南极
So the outer side of the pool is moving fastest towards the East
and as you get closer to the pole the velocity decreases down to zero.
Now imagine we drain the pool.
Water from the far side is moving too fast relative to the drain
and so it gets out ahead,
而离南极近的那些水流动得太慢 所以它被落在了后面
where as water from near the pole is going too slow and so it lags behind.
所以当进行排水的时候 漩涡是顺时针方向的
So when the water approaches the drain, it swirls clockwise.
And this is the reason cyclones swirl clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.
高压的空气冲进风暴的中心 就像在我们的泳池里一样
The higher pressure air rushes into the eye of the storm and just like in our pool,
swirls in the direction dictated by the hemisphere.
And that’s the truth about toilet swirl.
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我跟德斯坦成为朋友已经有大约三年了 我深信不疑他是个超人
I’ve been friends with Destin for about three years and I’m pretty much convinced that the
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绝顶聪明的人 他还跟宇航员是朋友 当他问他们问题的时候
scientist. And he’s friends with astronauts and when he asks them questions, they answer
他们从太空中回复他 “你每天都变得越来越聪明”
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最后 感谢收看 你知道的 我们一直合作了三年
And I want to thank you for watching. Y’know we have been working on this collaboration
当它真正问世的时候 这个感觉真的很棒
for about three years and it feels so good to have it finally out there in the world.
我希望你能像我们享受制作它一样 享受这个视频
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it.
好了 我们下次再见
All right, I’ll see you next time.