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汤姆职场4| Zillow’s CEO经验谈 – 译学馆
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汤姆职场4| Zillow's CEO经验谈

Talking Zillow with Spencer Rascoff | #TomFerryShow Episode 4

20多年以来 我一直致力于给你们提供最佳的商业策略
For over twenty years I’ve dedicated my life to bringing you the very best business building strategies
to keep you thriving.
Get ready to experience the success you’ve been searching for.
欢迎来到Tom Ferry秀
Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show.
大家好 我是Tom Ferry教练
Hey everybody! It’s coach Tom Ferry.
欢迎来到Tom Ferry的第4集
Welcome to episode 4 of the new Tom Ferry Show.
我旁边一位是Spencer Rascoff
I’m sitting with Spencer Rascoff
CEO of Zillow and other brands
所以首先一点 Spencer 对于那个在房地产行业可能不知晓你的名号的人
So first of all, Spencer for maybe the one person in the real estate that hasn’t gotten to know you.
谁是 Spencer Rascoff
Who is Spencer Rascoff?
I’m just the guy.
我就是那个创建了Zillow网站 并想借此帮助他人 的人
I’m just the guy who started this website,trying to help people.
你知道吗 我们创建这个Zillow网站 就是尽力给用户很多有用信息
And you know what?We do this Zillow is we try to give consumers accesses to great information
and then connect them with great agents.-Yes.
所以就是这么简单 你也知道的 我们在过程中也收获快乐
So as simple as that and you know we’re having fun while we do it.
没错 你帮助了很多人 很多代理商 很多用户
Yeah,you are.And you help a lot of people,a lot of agents,a lot of consumers
所以 显然地 你知道如果我不问这些 我可能会被说偷懒
So obviously you know I would be remiss if I didn’t ask.
介绍一下你们这么多品牌 还有现在Trulia和其他品牌的策略
Tell us about the multiple brands,strategy of now Trulia
and others and how you are gonna run and operate them?
再多说点 这网站会对代理商和用户产生什么影响
And more about how does it impact the agent and the consumer?
我们已经采用多品牌运营模式 Zillow拥有Zillow Hotpads 和Streeteasy
So we already operate multiple brands,Zillow operates Zillow Hotpads and StreetEasy.
StreetEasy是我们的纽约品牌 HotPads是我们的租赁品牌
StreetEasy is our New York brand and HotPads is our rental’s brand.
一旦我们结束收购Trulia 希望是今年
Once we close the acquisition of Trulia,hopefully like this year,
then we’ll also operate a Trulia brand.
对于用户来说 这些品牌都是相互独立的
And to the consumer,these all will be separate brands.
我们希望是 你懂得 有些人喜欢绿色 所以他们可能用Trulia 有些喜欢蓝色 他们可能就会用Zillow
We hope that you know some people like green,they might use Trulia.Some people like blue,they might use Zillow.
所以经纪人 代理人 或者是使用房源系统的房地产中介
So an agent or broker or an MLS sale
-他们将会在一个公司-Zillow Group工作 对嘛-是的
they will be working with one company-Zillow Group?-Yes.
And that will allow them to manage their listings in just one place
to buy media in just one place
统一去管理网路风评 评分 以及网上的评论
to manage their online reputation,their ratings and reviews in just one place.
所以……这是策略 而且我们认为这个策略很好 很多其他的传媒公司都一一效仿
So…That’s the strategy.And we think it’s a good strategy that a lot of other media companies have followed.
-就像Viacom 拿Viacom作例子-是的 说到它
-Like Viacom.Look Viacom as an example.-Yeah,speak…speak to that
-它们运营着MTV VH1还有NBC环球-是的 还有全球仓储公司CWT 和全国乡村音乐
-They operate MTV and VH1 or NBC universal.-Yes,CWT in the country or CMT.
NBC环球运营着bravo布莱孚有线电视网 NBC MSN(微软全国广播公司节目) NBC是旗下气象频道
NBC Universal operates bravo,NBC,MSN.BC is the weather channel.
尤其是与各类杂志合作 结合广告销售 以及某一部分的内容创意
It is very common in media especially with magazine brands where they integrate with ad sales.
这在传媒业很普遍 但是对于消费者那些是不同类型的杂志
and certain parts of content creation but the brands to consumers are all different.
So that’s what we are gonna do.
That’s outstanding.
所以那个大老板Rupert Muedoch的”宣战”
So what about the big Rupert Murdoch announcement?
你们有没有吓的浑身发抖 有没有兴奋 你喜欢这样的竞争吗 你甚至有没有重视这样的pk
Are you guys shaking in your boots?Are you excited?Do you like the competition?Are you even paying attention to it?
每个人都知道那件事 认为realtor.com被收购了
Everybody knows that move.That think that’s sold.
So what’s your position?
所以 我的意思是 你知道的 我们从来没有过多地关注竞争者 我们把精力放在用户上
So I mean you know we’ve never been overly focused on competitors,we focused on our users.
我们注重用户使用网站以及手机app 其次是我们的广告主
and which is the consumers that use the website and mobile apps and then our advertisers.
我们的这种操作 化解了所谓的竞争了
And if we do those things,then the competition,it kind of works itself out.
我会说 虽然对于新闻公司收购realtor.com有一大好处
I will say though there is one benefit of news corp buying
好处就是 我认为 房地产行业最终开始理解realtor.com不是其网站
which I think the industry is finally starting to understand that is not the industry’s website
-Yes.It’s news Corp’s website-Yes.
那样特别重要 因为
And that’s particularly important because
当我们与房地产行业合作时 我们希望它们能够实事求是地给Zillow估价
when we partner with the industry, we want them to evaluate zillow on its merits.
-没错-然后明白新闻公司是以盈利为目的 由Rupert Murdoch掌控
-Yes.-And realize that the News Corp is a for-profit entity controlled by Rupert Murdoch.
它不再是全国房地产协会会员的网站 它是新闻公司的网站
And it’s not the national association of realtors website any more,it’s news corp’s website.
是的 你认为接下来的走势如何
Yes,yeah.So where do you see that going?
你知道的 举个例子 中介通过房源系统直接找到挂牌上市房屋
Well,you know it’s informed,for example,are getting listings directly from MLS
所以这是我们的一大方案 房源信息系统会直接给我们推送更多信息
So this is a big initiative of ours where MLS’s are increasingly sending us direct feeds.
就在这周 我们宣布MRIS是全美最大最有影响力的房源信息系统之一-第三还是第四来着
Just this week,we announced MRIS,one of the largest and most influential MLS in the country-In third or fourth?
And increasingly MLS is sending listings directly.
-I think that the whole…-Did you know that the list…did you assume listup was gonna go away?
Because I know everyone’s been asking that.
关于Listup 它是什么网站 然后看看Zillow 我们像是领导者
What about list up? What does it mean? And we look Zillow,we like the leads,we like
So what’s gonna happen?
你知道的 我们一直清楚在Zillow网站放上高质量的挂牌上市房屋的最好办法就是
You know we always knew that the best way to have high quality listings on Zillow
is to work directly with the listing source.
-Yes.-Not through intermedia.
-Yes.-And so the listing sources are MLS’s and brokerages
所以这是我们的策略 目的就是从资源渠道中拿到挂牌上市房屋信息
And so that’s our strategy and it’s to go and get listings from the source
-有了房源信息系统真的起了重要的作用-是的 多亏它
-And partnering with MLS’s is really important part of that.-Yeah,love it.
如果你愿意的话 接下来很多年我们可以一直是合作伙伴
So…so…you know we’ve been partners if you will for many years.
而且我已经见过成千上万的代理人成为总代理 广告主
And I’ve watched tens of thousands of agents become PA,advertisers.
现如今 我们去的几乎每个角落 都有候补名单 人人都能够上名单
And now today there’s…in almost every place that we go to,there’s a waiting list.No one can’t get on it.
And I was excited about your new announcement about the video product.
So I’ve been quietly sharing it.
-所以你们明显在拉帕罗扎宣布过 接下来会去维加斯-没错
So you guys obviously made a big announcement in Lallapalooza and you will in Vegas.-Yeah.
所以你可能知道分享…什么是视频产品 会有用处吗 反响如何 给我们说说-没错
So maybe you know share…what is the video product.Is it working?What are the results?Give us this show.-Yeah.
好几个月前 我们没有发布新的广告产品
A couple months ago,we don’t launch the new ad product
这使得代理人能够买到视频站点 或者高产的两分钟商业广告
And this allows agents to actually buy a video spot,one or two minutes commercial,that’s highly produced.
而且视频只能在他们目标范围内 还有真正有效的邮编买到
And serves only in the zip codes that they want to target,that they really service.
它会出现在电脑和手机上 并切实地允许代理人自我宣传
And it shows up on the desktop and on mobile.And it allows the agent to really brand themselves
And video is such an important part of most agents’ strategy.
是的 它很有用 销售得异常火爆
Yes,it’s working.It’s selling incredibly well.
大多数我们的顶级总代理早已买了他们的邮编 销售得特别特别好
Most of our top premier agents had already purchased their zip codes and it’s selling really really well.
We’ve about 6000 premier agents nationwide.
and we’re selling video into those markets.
-And the results are good? -Very good.
好的吧 你们知道我喜欢看Shameless Plug guy的视频 我显然超级喜欢看视频的-是的
Okay you guys know I like the shameless-the plug guy. I’m a big fan of video obviously.-Yes.
所以当你们宣布这个 我太高兴了
So when you guys announced this,I was all over it.
所以最后一个问题 我好像已经问了8个还是9个问题了 但是我再来问一个有趣的问题
So last question,I’ve been like 8,9 questions.But let’s just start with a fun one.
得到可靠消息 你是不是有新书发布了
I got some really news that’s there’s a book that you’re you know you’re coming out with a public
You’re kind of talking about the new way that real estate is being done.
-所以可能的话 分享点里面的故事给我们 这本书讲的是什么 你为什么写它呢 说点它背后的故事吧-好呀
-So maybe share a little story with us.What’s it all about? Why are you writing it?That’s the story.-Sure.
我同Zillow的首席经济学家Stan Humphries一起写的这本Zillow talk-房地产业的新规则
I wrote this book called “Zillow Talk”-the new rules of real estate with Zillow’s chief economist Stan Humphries.
I released this week.
And what’s it all about is it’s about mining all this incredible data that we have in Zillow.
让读者可以接触这些数据 并可以利用它们
and making it accessible and actionable to consumers.
And one of the things that we do in the book is trying to debunk a lot of myths.
你知道的 房地产业很关键
You know real estate is so important.
好例子 装修
So remodel,perfect example.
所以 一个非常常见的疑惑是 你要装修你的厨房
So a very common myth is that you should remodel your kitchen.
如果你想把装修过的房子卖掉赚个差价 数据会告诉你
Well the data actually says if you want to earn a return when you sell your home on your remodeling project,
不要装修厨房 去装修你的浴室
do not remodel your kitchen,remodel your bathroom.
尤其是 低端装修浴室
And in particular,remodel your bathroom at the very low end.
因为如果你要精装修 你另一头就拿不出钱来周转了
because if you do a high-end remodel,you just won’t get money out the other end.
And we used a lot of data and a lot of analysis to prove that
and it really debunks one of the central myths across real estate industry.-Sure.
另外一个经典案例就是 宁愿买最好街道那儿最垃圾的房子 或者是最好的小区那儿最垃圾的房子
Another good one is always buy the worst house on the best street or the worst house in the best neighborhood.
人人都听过这样的话 我肯定地说 这主意糟糕透顶
Everybody’s heard of that which I am sure,it’s actually terrible advice!
我们采集数据 查看整个美国排名倒数10%的房屋
We mined the data,we looked at the bottom ten percent of homes around the entire country
and looked at in each neighborhood by value.
And analyzed that appreciation rate versus the average high-end homes
And it turns out that the worst home in those neighborhoods performs significantly worse than the mid-level or high-end.
如果你仔细想想 直觉上说得过去
And it kind of makes intuitive sense if you think about it.
Because you’re they’re just ordered that many buyers for that time in that neighborhood.
and sometimes it’s the worst home for a reason.
因此我们努力去推翻那些主要的流言 并用事实来说话 这就是这本书的意义
So we try to challenge these central assumptions and replace the fiction with fact.That’s what the book all about.
You’re bringing big data to the myth of real estate.-We’re
-说得非常对-好吧 所以
-That’s exactly right.- all right. So…
所以 首先一点 我觉得你们每一个人都应该买来看一看 我买了好多本了
So first of all,I think all of you should buy it. I bought a bunch of copies.
可能的话 分享一下这本书适合哪些人群读 听起来像是给顾客看的 还是只适合代理人阅读
Maybe share is whose book is for?Is it for consumers,it sounds like?Or is it all for our agents?
对于代理人肯定要看 还有对房地产行业感兴趣的人群 让他们都有兴趣-适合各行各业
It’s definitely for agents.It’s for anyone interested in real estate and got all interested.-That’s every state.
因为我们都会有住所 那里是家
Because we all live somewhere.That’s the home.
我们希望这本书有一定的普及度 它很有趣 内容轻松愉快至今已经广受好评了
We wrote it with broad appeal.It’s entertaining,it’s breezy,it’s gotten great reviews so far.
And it’s really meant for anyone who has interests in real estate.
当然了 房地产代理人一定会觉得这本书很有趣 里面有很多有用的内容
Certainly real estate agents should find it interesting.There’s a lot of great information there.
已经有很多代理人告诉我 他们把这本书当作临别礼物送给客户
I’ve already had a lot of agents tell me that they’re giving them as closing gifts to their clients.
所以想要成为真正懂行的代理人 看这书就对了
So you know that’s a great way for agents to look really savvy
同时 算是指点消费者 让他们明白房地产行业现实情形
and sort of demonstrates of consumers that they understand how realistic has changed.
They have an association with Zillow brand.
作为临别礼物送给以前合作的客户 多棒
So great like closing gift or past client.Whatever.
所以结束时的思考…… 我有一些想要分享给你们的话 所以我们一同看看
So closing thoughts and I’ve got…I’ve something I’m going to share,so we’ll see where it goes.
closing thoughts
之所以我喜欢Tom Ferry的客户 是因为他们都想挣钱
What I like about Tom Ferry clients is they want to make money.
And they believed that real estate is a profession and real estate is a business.
The reason that our companies have such good symbiosis is because Zillow advertisers also want to make money.
同理 如果你正花时间观看这个视频 大概你也想要多挣钱
And that’s the common thread if you are talking the time to watch this,it’s probably because you want to make more money.
如果你看了视频 那么Zillow是你的好去处
And if you do,then Zillow is your great place.
Tom Ferry职场视频也是不错的选择
Tom Ferry,and your coach is a great place.
and I think that’s why our companies have had a great relationship.
谢谢 我感激不尽 感谢你的讲话
Thank you.I appreciate.Thanks the talk.
好的 这是第四集 还有一波福利 我们来看看
Alright,so episode 4 but a little offer so we’ll see where this goes.
他们能在亚马逊网站买到书的 对吧
They can buy them on,right?
所以要不要上亚马逊买一本看看 书的名字放在这里了 Zillow Talk
So how about buy a copy of the book on of the book,just over there,Zillow Talk.
很简单 对吧 你Google一下就会找到的 我相信你
That’s pretty easy,right?I’m sure if you just google that, you will find it.
买一本 发给我书的收据
Buy a copy,send me a receipt.
如果你买到了 上TFerry TomFerry.com发给我收据
If you buy one copy,send me your receipt at T Ferry
我的营销主管会马上改一下我的邮箱地址 我觉得它挺有趣的
My marketing director is going to switch my email address immediately but it sends me fun.
私戳我邮箱 T ferry
Send me email to me personally.T ferry
收据复印后发送给我 我会送给你……
Send me a copy of receipt and I’ll send you a copy of our…
I’m just sending me a copy of our CEO,our system manual.
作为一个正在规划事业 步入下一阶段的你来说 这个小礼物很值哦
That would just be a nice little gift for you as you’re organizing your business and taken to the next level.
This is all of our great systems.
我觉得 这家伙能卖300美元
I think it sells like 300 bucks.
这只是我送你们的 我觉得你们应该买这本书 可能的话 推荐给身边很多人
So it’ll just be my gift. I think you should buy this book and maybe share share with a bunch of people.
好了 这是第4集 Spencer 感谢你的到来
So alright,this episode 4.Spencer,thank you so much.
节目接近尾声 感谢你的收看
We’re out.Thanks so much for watching.
永远记得 策略很重要 但同时兴趣是最好的老师哟
Remember always your strategy matters and now more than ever,your passion rules.
大家好 我是Tom Ferry 非常感谢你们收看我的YouTube频道
Hey I’m Tom Ferry.Thank you so much for coming by my YouTube channel.
如果我们没有机会交谈 我强力推荐你 订阅哟
If we haven’t had a chance to connect,I highly recommend you subscribe!
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
You definitely want to subscribe.
每一周我都会在上面放新一期视频 都是新的内容 新的观点 新的策略
This is where I’m publishing every single week.New content,new ideas,new strategies.
最后 为了保持住竞争中的领先地位 我强烈推荐你订阅
And ultimately staying ahead of the curve of your competition that I strongly recommend you subscribe.
订阅 快来 快点订阅频道哟
Subscribe!Come on.Do it subscribe to this channel.
And I’ll keep sending you great content all the time.



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