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The Book of Proverbs

There are three books in the Bible that have come to be called the wisdom literature
《箴言书》 《传道书》《约伯记》
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job
and all these books are addressing the same set of questions
What kind of world are we living in
and what does it look like to live well in this world?
so how to be good at life?
是的 这些书都分别从独特的视角来剖析这些问题
Yeah! So each of these books tackles these questions from a unique perspective
为了获得全面的《圣经》视角 读懂这些书是很重要的
and it’s important to understand all of them to get a fully biblical perspective on the good life
作为一种思维实验 你可以把每卷书想象成一个人
So as a thought experiment, you could actually imagine each of these books as a person
So Proverbs would be like this brilliant young teacher
and Ecclesiastes the sharp middle-aged critic
and Job would be the weathered old man who seen a lot in his day
We’re gonna start by meeting the book of Proverbs the brilliant teacher
她不是简单的聪明 她是对万事都有智慧 包括工作 人际关系 两性 灵性
And she’s not just smart she’s smart about everything, work, relationships, sex, spirituality
She has incredible insights things you would see on your own
是的 当你需要明确的建议时 她会是你身边完美的朋友
Yeah! She would be the perfect friend have around when you need really specific advice
So what makes her so smart?
好的 《箴言书》能够洞察多数人看不到的事情
Well! Proverbs can see things that most people don’t see
她相信宇宙中有一种看不见的创造力量 可以指引人们如何生活
She believes that there is an invisible creative force in the universe that can guide people and how they should live
你看不见它就像看不见引力一样 但它却时时影响我们
You can’t see it just like you can’t see the gravity but it affects everything that we do
So what’s this force?
希伯来语叫作“chokma” 翻译成英语为智慧
In Hebrew, it’s called chokma and it’s usually gets translated into English as a wisdom
它是上帝的一个属性 起初上帝创造世界
It’s an attribute of God that God used to create the world
并把智慧属性赋予了万有 贯穿其运转之中
and hokmah has been woven into the fabric of thing and how they work
所以当人们做出良善公义明智的决定时 就是在收获智慧
So wherever people are making good or just or wise decisions they are tapping into chokma
当有人做出恶劣的决定时 就是愚蠢
and whenever someone is making a bad decision they’re working against chokma
Right! Or as it says in Proverbs chapter one
愚人妄为 必害己命 听从智慧 得享安宁
the waywardness of fools will destroy them but the one who listens to wisdom lives in security
所以 这就像是宇宙间的道德律
So it’s like a moral law of the universe
是的 这就是因果模式 无人能逃脱
Yeah! It’s a cause-effect pattern and no one can escape
and Proverbs personifies all of this as a woman
是的 女人的智慧
Yeah! Lady wisdom
很对!她环行地球 唤醒众人 向每一个愿意听从她教导的人显明
Right! She runs around the earth calling out making herself available to anyone who’s willing to listen to her and to learn
再有 《箴言书》相信每个人都能接近智慧
which leads to the second thing Proverbs believes that anyone can access
并与它互动 从而把自己或他人的生活变得更好
and interact with wisdom and use it to make the beautiful life for yourself or others
你可以像设计师一样 借助它来创造
you can create with it like a designer
是的 事实上希伯来语“chokma”不单单是指知识学问
Yes, in fact, chokma in hebrew isn’t simply intellectual knowledge
也用来描述那些擅长木工或石工 技艺娴熟的工匠
The word is also used to describe the skilled artisan who excels at their craft like woodworking or stonemason
当你借助它使你的生活变的更好时 你便展现了你拥有大智慧
so you show you possess chokma when you put it to work and develop the skill of making a Good Life
很好!很有道理 就让我们这样做 去寻求智慧
OK! That makes sense. So let’s do this. Let’s go find some wisdom
莫急 《箴言书》还提到很重要一点
Before you do, Proverbs has one more really important thing to consider
认为“chokma”并不是一种自然力 而是神自身的属性
chokma isn’t some impersonal force it’s an attribute of God himself
所以按希伯来思维 《箴言书》所写 寻求智慧当以敬畏耶和华为始
and so in Hebrew thought, your journey to becoming wise has to begin with what Proverbs called the Fear of the Lord
It’s this healthy respect for God’s definition of good and evil
真正的智慧就是明了善恶边界 不要跨越
and true wisdom means learning those boundary lines and not crossing them
Now all those ideas you just unpacked are in chapters one through nine in Proverbs
but when I think of the book of Proverbs, I think of the collection of sayings
箴言语录情况 给我做一些介绍吧
the Proverbs themselves. Tell me about those
好的 你会在第十章至结尾部分看到这些内容
Yeah! Those are what you find in chapters ten onto the end of the book
it’s a collection of hundreds and hundreds of Proverbs about any and all aspects of life
“chokma”施展能力 产生出这些智慧的引导
and chokma gets applied to them resulting in this wise guidance
无论你做什么 都帮助你找到通向成功之路
to help you find a path toward success and no matter what you do
如果我按照这些语录规划生活 就会过得很好
if I designed my life with these sayings, life is gonna be good
是的 如果按照箴言而行 就会给你带来身体健康 发达成功 富贵长寿
Yeah! or if proverbs puts it, it’ll give health to your bones, prosperity, a long rich life
which is a really big claim
but you can see how it’s often the case
聪明人经常做得更好 生活过得更好
wise people, they tend to do better, things usually work out well for them in life
and so that is the promise and the wisdom of the book of Proverbs
《箴言书》确实美妙 但如果我们向前追溯
The book of Proverbs is really beautiful but if we take a step back
some people would argue it’s a little too simplistic
cause sometimes horrible things happened to really wise people
and sometimes foolish people get rewarded
it doesn’t always work the way we think it should work
确实如此 所以我们需要聆听下一位智者的训诲
that’s right which is why we need to go and listen to our next wise friend ecclesiastes the critic
《传道书》——那位批评家 他要解决这些难题
because he’s wrestled with that very problem
and he’s going to push us further in our journey to find the Good Life
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