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在日本生活最困难的地方 – 译学馆
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The hardest parts of living in Japan

嘿 伙计们
Hey guys!
Today I’m here with Sharla!
Everyone always talks about
how awesome it is living in Japan
的确是极好的 但是今天我们想说
and it is really awesome but today we thought we’ll talk about
some of the things that are harder for us, living in Japan,
特别是我们 外国人 来自其他国家的人
especially maybe us – foreigners, coming from other countries.
我认为第一件困难的事情……因人而异 但对我来说
The number one thing that I think is difficult in (Japan)… This is always gonna depend on a person but for me
it’s being so far away from my family. -Yeah
我很想念家人 实际上我第一次来日本前没有担心过什么事
I miss my family a lot. And that’s not something I actually was worried about, the first time I came to Japan.
我那时比现在小 似乎“我已经准备好了离开家人”
I was a lot younger then and I was like: ‘I’m so ready to move away from my family” I was like
似乎“是的 我即将在其他地方开始新的冒险了!”
”Yeah, I’m gonna start a new adventure somewhere else!”
那是当时的想法 现在我已经离开家大约5年左右的时间 我开始懂得更多-是的 看出来了
But then, now that I’ve been away from my family for like five or something years already… I started understanding more… -Yeah, it started going on you
我开始意识到 我们都是人 家人不会永远生活在这里
And I realised that you know, we are all human and they are not gonna be here forever
And sometimes I think like ”what if they get sick while I’m gone?” -Exactly
“我能不能即时赶到他们身边”-是的 我经常那样想
”Will I be able to get there on time?” -Yeah, I’m always thinking about that.
I’m missing my family’s lives right now. -I feel like we are missing so many important things!
住在国外太艰难了 当然住在这里有很多益处 这就是为什么我们在这里
That’s so hard living abroad cause like of course, there are benefits to living here that’s why we are here but
但是当你开始想念所有事情 开始想回家-对的 我也是跨国婚姻
then you start thinking about all the things you’re missing back home… -Riiiight and now that I am in an international marriage too
不论我们住在哪里 我们中总有一个人离家很远 这很困难-是相当困难
no matter where we live, one of us is always gonna be away from our family so it’s kind of difficult. -It’s soo difficult.
好了 另一件事情对我个人来说不是那么困难 因为我喜欢走路 我真得享受到处走的感觉
Okay, one other thing that is not hard for me personally because I absolutely love walking and I really enjoy it is walking everywhere!
当你来日本后 你需要到处走 走很多-如果你目前住在一个需要走很多路的城市
You need to walk everywhere and a LOT! When you come to Japan. -If you might live in a city where you walk a lot right now, I mean
我的意思是如果你来自纽约或类似的城市 这可能对你来说很正常-没错 没错
if you’re from New York or something then that’s probably normal for you but -Right, right!
但是 我来自一个走得不多 开车很多的城市-坐公交车或其他交通工具的
I’m from cities when you drive and you don’t walk a lot -Taking a bus or something
是的 我喜欢步行 但是如果住在这里 要走太多路了而且日本女孩穿高跟鞋-我不知道她们是怎么做到的 你是怎么做到的
Yeah, I enjoy walking but you walk SO MUCH, if you in cities here. And Japanese girls wear high heels -I don’t know how they do it! How do you do it?!
高跟鞋很漂亮 我爱高跟鞋 但是穿高跟鞋我只能走半小时-是的 我最多十分钟 真的
And it’s so cute! And I love high heels but I can only walk like half an hour in really high heels -Yeah, I at MOST maybe ten minutes really!
但是如果你在城市 特别是当你在旅游 你一天走好几个小时
But if you’re in the city, especially when you’re travelling- you’re walking like hours and hours a day.
Not even exaggerating- hours!
因此如果你只是旅行 确保穿好舒服的鞋子如果你住在这儿 你必须习惯带好你的很多东西
So if you’re visiting make sure you wear really comfortable shoes and if you’re living here, you have to get used to like carrying your groceries…
是的 有些东西你不一定能想到 比如回趟家你总喜欢有辆车或者公交系统啥的
Yeah, that’s something you don’t really think about because like back home you’d always like have a car or maybe like a bus system or something
但在一些地方 没有公交方便你回家 所以你得要么乘火车要么走路
But in some areas there is no like bus that would be convenient for you to take home so you need to either take the train or walk
在火车上 你不会看到人带着生活杂物 所以我会觉得在火车上带着生活用品很傻
所以尽管非常远 我还是会步行
And you never see people on the train carrying groceries so I’d feel so silly to take groceries on the train so I’d probably walk even if it was super far
是的 如果你住一个城市 走路或骑车去杂货店大约十五分钟的样子 那你可能会喜欢
Yeah, if you’re in the city, living in a city then your grocery store might be like fifteen minutes walk or bike and then you have to like get all that back to your,
your place without the car so. -Yeah.
Even though Jun and I have a car now, when I moved first here we didn’t. -Right.
And we had to ride a bicycle to the supermarket which was twenty minutes away
如果下雨了 你的日用品就在雨里了-他们都潮了
and if it’s raining, you have like your groceries in the rain. -And they get wet!
你会这样想“噢 有啥东西我买了淋湿了仍然没关系呢?” “这些货物湿了没事儿吧” “没硬板纸盒啊 ”

You need to think about like ”Oh, what can I buy that’s it’s okay if it gets soggy” like ”are these packages okay?” “no cardboard boxes” -Right.
你必须考虑很多你以前从未考虑过的事情 至少我以前没考虑过
There’s so many different things you have to think about that you never really like considered or at least I didn’t.
是吧 你真得没想到这些事会发生
Right? You don’t really expect those things.
不过走路还是有好处的 这真是个健康的生活方式
The benefit to like this kind of thing is like with the walking- it’s really healthy.
这很棒 你甚至来不及想就锻炼了 是的 你可以吃更多的食物 因为你燃烧了比以前多的热量
It’s awesome! You get so much exercise without even thinking about it. It’s just… yeah, you can eat lots more food because your burning so many calories that you didn’t use to burn.
Yeah, you’re like- this is why Japanese people are so skinny!
是的 我知道 老实说 基因当然也是原因之一 但是他们走得也多 所以走路对你是有益的
Yeah! I know, honestly if you think about it like of course genes is a part of it but they walk soo much and walking is so great for you so.
是的 这是一个好处 但你的脚受伤了
Yeah. It’s a benefit but your feet hurt.
另一个让我印象深刻的是 当我们谈论天气和相关东西时 我们真得想不到洗衣服 因为日本人不用甩干机
Another thing that like comes to mind when we’re talking about weather and stuff you don’t really think about is laundry, cause they don’t really use dryers here.
是的 他们有但除非你能买到分离式 如果是洗衣甩干一体式的 甩干效果不是很好
Yeah. They have them but unless you get one that’s separete, if it’s like the combined washer-dryer, they don’t actually dry very much.
它们像是把水甩干 我猜它是旋转地特别快或者啥的 甚至不知道它们是如何工作的 但是它们不能让你的衣服完全变干
They like remove the water, I guess it spins it really fast or something. I don’t even know how they work but they don’t completely dry your clothes.
你不得不甩干很多次 但当你把衣服拿出来时 也许还是没完全变干 因此大多数人把衣服晾在外面晾干
You have to do it, run it several times and it’s still not… might not be completely dry when you pull it out so most people hang their clothes out to dry.
是的 把衣服晾外面 挺好的
Yeah, hang them outside. Which is awesome!
I’m probably I’ll do it even when I move back to Canada.
我在美国也这么干 这样晾衣服爽-是的 确实 它们不会缩水 更便宜 太阳是免费的
I did it in America, it’s better for your clothes. -Yeah, exactly, they don’t shrink. And it’s cheaper, it’s free the sun.
但是下雨时 你就完蛋了
But when it’s raining you’re kinda screwed.
你就要把衣服挂在屋子里 需要买一个机器 用除湿机来去水
You gotta hang your clothes inside and you need to buy like one of these machines, dehumidifier to remove the water from them.
如果你有一个好公寓 或一个好房子 他们也许会在浴室装一个类似除湿的设备
If you get a nice apartment or like a nicer house then they might have like the systems set up in the bathroom where it removes…
噢 是的 那很酷 我的新房子就有 我超喜欢的
Oh, yeah! Those are cool! My new house has that. I love it!
So you can hang your laundry in the bathroom. -Yeah.
A lot of new places have that set-up.
但是如果你第一次搬来日本 你也许住在一个很廉价的公寓里 它也许没有那样的配置
But if you’re moving in for the first time you’ll probably be living in a really cheap apartment and it might not have features like that.
另一件事解释起来可能有点抽象 我觉得这里有些规定比北美更严苛
Another thing that might be a little bit abstract in trying to explain is rules here are stricter then they are I think in North America in some cases.
很多情况下我真的很喜欢 因为我喜欢这个和谐的社会 我喜欢这里人人为其他人考虑的样子 很有条理
And in a lot of cases I really like that because I like how polite society is here, I like how everyone thinks about everyone else, it’s organised.
是的 所有事一起配合得很好-火车似乎永远准时 如果不准时 他们会通知 非常严谨 每件事情都是按书本规定似的
Yeah, everything works really well together. -The trains are like always on time, if they aren’t they’ll announce it. Its very like, yeah strict! Everything is by the books.
But if you’re from America,
where you used to….
-Or Canada!
在美国会更无忧无虑 或者吵吵闹闹的 我的朋友真得很吵欸
be like more happy-go-lucky and carefree and like loud or maybe ‘My friend is really loud!!’ in America.
Then you have to learn how to tone yourself out.
-是的 我们也挺吵的
-Yeah, we’re pretty loud too.
and um like in the first place I sometimes felt like America was a little too open in some respects for me like
我自己就不到处讲粗俗的笑话 但在美国很多人都讲 这在美国挺正常的
I don’t personally go around making fart jokes but I mean like that’s really common for a lot of people in America and that’s fine there
所以我不能总是适应那里宽松的规则 但我也不能总是适应这里有些严格的规定
so I didn’t always fit in to like how loose some rules were there but I don’t always fit in to how strict some rules are here.
-I feel like I’m the same.
I feel like I’m in the middle.
如果我在美国有时人们觉得我太保守 而在日本有时人们觉得我-太吵
And if I’m in America sometimes people might think I’m too uptight and in Japan sometimes people might think I’m
-Too loud
I think I prefer the Japanese side of things because I like being polite most of the time but then when I go home
-Sometime I just want to be a rude b****h
我的意思是 当我回到家我就想躺在我的沙发上 懒洋洋的 脚翘在桌子上 啥事也不关心
But then I mean, when I go home I just wanna like on my couch and just like slouch around you know, stick my feet up on the table, I don’t care
It’s not that big of a deal for me.
但是如果你的岳父岳母来看你-不 我
But like if your inlaws were over or something -No, I
-you cannot do that!
-I wouldn’t do that!
有时你和日本人一起出去 有些人遵守规定起来比其他人更严格
And um, some of it it’s probably the people you hang out with in Japan, so some people are more strict about rules then other people are.
So like I have people that I’d hang out with and I’d be very proper and more polite with them.
而我在日本的另一些朋友 我和他们一起出去 他们会挺疯狂的 就和在美国没啥两样 -是的 他们太像美国人了
是的 是的
Whereas I have other people in Japan I’d hang out with and they’d just go crazy and it’s totally like being in America. -Yeah, they’d be like similar to like.. yeah, yeah!
我也有那样的朋友 他们中的很多人出国留学过 所以可能受到了影响 于是形成那种风格
I’ve got those friends too. Many of them have like studied abroad they could’ve picked up those like mannerisms.
So it depends on the people.
我们的姿势更奔放些 就像我们的面部表情更丰富
Our gestures are more open and like our facial expressions are more extreme.
是的 你需要通过这些来传达给人们你的想法 但是在日本人们不这样
Yeah, you’d be able to tell what people are thinking by those things but in Japan they don’t do them.
It’s more subtle -Yeah
更微妙和不露声色 我还没到那种水平
It’s a lot more subtle and I’m not yet to that level of subtlety.
有时我觉得如果我把自己限制到日本人那样规范的程度 我的性格变化得就太大了 所以我觉得很困难
Sometimes I feel like if I confine myself to the Japanese like norm, that it’s gonna change my personality so much, so I find that difficult.
I think that’s the hardest for me in business situations when we’re working with Japanese businesses for example for like youtube videos. -That’s so hard.
我们一起开会和在美国和美国同事开会很不一样-噢 超级不一样
Um, the way we do our meetings is different from the way I’d work with people in America. -Ohh, it’s SO different!
在美国 我就和人们开开玩笑啦 我们会谈论流行话题 还会谈论权利的游戏什么的-对啊
Like in America I’d just joke with people, we’d talk about current topics like we might even talk about Game of Thrones or something. -Yeah!
And that’s totally fine.
而这里开会就是开会 人们开玩笑你才能开 但不能和美国比
Whereas here it’s definitely more like business. Like people make jokes and you could have fun but it’s not as…
It’s definitely more like proffesional. -Yeah
还有 你不能在参会时说“ 噢 我有一堆好主意!我们可以做这个 我们可以做这个……”
And also like telling your ideas, you wouldn’t go into a meeting and tell them like ‘Oh, I have a list of cool ideas! We should do this, we should do this…”
这里你必须总是倾听其他声音 你要对你的回答慎重考虑还有你如何表达你的观点……
it’s you always like listen to the other side and you’re like think carefully about how you answer and how you like wanna express your opinion…
这很不同 像工作的事儿 我们能讨论好几个小时-是的 这完全不是件坏事
It’s really different. Like the business side of things, we could talk about that for hours. -Yeah, so it’s not a bad thing at all,
-It’s just different.
只是有些事花费了太多力气在上面了所以有时一天下来我感觉更加精疲力尽 因为我在一天中耗费了更多精力来确保
it’s just something that takes a lot more effort and so sometimes at the end of the day I feel more drained and tired because I put so much more effort in that day to making sure I was being
讨好每一个人 但在美国我不会这么做-同意
okay around everyone that I wouldn’t have done in America. -I agree.
噢 这里对于规定有点小严格 但是我不知道关于服装的差异 是不是更加严格
Oh yeah, another thing regarding like rules and being a little more strict here, I don’t know if it’s more strict- it’s different is clothing.
在日本 姑娘们露大腿很常见 好多露腿的有时有些露屁屁的-是的
In Japan it’s very normal for girls to show their legs, lots of legs sometimes some buttcheek -Yeah
但是上半身大部分时间裹得严实 肩膀 乳沟 呃 这地方经常 ……我想这些其实比你看到的更加性感-我现在就穿得低胸的衣服
but upper body is very like covered most of the time. Shoulders, cleavage, um this area is often like… this is even like I feel like this would be more than you’d see. -I’m very low cut for Japan right now!
-Rachel就好比 …… 哇哦-哇哦
-Rachel is like WOW! -Wooow!
We should give this video a rating! -Censored!
但日本很不同 我觉得和北美相反-是的
But it’s so diff… I feel like it’s the opposite of North America -Right
因为如果我们穿着超短的裙子我们会觉得有点儿羞耻 对吗-是的 比如迷你裙
Cause for us we would… it would feel kind of scandalous to have a really short skirt or something, right? -Yeah like mini skirts
Whereas we’d wear striped tank-tops and like don’t worry about it. -Cleavage is normal, you wear cleavage to the office.
Yeah, right?
所以那就是你要去习惯的事情 如果你已经习惯一种时尚突然间要切换到另外一种穿得较多的形式就很困难
So that is kind of something to get used to and it’s difficult if that’s the fashion that you’re comffortable in and then all of sudden you have to switch to being more covered up.
我的意思是如果你有丰满的胸部 那很难找到一件不突出丰满胸部的衣服好嘛
I mean if you have bigger boobs if you’re coming from the [?], it’s harder to find clothes that don’t like emphasize that.
是的 很难找到一件满意的衣服 之前习惯了穿吊带衫现在不得不切换成T恤衫
Yeah, it’s harder to find clothes that are flattering for that when you’re used to wearing like the tank-tops and you have to switch to wearing like T-shirts…
是的 我很难找到满意的-是的
Yeah, it’s really hard to find flattering clothes I find. -Yeah
是的 因为我们的身形 不一样是的
Yeah, for our body shapes, our body shapes are different so. -Right.
当我第一次来日本的时候 如同一个完全不同的课题 比如 “第一次来到日本后的变化”
And when I first came to Japan, I mean this is a whole different topic like ‘how I changed since I first coming to Japan’ like um
我之前肯定对规则更注意但随着时间的流逝我意识到 这没啥大不了的我也是
I was definitely more careful with rules like that but over time I’ve realised that it’s, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal -I don’t either.
比如我去寺庙或者开会 我会打扮得保守些
Like if I’m going to a temple or like a business meeting I’m gonna dress way more um conservatively but
但是身体就是身体 每个人都有-就像每天去购物 比如在原宿购物啥的
I mean a body is a body, everyone has a body and -For everyday like going shopping like Harajuku or something
是的 当我在这里穿着吊带衫我确实觉得有点儿不舒服 因为我知道不是很多人会这样穿 我在人群中就像
Yeah, I do feel slightly uncomfortable when I wear a tank-top here because I know that not many people are and I’m kinda looking there in the crowd like
就像我是唯一一个露着肩膀的 但……是的
Uhh, I’m the only one like showing all of this shoulder but… -Right.
You kinda get away with it a little bit being a foreigner. -Because you’re a foreigner.
就像日本人知道你会与众不同他们不指望你会 呃 遵守他们的规则
Like they expect you to be different, they don’t expect you to um, adhere to the same rules
我不是说你可以“我在日本不关心任何事 因为我是外国人”是的 说得很对
And I’m not saying that so you can be like ”I don’t have to pay attention to anything in Japan, I’m a foreigner!” -Yeah, definitely like, yeah, yeah!
我的意思是 切记 不要那样做 试着去遵守
Like I mean- definitely… -Please, don’t do that! Try to follow
-Please think of people…
想想场合 什么场合穿什么衣服比如低胸上衣啥的
I mean, definitely think about the situation, in which you’re gonna wear, like lower-cut shirts
but like I’m just hanging out with friends today and -And I feel like it’s not being offensive to people.
It’s not really that you’re offending somebody by showing your shoulder, it’s just that it’s not common here so.

在日本当你露了点儿皮肤 你的回头率可能高些是的
People might look at you a little more than they normally would when you’re showing like a little bit of skin here. -Right.
但我不觉得你是在伤害任何人 -不是伤害

But I don’t think you’re hurting anybody -Noo
if it’s just in a casual situation like that, like shopping with you friends. -Yeah.
So those are some of the things that are a little bit more difficult for us living here.
这不像有些人喜欢“我今天要走路啦!”呃 一点也不好
It’s not like anybody’s like ”I have to WALK today!” -”Uh, this sucks!”
It’s not THAT bad.
只是一些更困难的事你们可能不会考虑到 所以万一你计划搬到这里的话
But it’s just some more difficult things that you guys might not have taken into consideration so maybe we can kinda like help you prepare
in case you’re planning on moving here.
是的 如果你想到其他问题可以在下方评论让我们知道 感谢您的收看!
Yeah, and um let us know if you have any other things that come to mind for you down in the comments and thank you for watching!
And if you aren’t subscribed to Sharla, please check out Sharla’s channel!
She makes lots of…
如果你还没有订阅Sharla 也看看她的频道吧!-嗷 谢谢你
If you aren’t subscribed to Sharla, check out her channels too! -Aw, thank you!
她拍了很多有关日本的视频并且有很多在本视频中未提到的不同见解-是的 是的
She makes videos about Japan and she has a lot of different perspectives on things that I don’t talk about in our videos. -Yeah, yeah.
所以 也看看她的视频吧 谢谢您的收看
So um, check her out too and thank you for watching!
We”ll see you guys later!
Bye bye! 🙂