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The best Empanadas in Santiago?

数周前我们还在圣地亚哥 但就像只在那停留了一天
So a couple of weeks ago we were in Santiago, just like on a one day stopover before we
我们就去了瓦尔帕莱索 我们来到中央市场 看到了这个令人称赞的
went to Valparaiso, and we were walking by the Central Market and we saw this awesome
卖肉馅卷饼的地方 在商店门口排队的队伍很疯狂
looking empanada place. There was just this insane line, like the line was stretching
似乎一直在延伸 所以我迅速的出现在这里 这一切看上去很棒
on right outside of the store. So I just popped in quickly and looked like this really cool
像老式的乡村餐馆 我们要去看看能否再次找到它
like old kind of rustic restaurant. So we’re on a quest to see if we can find that again
and get a couple of empanadas for lunch.
现在我们找到了这个肉馅卷饼店 叫做Zunino 这里很拥挤 可能现在是一点半的缘故
So we found this empanada shop. It is called Zunino and it was packed. It is probably about
one thirty right now so the line really was stretching out of the establishment but we
但是我们设法点到了餐 我们点了一个奶酪肉馅卷饼和一个皮诺肉馅卷饼
managed to place our order. We ordered one cheese empanada and one pino empanada. What
is kind of unique about that place is that is all that they do. They only have these
你可以买皮诺牛肉馅的 也可以买奶酪馅的 可供选择的范围很小
two varieties. You either get your pino beef or your cheese. So it is a very small selection
but I think that means they really know how to make a good empanada.
好了 我现在有一个奶酪馅饼 仍是热乎乎的 看起来真的很好吃
Alright, and I’m having the cheese one and it is still piping hot. This looks really
这个点心被咬之前 我可以告诉你们它是很薄脆的
cool. I can tell that the pastry, already before biting into it, is going to be really flaky
嗯 这真的是奶酪馅的吗 还是牛肉的呢 噢 是奶酪的
Mmmm. Is that the cheese one for real? Or is it beef? Oh, yeah that is the cheese one.
噢 是的 不知道你怎样分辨的 你知道吗 真的非常的美味
Oh yeah. I don’t know how you can tell. And you know what? This is really good quality
one. Like you can tell just from. If you can get close up in on the pastry here. The attention
注意这个点心的细节 薄脆 多层 有黄油
to detail of the pastry like it is just so flaky, lots of layers, buttery and is just
就像在我嘴中立马融化了一样 还有软绵绵的奶酪 噢 这就是一个完美的组合
melting right in my mouth and then that gooey cheese. Oh, that is just a winning combo.
好的 我品尝过了这个奶酪的 真的是很美味 现在该品尝皮诺了
Alright, so I tried the cheese ones. The cheese one was really tasty. Now time for Pino.
嗯 看这里
Mmmm. Have a look in there.
多汁 看这个
Juicy. Look at that.
所以这里面有牛肉 洋葱和橄榄 现在我咬了一口
So, this one has beef, onions and olive. That I’ve got the pit in my mouth right now. Excuse
里面还有鸡蛋 但是我还没有吃到 所以 真的是美味 多汁
And it also has egg but I haven’t bitten into that part yet. So like it is really nice and
馅饼仍然是温的 我为馅饼的尺寸而感到惊讶 当我们在圣佩德罗 德 阿塔卡马
juicy inside. It is still warm. What surprises me though is the size. Like when we made our
empanada video in San Pedro de Atacama like those were massive empanadas. They were almost
几乎比主菜盘还要大 但是这些是跟小吃一样的尺寸 对吧 是的
like bigger than like a main course plate. But these are more snack sized right? Yeah,
我想说他们只有阿塔卡马馅饼的一半大小 嗯
I would say they are about half the size of the ones we had in Atacama. Um, so yeah I
我喜欢它 因为要吃完那些大的馅饼还是有些困难的 像阿塔卡马的那个馅饼
kind of like it because I struggled to finish those big ones. Like the ones we had in Atacama
真的非常适合分享 而这个恰好一个人的量 所以把它当做一个小吃
were really good for sharing but this is like a good individual size. So it is not going
也不会破坏了你的午餐或晚餐 嗯
to ruin your lunch or dinner so long as you have it as a snack. Mmmm…hmmmm.
好吃吗 真的非常好吃 看这些洋葱 嚯
And the quality? It is really good. Look at those onions. Ooh.
好了 现在让我们说说价钱 这些馅饼花了多少钱
Okay, so it is now time for price point. How much did those empanadas cost? Yes, so the
皮诺馅饼 就是有牛肉的这个 花了900 那个奶酪馅饼 花了1000
pino one, which is a beef one, cost 900 and the cheese one, the queso one, cost 1000,
你会发现这些刚刚超过1美元 所以价格超值 我的意思是 你可以吃好几个
so you’re looking at just over 1 US dollar. So awesome value. I mean, you could just devour
当做完整的一餐 现在订购馅饼是非常的简单
several of those and turn it into an entire meal. Yeah, and ordering them is pretty easy.
你走进这家餐馆 支付完你点的东西以后 得到一个小票
You just walk into the shop and first you get a ticket, you pay for what you want to
然后带着小票去柜台 他们会帮助你
get and then you take that ticket over to the counter and they’ll help you out. Yeah,
这是一种旧式餐馆的感觉 真的很棒 这种经历就像你进入了一家饭店
it has that kind of old-time diner feel and it is really cool. It is an experience just
如果你想在这里吃 只有站立的地方
going into the restaurant. And if you want to eat in there, there is only standing room.
实际上这里没有桌子椅子 就像你站在周围
They don’t actually have tables and chairs. It is just like you stand around. You stand
试图得到一些肘部空间 你会碰到人
and you try to get some elbow space. You elbow people.