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The Autobiography of CHARLES DARWIN | Animated Book Summary

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin wrote this book specifically
根本没有想到它会发表被大众所知 然而
for his children, with no intention of it ever being released to a wider audience. However,
这本书在他去世五年后出版 让世人得以从他的角度
it was published five years after his death to allow the world to gain an insight into
了解他的一生 达尔文于1809年2月12日出生在什鲁斯伯里
his life, from his point of view. Born in Shrewsbury on 12th February 1809,
他8岁丧母 因此对母亲没什么印象
Darwin did not remember much of his mother who died when he was 8 years old. After leaving
离开学校前他是一个中等生 看上去也是个普通的男孩 他的父亲后来把他送到了
school as an average student and seen as an ordinary boy, his father sent him to Edinburgh
位于苏格兰的爱丁堡大学 让他攻读医学 在大学期间 达尔文加入了
University in Scotland, to study medicine. Whilst attending university, Darwin joined
研究自然历史的社团 他很热衷于社团里的辩论
a society that studied natural history. He enjoyed debating in the society and even wrote
甚至还以之为题材写了一些论文 这使他对原本觉得冗长无聊的大学讲座
some papers for them. It made a welcome change to the lectures he attended at the university
有了可喜的改观 同时使他忽视了他的专业
which he found tedious and uninteresting, causing him to neglect his studies.
达尔文的父亲发现达尔文并不想成为内科医生 因此他
Darwin’s father found out that Darwin did not want to become a physician, so he sent
把他送到剑桥大学攻读牧师学位 而在大学期间
him to Cambridge University to study a degree to become a priest. Whilst attending university,
达尔文仍然沉浸于自然历史 还选择了含威尔士研究岩石之行的地质学课程
he continued to be captivated by natural history and took a course in geology, which included
在威尔士之旅后 他被告知
a trip to study rocks in Wales. After the trip to Wales, he was informed of
有一次任何人可志愿参加 没有报酬 坐船出航的机会
a voyage on a ship which offered a space to anybody who volunteered to go without pay.
达尔文接受了这个邀请并加入了这趟”贝格尔号航行“ 这近五年
Darwin accepted the offer and took part in “The Voyage of the Beagle”. The near five
year journey provided Darwin what he believed to be the first real education of his mind.
Studying several branches of natural history sharpened his powers of observation and the
investigation and study of the geology of the places he visited required reasoning and
和预测 使这些结论能够被理解 达尔文的其他任务是收集和
predicting to make the findings understandable. Other tasks Darwin performed were the collecting
描述与动物相关的 并把他看到的都写入他的日记
and describing of animals and the writing of his journal, where he described everything
he saw. It was during these five years that Darwin’s
达尔文对于科学的热爱超过了他的其他兴趣 在大风引起的两个月的延迟之后
love for science prevailed over other interests. After a two month delay due to heavy winds,
他们于1831年12月27号开始了环球旅行 这次旅行让
they set sail on 27th December 1831 on the trip around the world. The journey allowed
达尔文直接感受了热带雨林的植被 森林覆盖的山脉
Darwin to experience first-hand the vegetation of the tropics, forest-covered mountains and
辽阔的沙漠 他见识了不寻常的东西 从珊瑚岛到裸体的野蛮人
great deserts. He saw unusual things ranging from coral islands to naked savages.
一回到英格兰 达尔文就花了接下来的两年时间完成他的
Upon returning to England, Darwin spent the next two years finishing his “Journal of
“旅行日记” 他也和地质调查局的人一起工作 先于他们读论文 并作为
Travels”. He also worked with the Geological society, reading papers before them and acting
荣誉秘书 在伦敦他参加了几个其他科学社团的会议
as an honorary secretary. He attended the meetings of several other scientific societies
直到他因为糟糕的身体状况而搬到了乡下 达尔文
in London until he moved to the countryside due to his poor health. Darwin got married
在1839年1月29号结婚 并和他的妻子艾玛有10个孩子
on the 29th January 1839 and went on to have ten children with his wife, Emma.
在他的余生 达尔文饱受疾病侵扰 经常忍受胃病带来的问题:
For the rest of his life, Darwin was plagued by illness, often suffering from stomach problems,
呕吐和发抖 他很少出门 也无法出席晚餐聚会
vomiting and shivering. He rarely left his home and could not attend dinner-parties or
或者招待许多他科学界的朋友 在剩下的时间里 他专注在他的科研工作
host many of his scientific friends. The remainder of his life was dedicated to his scientific
和几本书的出版上 这使他的生活充满乐趣
work and the publishing of several books, which provided him with enjoyment and helped
也帮助他暂时忘记自己身体的不适 在这期间他主要的工作是在1859年
him temporarily forget about his discomfort. His chief work during this time was his book
出版的书《物种起源》 书中介绍了
“On the Origin of Species” which was published in 1859 and introduced the scientific theory
动物通过自然选择在代代之中进化的科学理论 它包括
that animals evolve over generations through natural selection. It included evidence he
达尔文在航海时收集的证据和一系列调查结果 在1871年他出版了《人类的由来》
gathered from his voyage along with subsequent findings. In 1871 he published “The Descent
of Man” which applied the theory of evolution to humans along with many related issues including
differences between races and sex as well as evolutionary psychology.
达尔文在他的自传后说道 他认为作为一个科学家 他的成功
Charles Darwin finished his autobiography by stating that he believed his success as
是因为一些心理素质和条件 他强调
a man of science was due to several mental qualities and conditions. He highlights the
有四个最重要的 一是“对科学的热爱”
four most important as: 1. “A love of science”
2. “Unbounded patience in long reflecting over any subject”
三是“观察和收集事实的勤奋” 四是“常识和发明成果的共享”
3. “Industry in observing and collecting facts” 4. “A fair share of invention as well as of common sense”