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在澳大利亚的东海岸 很少有城市和悉尼一样拥有良好地理位置以及完美风景的城市
Perched on the East Coast of Australia, few cities are as geographically spectacular as
悉尼 是新南威尔士州的首府 容纳了超过四百五十万的居民
Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales, and home to over four and a half million people.
被连绵起伏太平洋环绕着 两座岬角矗立在不远方
Surrounded by the rolling Pacific Ocean, two dramatic headlands stand as a timeless
就像是通往最美海湾的永恒之门 带着100多个海滩的祝福
gateway to one of the worlds most beautiful harbors. Blessed with over 100 beaches, bathed
沐浴着四季的阳光 洋溢着青春活力
in year-round sunshine, and buzzing with a youthful vitality, when it comes to the good
要是说到快乐的生活 没有哪里能够跟悉尼媲美
life, Sydney is hard to top.
海港是悉尼的心脏 在1788年这里曾是罪犯的流放地
Sydney’s heart is the harbor. What began as a penal colony in 1788, would within a
一个世纪之后 这里从一片荒芜之地摇身一变成为人间天堂
century be transformed into paradise. From its rough and tumble beginnings in an area
以岩石文化区而广为人知 悉尼迅速摆脱罪犯枷锁的称呼 发展成为一座文艺之城
known as The Rocks, Sydney soon threw off its convict shackles and blossomed into a
随处可见的维多利亚时代的建筑以及公共花园 新移民乘船来到悉尼
gracious city, filled with Victorian Architecture and public gardens. New arrivals came by the
寻求新的生活 城市不断扩张 或成为著名的内城郊区
boatload in search of a new life. The city expanded, into gorgeous inner city suburbs
如帕丁顿 或是成为海港社区 如玫瑰湾
like Paddington, harbor neighborhoods like Rose Bay, and into beachside communities up
and down the coast.
对第一次来悉尼的人来说 悉尼感觉像是一个由海滩 岬 港湾以及小峡谷组成的迷宫
For first-timers, Sydney can feel like a maze of beaches, headlands, bays and coves.
要找到方向 最快的方法是去到悉尼塔的顶端
The quickest way to find your bearings is to take the trip to the top of the Sydney Tower. From
站在800多尺高度的观景台 便可以360度全方位观赏城市的风景
over 800 feet up, the observation deck offers 360 degree views of the entire city.
一旦你了解了城市的设计布局 可以先去到环形码头
Once you’ve come to grips with the layout of the city, head to Circular Quay, Sydney’s
这是悉尼版本的中央大火车站 从这里 你可以坐渡船 水上的士和火车去到任何你想去的地方
version of Grand Central Station. From Circular Quay you can get just about anywhere by ferry,
往右边看 似在在微风中飘动的白帆是悉尼歌剧院
water taxi or train. Just to the right, like white sails billowing in the breeze is the
你无需买票或是穿上正式的晚礼服 就能去探索这座让人不可思议的表演场地
Sydney Opera House. You don’t need a ticket or tuxedo to explore this incredible performance
无论从哪个角度 从里面或是外面 从上或下
venue. Whichever way you look, inside or outside, up or down, the Opera House is nothing less
than an architectural miracle.
在歌剧院后面 是在悉尼第一座农场上建立的皇家植物园
Just behind the Opera House, on the site of Sydney’s first farm are the Royal Botanic
在这里 你将会看到总督府 新南威尔士的艺术画廊
Gardens and the Sydney Domain. Here you’ll find Government House, the Art Gallery of
New South Wales and some of the leafiest views in Sydney.
在环形码头的左边 是有名的有”大衣架”之称的悉尼海港大桥
To the left of Circular Quay stands the famous “Coat-hanger”, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
是悉尼最富盛名的建筑之一 保罗·霍根 电影”鳄鱼邓迪”的主演
One of Sydney’s famous sons, Paul Hogan, the star Crocodile Dundee, was a painter on the
在一举成名前他曾是这座大桥的油漆匠 不用费劲爬上大桥就能俯瞰城市的风景
bridge before he hit the big time. But you don’t need to work on the bridge to enjoy
the views from the top, simply strap on a safety harness and join a Bridge Climb Tour.
穿过悉尼海港大桥就是月神公园 你会看到悉尼最醒目的彩色巨脸的微笑
Just across the bridge at Luna Park, you’ll find Sydney’s most famous smile. The rides
摩天轮虽然有点老旧了 但是本地人并不会对它进行任何改变
are a little on the vintage side, but the locals wouldn’t have it any other way. This
heritage-listed fun park has been thrilling Aussie families since 1935.
从月神公园乘渡船出发 不用多久就到了情人港 这是悉尼城市复兴计划的一大胜果
Just a short ferry ride from Luna Park is Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s urban renewal
triumphs. Once the site of rusting railway yards, Darling Harbour is now home to the
而现在这里汇聚了国家海事博物馆 公众花园 各种酒吧和餐厅 只要穿过几个街区
National Maritime Museum, and popular parks, bars and restaurants. Only a few blocks away
你会看到动力博物馆 在这里展示了人类在蒸汽机 太空及科学上取得的成就
you’ll find the Powerhouse Museum, a celebration of steam, space, and science.
走上一会儿 穿过皮尔蒙特桥 就可以看到水族馆了
A short walk across the Pyrmont Bridge is the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium where you’ll
在这里 你可以尽情感受澳大利亚的海洋环境 从大堡礁到崎岖南海岸
experience many of Australia’s maritime environments, from the Great Barrier Reef, to the rugged
澳大利亚因生物多样性而享有盛誉它们会咬伤 刺痛
South Coast. Australia has a reputation as a land of creatures that bite, sting, and
甚至是扯掉你们的整个手臂 在悉尼野生动物自然公园
can even rip off your whole arm. At the Wild Life Sydney nature park, say g’day to some
不但可以跟最可爱的动物打招呼 也可以跟最致命的动物说你好
of the world’s deadliest creatures, as well as some of Australia’s most cuddly.
至于到观景动物园 那就要乘坐渡船和游轮到达塔隆加动物园
But for the zoo with the view, hop back on the ferry and cruise over to Taronga Zoo.
乘坐缆车直达山顶 然后沿着这条路下山
Ride the cable car to the top of the hill and follow the paths back down, past some
你会看到一些从未见过的最幸福 最轻松惬意的动物
of the happiest and most relaxed looking creatures you’ll ever see. And who wouldn’t be,
在这样美如画的风景里 谁又不会感到幸福和惬意呢!
with views like this!
如果想要清凉一下 那就带着你的毛巾去到邦迪海滩
When it’s time to cool off, grab your towel and head to Bondi Beach. You haven’t experienced
如果你未曾在邦迪海滩的金色砂石上走过 那就不算到过悉尼
Sydney until you’ve felt Bondi’s golden sand between your toes. The beach is patrolled
海滩上全年都会有皮肤古铜色的澳洲救生员巡逻 但一定要记得在旗帜标记的安全区域内游泳
year round by bronzed Aussie lifesavers, but always remember to swim between the flags!
另一个不容错过的著名海滨郊区是曼利码头 从环形码头出发乘坐30分钟渡船
Another famous seaside suburb not to be missed is Manly. The 30-minute ferry ride from Circular
这段路程是整个冒险旅程全部精华所在 在曼利海湾附近海域洗个澡
Quay to Manly Wharf is all part of the adventure. Go for a dip in the gentle harbor-side waters
或者穿过考索到达曼利海滩 如果你从未体验过冲浪
of Manly Cove, or head through the historic Corso to Manly Beach. If you’ve never tried
带上滑板裤 在这里可以放开了学习 是不是感觉充满活力?
surfing, pack your board-shorts, this is the place to learn. Feeling energetic? Hike the
沿着海岸线和矮树丛漫步 北岬角 壮阔的景色一览无遗
coastal paths and bush tracks to North Head for some incredible views back to the city.
攀爬皮蒙特桥 也感受了邦迪海滩的海浪 还跟野生动物争论过
So, you’ve climbed the bridge, tackled some Bondi waves, and wrangled the wildlife, no
可能你感觉到有点口渴 是时候来感受悉尼最棒的传统风俗了
doubt your feeling a little a thirsty. Time to partake in one of the great Sydney traditions.
跟当地人一起 靠海而坐 举起手中的冰啤酒 一起干杯~致人间天堂
Join the locals by the water, raise your ice cold beer, and make a toast ~ to paradise.



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