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THE CHANGE - Motivational Video

我知道有些人 会被自己的愚蠢所困扰
I know that there are people that are trapped or stuck on the stupid.
他们会受挫 他们会被欺骗被审视 他们会身处绝望之中
They’re stuck on broke, they’re stuck on tricking and scam and they’re stuck on desperation.
他们会陷入无义的选择 他们会迷失 他们正渴望着寻求改变
They’re stuck on bad choices, they’re stuck in lost and they really want to change.
他们为此呐喊高歌 他们又感到心怀歉疚
They cried about it, they felt guilty.
今天 是时候会有些改变了 只要你做出决定
Today something went off in you here and if you make the desicion,
that changes the direction of the way I think,
你就能 改变自己的命运
then I can change the direction of the way I live.
战斗的念想一直在你的脑海 而不是在支票夹里 不是在存款账户上 也不是你全部的工作
The warfare is in your mind. It’s not in your checkbook, it’s not in your savings account, it’s not all your job.
你需要战斗的 是你脑海中的念想
The fight that you got to fight is in your mind.
不要拘泥于那些投机者势利眼 请一起仰望苍穹
Don’t look for those spectacular and come out to sky
We are the sky!
我们在寻求改变 我们必须改变
What we’re looking to change,we must change.
唯一能够改变的 就是不要日复一日地重复同一件事情
And only way to change it is make sure you ain’t doing the same thing every day of your life.
I don’t care who you are,
I don’t care what title you hold
I don’t care what position area,
不管人们怎么看待 这与他们无关
I don’t care what it looks like to people, this is not about people!
This is about your life!
There’s nothing…
as powerful…
As a changed mind.
我不奢望你会相信我 但我能坚信自己的理想
I don’t expect you to believe in my dream, like I believe in my dream.
你们的问题就是 总想着让别人来支持赞助你
And the problem with some of you-all is you want somebody else to support.
Your dream is yours!
我不知道 你还在期盼些什么
I don’t know you were dying.
这是你的梦想 如果想要实现 那就站起来 努力去争取
It’s your dream. If you want to have it, get your butt up and make it happen.
如果你想成功 站起来 咬紧牙关
If you want to have it, rise and grind.
如果想实现梦想 你就得像我一样 凌晨3点就爬起来
If you want to have it you will have to do what i do and that’s to get up at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.
如果你想梦想成真 就意味着 你可能在凌晨2:50到家 而早上5点你又要起床
If you want to have it that means you will have to get home at two fifty and get your butt up at five,
这样 才能在六点之前 打扮整理完毕
so you can get to be tired by six.
向前看是很关键的一点 此外我也相信 失败教会你坚强
It’s very important to move on and I think also losses make you stronger,
在挫败中吸取教训 然后变得更强
it’s important to learn out of those mistakes and then you become better,
更棒 你努力工作 看到胜利的曙光 我想
and better player, you work harder, you know a light goes up in your head, you’re like you know I think,
我终于明白了 还有哪里需要我提高
I understand now what I need to improve.
It must to become a lifestyle.
改变你自己 肯定是最先考虑的问题
Changing who you are must become a priority.
这包括了三个方面:大脑 身体 灵魂
Three part beings: mind, body and spirit.
它们一个比一个 想得到满足 你很快就会意识到这个问题
Feed one more than other one, you will notice it instantly.
这三个方面 需要你公平地对待
All three parts need to be fair equaly…
这样 你的生活才会平衡
That’s the only way you balance yourself out in life.
其实 你已经知道了
You already know it.
它们早就存在于 你的脑海 你的指尖 你的内心 你只是不相信自己罢了
It’s already in your head and your fingers, in your heart, you just don’t trust yourself.
所以 无论你想对我说什么
So, no matter what you say to me,
无论你说什么 说我做不到
no matter what you say I cannot do,
不论你说什么 说我不会去做
no matter what you say I will not do,
I must do!
I have to do!
I am king,
I live as king,
I walk as king!
哦 对 是会有些挣扎 会有些挑战
Oh yes, there’s gonna be some struggles, there’s gonna be some challanges,
会有些考验 但即便挫败 对我来说 也是个炫耀胜利的机会
there’s gonna be some tests, but even the struggles are an oppurtunity for me to show off the victory,
只要 我的脑海里 还有想要改变的念想
if my mind can handle the change.
As soon as you decide to stop looking for answers in other people and miracles
一旦奇迹 从黄色砖路上的某处 爬进了你的脑海中
somewhere down the yellow brick road and click the hill the your mind,
一旦你把你的热爱注入了上面这些事情 那你早在多年之前 就可能解放了自我
and set your affections on things that are above, you could have been free years ago.
你知道 你不能穿越到未来 像你曾经那样思考 像你曾经那样感受
You know , you can’t go into the future thinking like you were thinking and feeling like you were feeling.
你被迫要接受一点 那就是先要理清思路 然后再是其他
You are forced to the point that you have got to get your head out first and everything else is gonna follow.
I took my greatest pain,
and I made my greatest pain…
My greatest friend.
我意识到 这种痛苦是真实存在的 但他并不总是存在
By recognize that pain does exist, but no pain last always.
No pain last always!
无论 你经历了些什么
No matter what you ever been through…
You had to go through it.
不再 重复 同样的经历!
Do nothing the same!