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冒充者 (2012) - 直视镜头

The Imposter (2012) - Looking into the Lens

您好 我是托尼 帧影帧画将带您赏析影片
Hi, my name is Tony and this is Every Frame a Painting, where I analyze film form.
今天的电影是《冒充者》 由巴特·莱顿导演于2012年
Today’s movie is The Imposter, from 2012, directed by Bart Layton.
如果你没看过它 请不要看这段视频了
If you haven’t seen it, please read nothing more.
Don’t even look up what genre this thing is.
立刻关掉视频 去网飞搜索看片 因为我会毁掉影片为你营造的感觉
Just close this video, browse over to Netflix and watch it, because I am gonna spoil everything.
You have 5 seconds to terminate this tape.
5 4 3 2
5, 4, 3, 2
Let’s dig in.
I think Bart Layton made one of the smartest, simplest decisions I’ve ever seen for a doc and it’s this:
这故事中的每个主题都是基于标准采访风格拍摄 演员并没有注视镜头
Every subject in this story is shot in a normal interview style, looking off frame at someone else.
Except for our bad guy…
[片段]从我记事起 我就想成为别人
[clip] From as long as I remember, I wanted to be someone else.
… who looks right at us.
That’s it. Dead simple.
看 电影总喜欢安排反派角色
See, the movies have always had a fascination with bad guys,
and we’ve always had this way of looking them right in the eye,
无论他们是黑帮 食人族 反动派 精神病人 日本女子还是莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥
whether they be gangsters, cannibals, sociopaths, psychos, japanese girls or Leonardo DiCaprio.
And I love it when a detective story or a thriller plays moments into the lens.
乔纳森·德姆在《沉默的羔羊》里经常这样表演 他可以令你……
Jonathan Demme does this a lot in Silence of the Lambs, which is all about getting you…
[clip] Closer…
…into her headspace.
像这样 在狭小的空间里扮成孩子和女人 只是小事一桩
Just the little things, like the experience of being shorter and female in a room like this.
[clip] Go on now.
Or here’s a scene from Zodiac.
This is the first interview with our prime suspect.
All three of the detectives are trying to figure out: is this guy the killer?
当他的说法值得怀疑 看向镜头的时候 芬奇就会剪下画面
And when he says something suspicious, look at the shots Fincher cuts to.
[clip] Well, we’ll be checking in on that.
Were you ever in Southern California?
And the climax of the scene is this:
I’m not the Zodiac.
而且如果我是 肯定不会告诉你
And if I was, I certainly wouldn’t tell you.
So the movie’s asking you to judge:
what do you think about this guy?
但剧情片中 真的很难在整个影片里 让演员全部时间都直视镜头
But in fiction films, it’s really hard to sustain a whole movie with someone looking into the lens the entire time.
It’s just too much.
[clip] Yeah.
But if you go to documentaries…
[片段]引用这句话 因为我清楚地知道我想说什么
[clip] Introduce the sentence, because I know exactly what I wanted to say.
– Go ahead! – Ok.
……你会遇到埃罗尔·莫里斯 他一直这么做
…you’ll run into Errol Morris, who does it all the time.
For him, the goal is to achieve the first-person,
那像是 你感觉自己真的在房间里和这些角色谈话
the sense that you’re really in the room with these people talking to them.
当他们为自己辩解的时候 眼神并没有接触到你
And when they explain themselves, they don’t break eye contact with you,
so it makes it easier for you to empathize with them.
So that’s the camera setup for The Imposter.
这种角度使我们仿佛和坏人处于同一房间 审判他
This angle puts us in the same room as the bad guy, judging him.
But the same angle also makes us really susceptible to have persuasive he is.
我们知道他是坏人 但那无济于事
In other words,we know he’s the bad guy, but that doesn’t protect us.
如果你仔细观察 会发现电影中其他一系列决定皆由此而来
If you watch closely, you’ll see a bunch of other decisions in the film that stem from this.
大多数镜头的再现是拍摄自冒充者的视角 他甚至口型同步……
Most of the reconstructions are shot from the imposter’s point-of-view. He even lip-syncs…
[片段]我没有主动告诉他们受到了性虐待 而是诱导他们来问我
[clip] I wasn’t the one who was telling them I’ve been sexually abused. I made them ask me that.
…across past and present.
我们看到其他人的目光来自镜头上方或下方 但我们的目光是水平的
Other people we see from above or from below, but we’re eye level here.
加上拍摄这些主题使用了全景 所以你能看到他们所处的地点和环境
Plus, these subjects are framed in depth, so you can see their environments and where they come from.
但拍摄冒充者时用的背景是模糊的 甚至没有一个开头告诉我们他是谁
But the imposter’s background is literally a blur. He doesn’t even have a title card telling us who he is.
所有这些都清楚地表现了导演的意图 但为什么?
Ok, so all of these are clearly directorial choices. But why?
为什么电影的处理方式能够让坏人控制故事节奏 还有它是如何拍摄的?
Why set up the movie so that the bad guy controls the story and how it’s framed?
Because the movie wants to trick you.
Not in a “gotcha!” kind of way.
Just that the director wants you to experience this guy’s persuasiveness.
看 这家伙通过很多事件告诉观众他如何对别人说谎 如何骗过每个人
See, he spends most of the story telling us how he lied to other people and how he tricked everyone.
So we know we shouldn’t trust what he says.
然而电影三分之二的情节中 他都对此加以利用:
But then two-thirds of the way through the film, he plays on that:
Why did the family accept him so easily? Aren’t they too trusting of him?
[clip] I didn’t need to be Columbo to put all the pieces together.
我是说 他们为什么会接纳这个家伙 对吗?
I mean, why else would they accept this guy, right?
[clip] They killed him.
Oh, shit!
[片段]他们当中有凶手 有知情人 还有人置若罔闻
[clip] Some of them did it, some of them knew of it and some of them choose to ignore it.
等等 什么?
Wait, what?
Fuck him!
看 对于这个故事 大多数人自然的反应是鄙视巴克利一家人
See, the natural reaction of a lot of people to this case is to look down on the Barclay family.
To see them as being dumb or easily manipulated.
我想说 电影其实有一些火药味
I mean, the movie even gives some ammunition.
You know, Spain? Isn’t that like across the country?
还有 谁认不出自己的孩子?
Plus, who doesn’t recognize their own kid?
So the movie lets you believe that.
它并没有不让你提出异议 只是让你相信先入为主的事情
It’s not shoving it down your throat, it just lets you believe what you’re already predisposed to believe.
And then you fall for the same trap.
因为你的大脑已经思考过 这家伙所做的事都是一目了然的 可以确信无疑
Because your brain was already thinking it, all this guy has to do was look at you and confirm it.
这部电影是否对你产生了效果 我不敢说
Whether this movie works for you or not, I can’t say.
我能肯定 自己确实落进了它的圈套
I can say that I definitely fell for it.
And I think this film actually has a lot of empathy for the family.
对于90分钟的电影 它让你以他们的方式经历了故事:
For 90 minutes, it lets you experience the story the way they would have:
看着一个接一个疯狂扭曲的场面 直到你的思想和感觉变得麻木
with one crazy twist after another, until you don’t know what to think or feel.
也许在影片末尾 你会更明白他们怎么那么容易
And maybe at the end of it, you understand a little better how they could have been tricked
by something that seems so obvious to you or me.
或者你还不明白 只是骂他们有精神病
Or maybe you don’t, and you’re a fucking psycho.
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