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The Best Habit-Creating Method - How to Replace Habits

好的 朋友们欢迎回到Habit Harvester的第三期节目
alright guys welcome back to the section 3 of habit harvester and we are going to
这一期我们将一起来学习如何用好习惯 或者至少稍微好点的习惯 来代替坏习惯
learn how to replace bad habits with good or at least better habits because
that is one of the most effective ways to just completely obliterate bad habits
in your life is by replacing them with something a little better so how does
the habit work we talked a little bit in the last section that a habit is like a
习惯其实就像一个多巴胺奖励机制 某些原因触发了一个行为然后有了
dopamine reward it goes from a trigger to a behavior to a positive
正向强化 我读过一本关于习惯的书籍叫《习惯的力量》
reinforcement and one of the books I read on habits is called the power of
差不多也是这么说的 先有起因然后有了行为
habit and it basically said the same thing it said that there are cues there
is the habit and then after the habit there is a reward and what happens is
your brain understands that if it sees this cue and it does this habit it will
它就可以得到奖励 随着时间流逝 大脑越来越想得到奖励
give her this reward and over time that’s what it wants it wants the reward
甚至是即刻满足 有时大脑甚至跳过诱因
it wants the instant gratification sometimes it even skips the cue it just
直接做出行为 进入奖励区得到奖励 但我们能做的是
goes to the habit and the reward that have it in the reward but what we can do
is change out the habit the thing in the middle to something more effective that
更有效的其他东西 因此我们大概可以看到一个信号 就比如
still gives us the reward so we might see a cue something like it’s lunch
午休时其他人都出去吸烟 我们可以远离他们
break everyone else is going outside to smoke instead of smoking we can get away
做些富有成效的事而代替抽烟 这样我们依然可以获得多巴胺奖励
from them and do something else productive but still get the dopamine
所以行为依然还在那里 只是做了些许改变 因为那本书里还说过
reward so that the habit is still there it just changed because it also said in
that book that there was a guy who had some type of brain damage like massive
脑部严重受损 他不知道自己是谁 我想应该有点像阿兹海默症
brain damage he did know who he was it was like Alzheimer’s I think and he
他忘了很多事情 但盛夏的某一天发生了一件事
forgot a lot of stuff but one day it was like mid summer and what happened was
这位有脑损伤丈夫的妻子有天突然 喔 天哪
the wife of the husband who like had brain damage she was like oh my goodness
他不见了 他去了哪里 我不知道他会去哪里
he’s missing where does where did he go I had no idea where he went and what
事情原来是这样的 他的大脑已经有一种行为 在炎热的夏天 他可能碰巧
happened was his brain had a habit that on a warm summer day he would happen to
走上大街 去糖果店买了块糖
walk down the street go buy a piece of candy from the candy store something
就像他小时候做的事情一样 然后他回到街上
like that when he was little and then walk back up the street and what
happened was that was that habit that happened in his childhood like every day
成年之后他的这种行为还在持续 然后就成了习惯
and he continued to do that all the way up through his adulthood and that became
a habit that was in the part of the brain that didn’t get destroyed
所以这个习惯实际上不断被压缩进了 我认为是
so the habit actually got compressed and compressed into I think it was the
杏仁体中 这也就是所谓“蜥蜴脑”的一部分 尽管我并不想用这个术语
amygdala which is they really I don’t want to use this term but a lizard part
它是大脑首先发展起来的部分 就像脑核一样
of the brain which means very early development of the brain like central
它能控制你的呼吸 可以关联所有这些
core this is controlled your breathing and is connected with all these very
非常重要的东西 而习惯就被压缩在了那里
important things and the habit actually got squished down in there
并且它进行了重连 其所在的
it actually rewired itself and that was part of
大脑区域没有受损 你也知道他不记得他的名字
his brain that didn’t get destroyed you know he couldn’t remember his name he
不记得住哪 如果你问他他住哪 他也
couldn’t remember where he lived if you asked him where he lived he would not be
无法回答 但大脑中的行为习惯部分可以记得 噢
able to say but the habit part of his brain remembered that it said oh if you
如果你走上大街 向右转 然后继续走 再向左转
walk up the street and take a right and then walk up the street and take a left
右边第三家就是 那就是他需要去的地方
that’s the third house on the right and that’s where he needs to go and that
这就是为什么习惯的力量很强大 你要清楚它能
that’s why habits are so powerful and you need to understand what effect they
给你的生活带来什么影响 所以我们要把抽烟的坏习惯戒掉
can have in your life so we’re going to take the bad habit of smoking and we’re
养成较好的习惯 多数人也都是这样做的
going to turn it into something better which commonly a lot of people do now
你现在已经有了这样的信号提醒 也许是天气好的时候出去走走
you have the cue which is like it might be going outside on a sunny day it might
也许是有压力的时候情绪低落 有太多不同的原因了
be when you get stressed it might be there’s all kinds of reasons I’m sure on
the previous section you listed all kinds of I think five to ten habits that
五到十种习惯 告诉了你写下原因及
you wanted to get rid of and then next to that I told you to write why and the
引起这些习惯的诱因是什么 这种行为可以说是
trigger what caused that habit you know what was the thing that said all right
产生这种习惯之前发生了什么 当时是处于什么样的环境
before I do this habit what what happens what is this set of circumstances that
使我形成这种习惯 这都可以被认为是诱因
is present when I perform this habit and those could be considered triggers but
在本节我们会把它们称为Q 即诱因
we’re going to call them Q in this episode so these are the cues whenever
无论何时Q发生时 你都要保持清醒 不管是在吸烟
you this Q happens you need to be conscious and change it from smoking or
还是在喝酒 把它变为其他的事情 也许你经常刷脸书
from drinking and changes it something else maybe you’re even on Facebook too
你想要戒除这种习惯 所以当你有这种
much and that’s a habit that you want to get off of so whenever you feel the urge
想刷脸书的冲动时 无论你处于什么环境
to get on Facebook understand whatever your situation is maybe you’re just
可能当时你身边都是朋友 他们谈论的事情很无趣
around friends and they’re not talking about something really interesting write
把这个当起因写下来 这个就是引你刷脸书的诱因
that down as the cue that’s the cue that makes you want to get on Facebook and
then you know what the habit is to have it is getting on Facebook and then the
得到的奖励就是 你浏览其他人的生活 他们的壮举
reward is the dopamine rush you get from seeing other people’s life and the just
多巴胺因此源源不断地分泌 关于这个话题我们就谈到这
the awesome things that they do and we’re not even going to get on that
所以先有诱因诱发习惯而后产生奖励 我们要改变
topic so the Q there’s a habit and then there’s a reward we’re going to change
中间部分 如吸烟习惯 饮酒 刷脸书
the middle section the smoking the habit the drinking the getting on Facebook the
getting out of bed mindlessly without doing anything productive sleeping in
睡一整天 所有这些习惯就是核心所在 它们正在摧毁你的
bed all day those habits that are at the core and are ruining your satisfaction
生活质量 所以你要找到自己通常喜欢做的事情
of life so you need to think of something that is generally or like it
最好是做些正能量的事情 比如
but it’s a little different something more positive for example a lot of
许多抽烟的人找到了想要抽烟的诱因 下次他们
people have smoked and they find their cues and instead of smoking at the time
想抽烟的时 就会做相似的事来代替 比如吃糖
that they would normally smoke they’ll do something similar like eating
Twizzlers now the thing is smoking actually has a lot of psychological
迷恋的感觉 因为这与你
stuff about fixation on the mouth because you know it has to do with your
吸入呼出有关 就如人们摆弄
breath you’re breathing out and it has a lot to
手里的东西一样 这都是有很大关联的 他们喜欢到处摆弄烟
do with people fidgeting things in their hands they like to fidget the cigarette
around and some even even drinkers you see drinkers swirling the thing around
就只是……当然还存在其他的心理方面作用 因此能够找到
in their cup it’s just there’s also other psychological aspects so it’s good
一些真实相似并且可有效代替的事情 这确实会是一个好现象
to find something that is similar true they have it but is more productive so
用吃糖代替抽烟 还有些人甚至用嚼口香糖来代替
instead of smoking you can eat Twizzlers and some people even become gum chewers
像我就会宁愿一天嚼24小时的口香糖 也不愿一天抽3小时的烟
and I would much rather chew gum 24 hours a day than I would smoke 3 hours a
day it just seems like much more productive in my eyes and I think in
我相信你也这么认为 同时你也会想去找依旧产生奖励的东西
your eyes too but you also want to find something that still provides the reward
创造力就是这样来的 你可能会有较多思考
and this is where the creativity comes in you might have to think a little bit
about this and that’s that’s really what’s going to lay the foundation for
you to become a super successful person in the future is by thinking about this
所以它会成为一种习惯 变成未来具体的行为
now so that it can become a habit it can become concrete in the future and then
然后问题就可以得以解决 你知道当你下意识的想去
you won’t have to think about it you know instead of mindlessly going out for
抽烟时 你就会潜意识的去嚼些口香糖了
a smoke you will mindlessly chew some gum which
这确实会好很多 现在关于习惯的另一件事就是
is a lot better now another thing about habits is that a lot of times they’re
很多时候它们会分散你的注意力 也就是说你会在自己都不知道的情况下无意识地
also distracting which means you become mindless so you might not even know that
做某件事 我建议你可以去找些朋友聊聊
you’re doing a habit which is why I suggest going out and talking with some
对他们说 嘿 说实话 我现在正
of your friends and saying hey listen be honest with me I’m trying to become a
尝试变得更好 如果之前对你有任何冒犯
better person if there are any habits that I’ve ever offended you that have
破坏了我们之间的关系 或者说你认为我需要做出改变
ruined our quality of relationship or even that you think that I should change
都请现在就告诉我 我需要知道这些 你也需要找个
tell me now I need to know and you have to have someone who is in the position
对你够坦诚的朋友 因为我身边的朋友都不太会这样做
to be honest with you because I have friends who wouldn’t bring stuff up that
虽然我希望他们可以提出来 我觉得这也能够加深彼此的关系
they probably should I think that will also help tie in the relationship I
如果两个人彼此处的关系很不错 这种坦诚会让
think you guys if two people have that kind of relationship it’ll bring them
他们走的更近 但不管怎么说 都会对你有很大帮助
closer together but anyways that will help you find more we’re going to get
back on the topic of replacing bad habits with good habits it could be
好习惯可以是任何事 比如吃糖代替抽烟
anything from instead of smoking eating Twizzlers instead of drinking maybe
喝水代替喝酒 或者当你想让自己摆脱某种状态 不妨
drink some water or when you feel like you need that buzz maybe go do something
做些提升肾上腺素的事吧 比如去跑步 抑或去和那个让你
else that jumps up your adrenaline like going for a run or going and talking to
that cute girl that gets your heart beating 100 60 beats a minute just
去做些让你心跳加速的事 这基本上可以让你摆脱原来的状态
something that gets your heart racing it’s distracting almost and then you’ll
因为这些事会让你思考一段时间 当你改掉了坏习惯
think about it for the next couple days and and those kind of things when you
再来以全新的视角看待这些事 并对自己说
can change a bad habit and look at it with a new perspective and say how can I
没想到我摆脱了 我可以让自己摆脱那种状态了
get rid of this well I can distract myself instead of going and drinking
当我感到有压力时 我不会出去喝酒 我会做些
when I’m stressed I can go do something else that like pumps me up gets me
鼓舞自己 激励自己的事情 用好习惯去取代坏习惯
excited mode replace those bad habits with good
habits so I’m going to give you three little four tips on how you can change
关于如何把坏习惯转化成好习惯 并帮你形成更有效的好习惯
bad habits into good habits and help form more effective better habits
第一个是和志趣相投的人待在一起 你们有很多相似的习惯
the first one is surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar
habits so one of the reasons a lot of people smoke is simply because a lot of
他们的朋友吸烟 这是来自同龄人的压力
their friends smoke and it’s peer pressure and it’s you become the sum of
很快你就成为了他们中的一员 所以如果
the five people that you spend most of your time around so if you’re constantly
你继续和吸烟的人呆在一起 那这个习惯就会渗入到你身上
around people that are smoking that habit is going to get instilled in you
如果你身边都是些不吸烟 不喝酒的人
if you around people who don’t smoke if you’re on people who don’t drink if
you’re around people who go skydiving every weekend if you’re around people
或身边是那些想去创业的人 这也是你想做的事情
who want to build a business and that’s what you want to do or have the coolest
或者办个最酷的摄影展之类的 这就是你要做的
photography art show ever and that’s what you want to do that’s who you need
这就是你要开始去接触的一群人 所以第一个小提示就是
to start hanging around so that number one is to surround yourself with
和志趣相投的人呆在一起 如果你要改掉坏习惯
like-minded people if you want to get rid of bad habits start hanging around
with people who would almost look down upon you on that habit be like hey you
感觉就像 嘿 如果想跟我们一起的话 你需要做出改变 那会激发你去改变的
need to change that if you want to hang around with us that should motivate you
另一个小提示是移除诱因 可以是一个暗示或一个诱因或任何其他事情
another tip is to remove cues so this is a cue or a trigger or anything that you
它们最终导致坏习惯的产生 你需要把它们找出来
think will lead to an eventual bad habit you need to find those you need to
需要明白起因是什么 需要把他们全部除掉
understand what causes them and you need to just get rid of them
最后一点是改变你的周边环境 有时候有些人需要
tip number three is to change your environment now sometimes some people
思想的转变 我们会在后续的课程中讲解这点
require a mental shift and we will get into this in a future section but a
思想转变很重要 所以他们需要做的就是开放思想
mental shift and that’s what they need they need their mind to be opened and
有时要做到这样 你必须改变周围环境 你有度过假吗
sometimes to do that you have to change your environment have you ever been on a
有时你会有些疯狂的思想 它产生的原因
vacation and sometimes you just get this wild idea sometimes you get these wild
仅仅是因为你处于不熟悉的环境里 你的大脑
ideas simply because you’re outside of an environment and your brain is going
在审视所有的数据 所有的新信息 观察我们
look at all this data look at all this new information look at what can we do
用这些数据信息能做什么 然后你的大脑会出现克服问题的新方式
with that and your brain will come up with new ways to overcome problems and
它会找到新的解决方案 这样就能够适应存在陌生人的
it’ll find new solutions and just getting into a new environment around
新环境 伴随新的经历 你就能更快的摆脱出
new people around it new experiences that will help you break out of a bad
坏习惯 接下来我们来说点关于标题党的事情
habit quicker now the next thing we’re going to talk about is a little bit
因为许多人可能看过这个了 觉得 喔天哪
clickbait B because a lot of people might look at this and go oh my goodness
他错的离谱啊 我听过一些人说21天可以养成一种习惯
he’s so wrong but I’ve heard some people say it takes 21 days to create a habit
some people say it takes sixty seven days you create a habit some people say
还有人说需要一年 不过在下一讲中我会告诉你习惯
it takes a year but I’m going to show you how you can have a habit change
如何顷刻转变 同时希望大家喜欢这期的节目
instantly in the next section hope you guys enjoyed this one
if you guys enjoyed that video and want to read the book I wrote that it came
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book is short enough to read in one sitting but is jam-packed with tons of
信息量特别大 就像你在本视频中看到的一样
information just like you saw in this video
实际上我也加了额外的故事进去 修正了一些
in fact I’ve also added a few extra stories and fix some of the errors found
本视频教程发现的一些错误 在学习过程中也有很多
in this video course there’s also plenty of amazing illustrations to aid in the
很棒的插画搭配理解 目的是保持书的趣味性 如果你很感兴趣
learning process and keep the book fun to read if you’re interested you can buy
the Kindle version for $2.99 or sign up for a month of Kindle
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